Josie Shelton- twenty-nine runs a business that caters to women, she does home party's for women that sell sex toys and teach women to be responsible for their own sexual happiness, thriving business.

Single, educated woman that gives good advice, but her own sex life is down the tubes.

Mark Calaway- retired wrestler, shopping in a adult toy shop for his girlfriend when he runs into Josie.

Summary. When Mark Calaway runs into to Josie while shopping for his demanding girlfriend, he finds out she offers lessons in female sexuality, Mark decided he wants lessons on what makes a woman tick sexually, and the reluctant business woman strikes a deal with him.

Okay guys new story..mature themes and all that...hope you like.

Josie sat listening to the women cackle on about all the model sex toys she had spread on the table, they had already had the group discussion, like with all her home party's tickets were passed out at the beginning of the party, numbers had been called and everybody wonsome kind of party prize and one lucky winner had went away with the Silver bullet, the newest vibrator on the market.

Everyone went away with a life like model of the male penis or dildo, it was for practice, homework some might call it.

Five years ago when Josie had been practicing in her chosen field of family and marriage therapy, she had a masters in family and marriage counseling and psychology, the one reoccurring theme she heard was complaints from women about not enjoying sex and not having orgasms , the idea for Female Fantasy , her business had been born, over beers with several friends, she had been explaining to a group of colleagues how there needed to be parties for sex wares such as there were Tupperware partys or make up partys so women could be educated on how to take care of them selves sexually and educate the men in their lives on what felt good to them.

The next day Josie had got the ball rolling so to speak and five years later her business was a success, she could barely keep up, and she had two other therapists that hosted the partys as well as herself.

As well as selling sex toys which she took orders for, she brought brochures so women could order to their hearts delight, she also dispensed advice on how to educate your man if you had one, and how to take care of yourself if you didn't, discussions ranged from how to stimulate yourself to multiple orgasms to the right technique to give a mind blowing, blow job.

Josie loved her work, she loved what she did, she loved talking to women helping them to find there sexuality, there was only one problem, she had no sex life of her own, her one long term relationship, Philip had walked out on her two years ago for some cheerleader for the Houston Texans, she had been upset, well because she wasn't that devastated, she had been in a relationship with the man for a year and barely blinked a eye when he walked away with some bimbo, the sex had sucked ass, and she had been relieved if anything.

Josie was limited in her range of sexual experience , she had lost her virginity in collage to her then boyfriend, then there had been the leap to Philip years later.

But Josie didn't feel she had to have unlimited experience to help people, she walked away with a good feeling knowing she was opening womens minds up to try new things and to educate them on taking there own bodies under control instead of depending on men for there sexual pleasure.

Josie owned a few vibrators herself, cause she sure as hell didn't have a man, but here lately, even her vibrators held no appeal for her, she knew she was bored, but she wasn't into casual sex, so she sat waiting for a relationship to fall in her lap, so far that hadn't happened.

"Josie, theres so much here to look at, we're probably going to order one of everything."

Josie smiled at her client, Mandy Hunter was the lady who booked the party, she was waving one of the catalogs around."Well good, try a little of everything." Josie said grinning.

Another middle aged lady came up to Josie. "Okay, I been reading the pamphlet on giving the perfect blow job, should I practice first." the blond asked holding up the realistic looking party favor everyone had got.

Josie smiled. "Sure, but remembered men aren't that picky, practice on your man, he wont mind." All the women laughed and Josie smiled. It was nice to see women talking about sex without being ashamed, that was one of the reasons she started this business, so women could freely discuss their issues without being embarrassed.

They all sat down and had snacks and refreshments and Josie fielded questions about sex. Josie was entirely comfortable talking about sex with other women, men were a different story, but she catered to only women in her business, so that wasn't a problem.

Josie rushed into Eden's Pleasure Palace. Joe Donnelly ran the place, it was sex toy and lingerie shop that catered to women. Joe placed her orders for her, he got a discount on merchandise the more he ordered, so her orders helped him out and he passed on the discount to her, it was win win situation, he also let her leave her business cards up front advertising her party's, a lot of her business clients came from here.

Joe spotted her and waved, he was helping a client in the back. She looked around a few women shopping and one guy, that was about the norm for here, more women shopped, but you got a the stray boyfriend or husband in once in a while.

Mark grumbled to himself, he had been retired for six months, he should be out playing cards, having a few beers, no, he was shopping for a vibrator for his pain in the ass girlfriend, well girlfriend was a loose word for Michelle, while she still worked and traveled with the WWE, he stayed at home and relaxed now.

