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Mark glanced over at Josie and winked, she gave him a little glare, but she didn't really mean it. She was looking at the full coffee pot, like it was gold, she wanted a cup so bad, but she picked up her juice and took a drink making a face.

Ben laughed as his wife was doing the same thing. She was having real problems giving up her coffee. "Mark you keeping Josie out of the caffeine?"

"Yes we had a long talk about that last night, after her StarBucks trip yesterday, it wont be a problem anymore." Mark said.

Ben looked at Ana. "Starbucks?"

"Umm well we just had one."

Ben frowned. Josie jumped up and grabbed Ana's hand. "We have to go check the hall we rented for the wedding, make sure everything is set up."

"Yeah, we'll be back later." Ana said.

"Josie, no more trips to Starbucks." Mark said waving her over.

Josie just smiled and bent down down hugging him. "Yes dear."

Mark just grinned and rubbed her back for a moment. "Love you."

Josie kissed his lips."Love you too."

Ana hugged Ben. "See you in a while.

Ben nodded and kissed her. "Thats fine, we'll talk about StarBucks when you get back."

The girls left and Mark and Ben just laughed , they realized the two girls together were a handful.

The girls took in the hall, it was beautiful, Mark had hired someone to decorate it for the wedding, the girls walked through looking at the flowers and the tables set up, it was really gorgeous, Mark had white and red roses throughout the hall. "So sis." Ana said as they sat down to rest. "Mark had a talk with you did he?"

Josie just shrugged. "Yeah he was pissed about me drinking coffee and not very thrilled with the attitude I gave him."

Ana nodded. "I bet you told him off good."

"Well at first, then I came to my senses, so he's bossy, I don't care anymore, I love the man so much Ana, he can boss me around all day long, he was just concerned, he don't try to control me, he just gets that way when he is concerned about me, I love him just the way he is."

Ana smiled, her little sister was head over heels, she never thought she would see Josie like this over any man. "So, did he lecture you little sis?" She asked grinning.

"Umm yeah, pretty much." Josie said.

"Okay sis, tell me what did he do to you, I know you, you're not telling me everything." Ana demanded.

"Jeez, do I ask for every detail on you and Ben?"

"Yes." Ana said laughing.

Josie smiled. "Nothing really, okay?"

Ana looked at her sister. "Hmm I bet I know, he spanked you didn't he?"

Josie looked at her sister. "Why would you say that?"

Ana just grinned. "Well one, he seems like the type, all big bad and dominant, two, I have one of my own, Ben is the same way, I like him that way, it turns me on, and three I heard you getting your ass smacked last night."

Josie just turned red and then started laughing. "Yeah well, he likes it, and I cant say I don't like it, he's very hot when he goes all Neanderthal on me, besides that was just for fun, well mostly, his real threat was to make me go fishing with him, every time I drink coffee" She said making a face.

Ana laughed. "Margery would have a coronary if she could here us talking."

Josie laughed. "Yeah I know, how the heck did we end up so different from her."

Ana shrugged. "Yeah now Ben is going to be after me, about the coffee."

Josie just smiled, her and her sister seemed to have the perfect life, she just hoped tomorrow her mother would show up.

The next morning was crazy as Jenn, Sammy and Ana were holed up in a spare room trying to get Josie ready, her nerves were shot and the girls wouldn't let her see Mark again till the wedding.

Her dad had came in and tried to calm her down, but she was just too nervous for anything to help.

She couldn't help wondering if her mother was going to show up.

Josie got up and started pacing, this was a big step for her and he nerves was jangling, she could sure use a coffee. "I need to see Mark."

Ana shook her head. "Bad luck."

"I don't care, I need to talk to him." She said her voice rising.

Sammy came over. "I'll bring him to the door, okay?"

Josie nodded and calmed down a bit, she hadn't seen him today and she really needed to just hear his voice if nothing else. A few minutes later Sammy came in. "Okay he's behind the door, go talk to him."

