okay, so i hope no one gets really mad at me for putting this here. i want to thank everyone for their lovely reviews. here's a few things i would like to say.

1. I'm not glad, per-say, that everyone was crying but, this fic was intentionally written to stir up some emotion so i'm glad that it did it's job. I was crying when i wrote it, and i NEVER cry. So that should give you some idea about what kind of emotions this fic should have stirred up.

2. Sasuke was ment to be a jerk. Sasuke IS a jerk in the manga and anime. I really tried to portray that side of him in this fic because in my mind sasuke only does what he has to and if he never actually had to be nice to naruto or his children he wouldn't have been. I wanted to get away from the usual "sasuke and naruto are so happy with eachother" kind of junk because, although i love it, i don't believe it sometimes.

3. I'm glad people are "fav story" "fav author" and "author alert"ing me but i want to warn you if you're looking for more stories like this one, you will probably have to wait until i get in whatever weird mood i was in when i wrote it. usually i'm the "sasuke and naruto are so happy with eachother" writer. of course there will always be slight twists, but it's usually going to be good ol' fashion love and smut. if that's not what you're into, then this is your warning.

4. originally i was going to leave it at the first chapter, but then one: chapter two ended up happening. and two: when i uploaded it to ff, i decided the ending of chapter one would be too sad and everyone would hate me for it. you people who keep telling me i should have left it at chapter one, you know you would have been even more sad had you not read chapter two.

i think that's all. thanks for the reviews. :)