He figured he had earned it, he only saw her occasionally, but she had been complaining lately that their sex life was boring, that he was boring, she had told him to find her a vibrator or a toy to spice up their sex life, it really stuck in his craw, hell he never had no complaints before, he had a huge ass dick, he knew he did.

It wasn't rocket science, you got a woman wet, kissed and sucked on em a bit, stick the big boy in, make their eyes roll back in their head, pretty simple stuff, but no Michelle had to rock the boat, she was really hurting his ego, she called him old and boring, hell he was only forty three hardly ancient, and boring, no one had complained before.

Michelle was young, maybe younger guys had been doing different stuff to her, now he was stuck in this place trying to figure out what the hell to buy, he looked up and seen a ball gag and grinned, now that would be perfect for Michelle, he could shove that in her mouth so he wouldn't have to listen to her talk, yeah and maybe the handcuffs, those had possibility's.

Mark sighed, he hated feeling like this, like he was failing somewhere, he wasn't in love with Michelle, at least he didn't think he was, but she was cute and he figured maybe eventually he could settle down with her have a few kids, but not if she found him boring, he continued to look hoping something came to him soon.

Joe came over smiling. "Hey Josie, your order is in the back, I'll go get it, got any new orders for me to fill?"

"Hey Joe, sure do." She said handing him the invoice.

He took it. "I'll send this off as soon as I get your stuff from the back, it should be here in two weeks."

Josie nodded as Joe walked off to get her stuff, she turned around watched the big man that was shopping , damn but he was big, tattoo sleeves on his arms and long thick auburn hair tucked under a baseball cap, that was the kind of man that gave you wet dreams for years to come, Josie shook her head, she didn't usually drool over men, she must be getting desperate. It had been over two years since she had sex, she wondered if she would start to lose her mind or something, she turned back around and tried not to look at the man, who was causing her to rethink her vibrators.

Joe came back and handed her a big box. "Okay here ya go." he said.

She handed Joe her credit card and paid for her order. "So you had any dates?"

Josie sighed. "No."

Joe was her friend but he bugged her asking her the same thing every time she came in.

"Josie." he said handing her back her credit card." There is more to life than work, you're great girl, you should be dating."

Josie sighed and blew a honey brown lock out of her face. "Joe nobody asks me out, I'm dead as far as men concerned, they don't notice me."

Joe found that hard to believe, she was a pretty girl, she had honey brown hair, with big brown eyes., she wasn't to thin, she had a nice curvy body and freckles sprinkled liberally across her nose. "I could set you up, you know, I know plenty of guys."

Josie shook her head. "No thanks, look I gotta run."

Josie turned around and moved forward running into Mr. Tattoo, the box in her hand went tumbling and vibrators exploded from the box going everywhere.

Josie knew she was going to die on the spot, she dropped and started grabbing them as fast as she could shoving them back in the box.

"Let me help." A deep rumbling voice said. Josie chanced a peek up at the big man, Oh God he was even more devastating up close, those green eyes and beard and goatee, the firm lips, shit, she thought.

Mark bent to help the little girl highly amused, what in the world, did this girl need with a boxful of vibrators. "Here honey."

Josie turned even redder and snatched the neon purple vibrator from his hands. Mark chuckled and she could swear it traveled start to her sweet spot so to speak. "Quite a party you're going to have."

Josie looked up and saw the amusement in his deep green eyes, she snatched the silver bullet from his big hands and got up lifting the box. Mark grinned, she was red as fire, for someone buying a whole box of vibrators, she sure did embarrass easily.

Josie was totally flustered and rushed out of the store in a huff, Mark watched her fine ass walking away in those tight black slacks she was wearing, God she was tasty looking, he hadn't felt like this in a while and his boy was wearing his head, ready to go. He looked at the clerk and threw the vibrator on the counter and handed him his credit card. "Thats a fine looking little girl."

Joe smiled, he recognized the man, he loved wrestling. "yeah she is, sweet girl too, here's her business card."

Mark took it curious and his eyes got wide, she taught women about their sexuality, had partys, his wheels started turning, then surely she would know what would make a woman happy in the bedroom.

It was a sign, he pocketed the card and took the his credit cardback from Joe. "She's legit right, thats not a escort service is it?"

Joe scoffed. "Josie now way, she a Psychologist , she helps people with real problems, she 's great." He looked at the big man, this was just what Josie needed.

Mark nodded and a smiled spread across his face, it was sign, that little lady was going to help him keep Michelle happy.