Josie rushed over and cracked the door, but stayed behind it, she didn't want to invite any bad luck. "Mark, I'm so nervous, are you sure I cant have a coffee?"

Mark smiled, but he heard the tension in her voice.

"Josie give me your hand."

Josie stuck her hand through the crack in the door and sighed when she felt his big rough hand take her small one and hold it tight. "Everything is going to be fine, I promise, theres nothing but smooth sailing ahead for us, okay, I want you to believe that, the wedding is going to be perfect."

Josie smiled, she could believe anything this man told her. "I love you Mark."

Mark smiled and pulled her hand to his lips kissing it. "I love you too baby, I'll see you down at the hall, we're taking off, okay?"


Mark gave her hand one more kiss before he let it go. Josie shut the door and turned to face her sister and friends. "Okay lets get this show on the road.

Josie was waiting in one of the side rooms for her dad, she looked at the time, five more minutes, she felt like she was going to explode if she didn't get this going soon, she paced back and forth wondering if her mother was going to show up.

Fred Shelton was heading back to the room Josie was waiting when he spotted Margery lurking at the back door of the hall. "Margery come here." He said grabbing her arm and pulling her in a empty room.

"Fred have you lost your mind let me go." The tall brown haired woman demanded.

"No, not this time, our daughter is happy, happier than I ever seen her, you're going to go in there and take a seat and not make any kind of fuss." he said still holding her arm.

"Okay, Fred, I wasn't going to do anything anyway, I love Josie I want her to be happy." She said glaring at her long time lover.

Fred sighed. "Margery, I'm going back to our home after the wedding, I'm retiring, I've spent years and years doing research and writing papers..I'm ready to be a grandpa, I have two grandchildren on the way. I'm going to spend my time, just relaxing, fishing, whatever and spending time visiting my daughters and two grandchildren, I missed out on my daughters growing up, I'm not missing out on my grandchildren."

"What brought this on?" She asked looking at the man she had loved for forty years.

He shrugged. "I'm getting older, I want to be with my kids, do you seriously want to miss out on your grandchildren so you can write another book, Go on another book tour, give a lecture?"

Margery looked at Fred. " I do want to know my grandchildren." She said looking up at him.

Fred squeezed her hand. "Then you have a decision to make."

Margery nodded and Fred bent and kissed her. "I love you, maybe we could even spend some time together, its time for us." he said.

"I love you too, maybe you're right."

Fred laughed. "Let me go walk my daughter down the isle, you go find a seat, grandma."

Margery laughed. "Don't get carried away old man."

Fred just laughed and bent to kiss her again. "I'll see you soon." He said winking.

Margery just shook her head as she left, one thing had never changed, she still loved Fred just as much as she ever had, and it was time to let her daughters live their own lives, so she could live hers. She just shook her head, a baseball player and a wrestler, she just didn't get it.

Fred patted his daughters hand. "Your Moms here , and she's going to behave, so stop worrying."

Josie smiled up at her dad. "Okay."

The music started and they walked to the doorway and started down the isle that was strewn with rose petals.

Mark swallowed hard, she was so damn beautiful, her dress was beautiful, it had pearls sewn to it, with a long train, but it paled in comparison to her, she was gorgeous.

He could see she was smiling under the veil and he winked at her causing her to grin.

Paul was his best man and he elbowed Mark. "you're one lucky man." he said grinning.

Mark nodded. "I know."

When Fred got to the end of the isle he placed Josie's hand in Mark's. "Take care of her."

Mark nodded at the the older man. "That I will."

Fred kissed his daughter and went to take a seat beside Margery.

Mark lifted the veil and smiled.

Mark kept her hand in his and they turned to face the minister. "Mark ,Josie please join hands and repeat the vows you have chosen.

Mark took her other hand "I Mark take you Josie, to be my Beloved wife
To share the good times and hard times side by side.
I humbly give you my hand and my heart
as a sanctuary of warmth and peace,
and pledge my faith and love to you.
Just as this circle is without end, my love for you is eternal.
Just as it is made of incorruptible substance,
my commitment to you will never fail. With this ring, I thee wed."

