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The characters are Elena Danvers/Reid Garwin, Jade Simms/Caleb Danvers, Jessi Collins/ Pouge Parry, Eve Garwin/Tyler Simms

Summery: The four sons of Ipswitch have some competition in the form of the Daughters of Ipswitch. The story is about Elena, Jade, Eve and the last member of the fifth family Jessi. It's the girls first year at Spencer Academy. New school, a new boy and scary new feelings for their other Covenant member.

Trouble starts when the new boy Chase Arrives and shows intrest in the four girls. Jessi also shows intrest in the new boy but for a different reason. She feels she has seen him before. What happens when they all find out the real reason that Chase is at Spencer's.

crappy summery but it should be better.

The lyrics are Made Of Glass by Trapt.


Eve Garwin's P.O.V

"I don't know who I am and you're the only one who sees that"

It all started with that night at Nicky's. Reid told Jade and I to play pool against Aaron Abbot and his little friends. Seems simple right..it was until I showed people why every says Reid and I act way to much alike.

" How about a game?" I asked the wavy hair boy by the pool table.

" Who are you?" Aaron asked glaring at me.

" Eve and this is my friend Jade. So, how 'bout fifty buck." I pulled out some of the Garwin charm.

" Okay one game." I grinned at Jade as I hit the first ball.


" Your turn." Aaron said. Jade and I were winning and I was about to finish the game when Aaron Abbot did something he would regret, he slid his hand up my skirt.

" You fucker." I shouted my blood boiling.

" Breathe Eve. Don't Use here." Jade said grabbing my arm. She knew I had temper like Reid and like her brother Jade thought it was her job to calm me down.

" No, I'm going to kick the fucktards ass." I struggled against Jade's grasp.

" No your not. Caleb is right over there and you know what he'll do if you Use here." I felt Jade let go when my eyes flashed black. I slapped Aaron hard across his smirking face.

" You little bitch." Aaron hissed grabbing my wrist but before he could do anything he was surround by the four boys and the other girls.

" Don't Abbot." Caleb said in his serous leader voice. He put one hand on my shoulder giveing me the hint that I should calm down.

" I'm guessing you know these sluts." The minute Aaron said that, I could feel someone else power up. I turned to see my brother standing there his eyes jet black.

" Reid it's okay." I said through clutched teeth. Before Reid could get his hands on Aaron. Something happened that we never expected...our baby boy Tyler just punched Aaron Abbot.

" Wow Baby boy." Reid and I said at the same time laughing.

" Your going to regret that Simms." Aaron hissed as he stormed away from the pool table.

"Ask him to shoot some pool."

" Get out of my head Elena."

" No. We all know you like Tyler. Just asked him to shoot some pool."

" How do you all know I like Tyler. Witch I don't."

" Well yesterday . I heard your little oh Tyler looks so hot in those jeans."

"Fine I'll ask him."

" Ty, do you wanna shoot so pool?" I asked the younger boy.

" Sure Eve. But I have to tell you I'm alot better the Abbot." Tyler said giveing me one of his innocent smiles.

" See! You wanna hug him. You wanna kiss him. You wanna love him."

" Fuck off Elena." I said outloud. Tyler gave me a wierd look but started to laugh as he took the first shot.

" I'm going to kick your ass Simms." I said grinning.

" You want his ass." This time it was Jessi.

" Fuck both of you." With a flick of my wrist the waitress tripped and poured a pint of beer on the both of them.

" You should Use in a public place Garwin." Tyler chuckled his bluish green eyes sparkling.

" Whatever. Let's go and sit with the rest of them." I said walking over to the table. " Oh nice look Elena and Jessi."

" Eve. Don't use in public. I could feel that. Do I need to give you the same discussion I give your brother everyday." Caleb said putting his arm around his girlfriend Sarah.

" Shut up Caleb. So Sarah when did you and Kate get here?" I asked the two girls ignoring Caleb.

" Fucking Bitch." I looked over to see Jessi glaring at Kate.

" I think someone has a crush on Pouge."

" We got here twenty minutes ago. Oh and this is our friend Chase Collins." Sarah said introducing the dark haired boy sitting beside Kate.

" HI I'm Eve and this is Tyler." I stood up and shook the hand of the new boy.

" Nice to meet you. I'm excited to go to Spencer's."

" Speaking of school we have it tommorrow. So, could someone give me a ride?" Jessi asked grabbing her jacket.

" Ya I'll give you a ride. Bye Kate." Pouge said kissing his girlfriend.

" I'm off too. Simms will you give us a ride?" Reid asked throwing some money on the table.

" Yeah are you girls coming?" Tyler also put money on the table.

" Okay, bye Caleb, Elena and Kate." I followed Jade out of the bar still thinking of Tyler hitting Aaron.

" He probably was just defending his sister." I thought with a sigh as we all got in Tyler's Hummer.

" Ready for school tomorrow?"

" Yup are you Jade."

" I guess...I don't think Caleb really likes Sarah do you?"

" Why do you think that?"

" No, reason here's our stop."

I looked over at my friend and laughed as we made our ways to the dorms. Tomorrow was the first day in the new lives of the Daughter's of Ipswitch.

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