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" I had a great night Aaron." I said with a smile. After we studied for a while Aaron took me out for coffee and we ended up talking for the past two hours. He seemed like a nice guy.

" I did too Jade. Do you want to make it better?" I froze when I felt his hand rest on my thigh. Aaron parked the car and slid closer to me.

" Aaron just take me home."

" Jade come on."

" Aaron now." I demanded glaring at him.

" Jade your such a fucking cock tease." Aaron spat starting the car back up.

We drove the rest of the way in silence until he was about a block away from Spencer's.

" Get the fuck out you dumb bitch." Aaron barely stop the car before he pushed me out on to the road.

" Fuck you Aaron. Just wait until I tell the boys. Reid will kick your dumb ass." I shouted pulling myself off the ground. The wavy haired boy hit the gas barely missing me.

" I'm a fucking idiot." I mumbled to myself slowly walking back to the school. It was hard to see. It was pitch black and raining. I started to walk faster when I heard something behind me.

" Let's get her." I heard a voice behind me say. I started to run fast as I heard the footsteps speed up. I didn't notice the roots under me until I tripped and fell hard. I didn't have anytime to protect my face with hit the ground with a thud. I could feel the blood coming from my nose in rivers.

" Princess fell and hurt herself." I heard one of the sinister voices say. I tried to use my powers but it wouldn't work.

" You can have her first. Wait let's get her to run." I started to scream as one set of hands pulled my dress over my head.

" Run bitch run." I don't know how I ran on my busted ankle but I wanted to survive. I started to scream loud.

" Tyler! Reid! Anybody?" I started to sob histairicly as I ran in my bra and panties. It was cold, dark and I couldn't put any weight on my ankle. I stopped to see if I could hear them. I stood there for a minute until I was flung into a tree by a invisible force. Somebody just used powers.

" We got her." A sing-song voice called out. As the person smashed my head against a tree. Everything started to go dark. I'm glad because one pair of hands unclasped my bra.



"Where did Ty go?" I asked when I got back from the bathroom.

" He went to see if Jade was at the dorms yet." Reid said taking another drink. I just nodded tucking a strand of brightly coloured hair behind my ear. I was worried about Jade. She wouldn't answer her phone or anything like that.

" Eve. Help me."

"Jade where are you?"


I could get a hold of her. I started to shake as my phone rang. I opened it hoping it was Jade.

" One two. We got one of you."

" Three four. We are going to get some more."

" Five six. We beat her with sticks."

" Seven eight. Poor girl had a pretty bad date."

" Nine ten. We're starting all over again. You better find them. Baby girl's in the woods and Baby boy is with us right now."

I sat in shock listening to the dial tone. I looked up at Reid who was on his phone also. I saw his eyes change as mine did. We both raced out of the bar leaving the other four bewildered.


" Jade. Fucking answer me baby girl." I shouted wondering through the dense woods.

" Eve is this her dress?" Jessie asked holding a piece of ripped bloody fabric. It was Jade's brand new dress. I listened closely trying to hear my friend. I heard a small moan and I took of in a run.

Jade was laying on the path. She was bound, naked to a tree. The dark haired girl was covered in blood and dark angry bruises. I wasn't sure she was alive.

" Jessie help me carry her. The guys dorm is near here." I said softly lifting my battered friend.

I don't know how we got there so fast but before I knew it we were knocking on their door. That's when I saw Tyler.

He looked just like his sister. Covered in blood and bruises. But Tyler had a mark on his neck. When I got closer I noticed it was a bite mark, it was bleeding sluggishly. That was the last thing I saw before I hit the ground.

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