Josie smiled and squeezed his big hands, and Mark took the ring from his pocket and slipped it on her finger.

Josie felt her eyes tear up, she had no more doubts. "I Josie take you Mark, to be my Beloved husband
To share the good times and hard times side by side.
I humbly give you my hand and my heart
as a sanctuary of warmth and peace,
and pledge my faith and love to you.
Just as this circle is without end, my love for you is eternal.
Just as it is made of incorruptible substance,
my commitment to you will never fail. With this ring, I thee wed."

Josie took the ring she had in her palm and slid it on his big finger.

The minister smiled. "Because they have so affirmed, in love and knowledge of the other, so also do I declare that Mark and Josie are now husband and wife. "

The two smiled at each other and Sammy and Jenn sniffed as they smiled at the in love couple.

Ana cried tears of happiness for her sister. Even Margery was dabbing at her eyes.

"You may kiss your bride." The minister said.

Mark smiled and cupped Josie's face, and lowered his head gently capturing her lips. Josie wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers finding his ponytail and tugging his hair.

Mark smiled and lifted his head. "I love you Mrs. Calaway." he said gazing down at her.

Josie stood on her tiptoes and planted another quick kiss on his lip. "I love you too husband."

Josie looked up at the big man and knew all the doubts and indecision had been washed away by his unwavering love and patience. Mark was right there was nothing but good times ahead.


eight years later...

Josie came out of her office, four years ago, she had sold out her part of Female Fantasy's to Jenn, who was now running it, along with her new husband Shawn Micheal's.

Josie smiled, it had taken the two of them long enough to admit , their on and off again relationship was more than sex, but they finally came to their senses.

Josie had kept on with Female fantasies three more years after the birth of her child, but finally she realized she wanted to be home more.

She had opened a small office from her home, Mark had built a small building not but a few steps away from their home and she still did marriage counseling, her first love, but she had cut way back, only seeing a few patients at a time, her family came first.

Josie grinned. "Mommy Mommy, are you done."

Her seven year old daughter stopped right in front of her. She was a beautiful child, with long red curls, and her mothers brown eyes, freckles sprinkled across her nose.

Josie swung the girl up in her arms and kissed her cheek. "yes..I'm done for the day."

"Good c'mon, daddy say for you to come right now."

Josie smiled and set the girl down."Okay Hope."

They walked along holding hands. "Guess what Aunt Ana and Uncle Ben, and Jimmy are coming for my birthday, daddy said they called."

"I know, thats great honey."

Hope nodded. "I cant wait, grandma and grandpa are coming too, they called, and Aunt Jenn and Aunt Sammy, its going to be so much fun mommy."

Josie smiled at her daughter's excitement. "We better hurry, daddy's waiting the little girl said tugging her along.

Josie laughed, nobody liked to keep Mark waiting.

They walked in the back door and Josie watched Mark with their children.

"Jase here, sit down, mommy will be here in a minute." He said lifting his four year son to his booster seat.

"Kay daddy."

Mark lifted their youngest daughter to her high chair. "Alright baby princess." he put her bottle full of juice on the high chair and the ten month old grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth. Red haired with green eyes, she looked just like her daddy.

Josie couldn't help but smile as he leaned over talking nonsense baby talk to her , Raine pulled the bottle from her mouth and grinned up at her daddy. "Da Da Da Da." The infant babbled.

"Daddy has the smartest baby in the world." He told the baby.

"Daddy I'm Here!"

Mark turned to look at their five year old son Paul. He had on underwear and a batman cape, his newest hero for the week.

"Well hello Batman come to save the day?" Mark asked lifting the five year old high in the air. Josie just smiled of all their children Paul looked just like her, brown hair and brown eyes, Mark called him mini me sometimes cause he looked just like his wife.

"Yeah daddy, is the joker hanging around, cause I'll kick his as..." The boy stopped short. "His butt I mean."

Mark gave the boy a look. "Didn't we have a talk about those big words."

Josie had to suppress a grin, Paul had picked up those big words from going to Mark's poker night.

"Sorry daddy." The boy said turning his big brown eyes his daddy.

Josie watched his eyes soften. "Okay son, just try not to do that in front of mommy, okay?"

The little boy nodded and hugged his dad. "Okay daddy."

Mark set his son down and turned to find Josie smiling at him. "Hey honey."

Josie walked into her husbands waiting arms. "Hey."

Mark kissed her. "So whats the big rush?" Josie asked.

Mark smiled. "We couldn't have snack time, without Mommy, ya know."

Josie laughed and sat down and Mark got the kids juice and set a cup of fresh coffee in front of Josie. "What I get coffee?" She asked grinning.

Mark bent to kiss her again. "Yeah, you been good, I know you're still breastfeeding, but I guess one wont hurt."

"Mommy, have you seen the Joker lurking around here anywhere?" Paul asked seriously.

Hope rolled her eyes at her little brother. "Yeah right Paul."

The boy frowned at her "I am Batman, don't make fun of me."

Mark set Josie her bowl of captain Crunch in front of her. Josie just grinned. "Remind me to give you a treat later." She said winking at him.

Mark smiled and then focused on Hope. "Don't tease your brother, he's batman, okay?"

Hope rolled her eyes again. "Okay daddy, he's Batman."

The baby was banging her bottle on the highchair and Josie leaned over to kiss her.

"I gotta go Pee!" Jase yelled Captain Crunch falling from his mouth. Josie jumped up and set him to the floor. "Run."

Jase ran from the room clutching the front of his pants.

"Boys are so gross." Hope said drinking her juice.

"That they are baby girl, don't you ever forget that." Mark said lifting his princess up in his big arms.

Hope giggled and hugged Mark's neck. "Except for you daddy, I love you."

Mark held his daughter close. He loved his kids, he was thrilled when Josie had told him she didn't care how many they had, she enjoyed the kids as much as he did.

He set Hope down and turned to watch Josie lift Raine and lift her shirt to feed her, he knew there was not a more beautiful site in the world. Paul looked at his mother. "Mommy, can I have a bat mobile?"

Josie smiled. "Umm little one, for your play men?"

Paul grinned. "Uhh huh, did you think I meant a real one?"

"Just wanted to make sure.. Yeah we'll make a trip this afternoon." She said

Mark shook his head, she tried her best to spoil the kids rotten, but even so, they were still great kids. "Umm honey, didn't we tell Paul no more toys for a while, remember he jumped off his bunk bed and broke his table, punishment, is it coming back to you?" Mark said.

Paul just smiled at his mother. "Thats when I was Superman, I'm Batman now, he don't fly."

Mark rolled his eyes, Paul had his mothers number. "Mark that was two weeks ago, I think he's learned his lesson."

Paul grinned and jumped up kissing his mother. "You're the best mommy in the world."

"Daddy, my zipper is stuck." Jase walked in with his pants around his ankles.

"Daddy, do something." Hope said covering her eyes.

Mark shook his head and bent down to pull Jase's pants up and zip them.

Josie just grinned, there life was crazy most of the time, hectic and unpredictable from moment to the next, but she loved it and so did Mark.

Mark sat Jase back in his chair and flopped down next to Josie. "You got Sammy lined up to watch the kids Saturday?"

Josie grinned, even after all this time they still had fantasy night, it was there time to be together and unwind and they always kept that date, once a week just for them. "Yeah handsome."

Mark leaned over kissing her. He was still so in love with this woman it made his heart ache. "Umm Mark, I have something to tell you."

Mark pulled back. "Anything wrong?"

"Well not wrong, its just, I'm pregnant, how do we feel about it?" She asked looking up at the big man.

Mark grinned and put his big arm around her. "Happy and not scared at all."

Josie smiled and leaned against her husband, Mark had been right, when he said there was nothing but good times ahead and they had plenty more to look forward too.