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Chapter has child abuse.


One Dream Is All It Takes


Eight year old Harry Potter was in deep shit and he knew it. He was running away from his cousin Dudley and his usual gang of bullies when he tripped and they caught up to him.

"Oi Potter why you running from us. We just wanna play." Said a rat faced boy named Piers Polkiss as they circled around him.

"Yeah you just wanna play and I'm Santa Clause." Harry said with a snort as he stood up.

"Yeah you're right we don't really want to play. Not a game you would like anyways." Dudley said laughing like what he said was funny. And then they all started to move in on Harry. When they got close to him every one tired to punch him and Harry dropped to the ground making them trip into each other.

"Wow you guys are pathetic." He said as he got back up.

"Get him." Dudley said and they all started at him again.

"Well good day officer." Harry said and all the gang looked around. Harry ran forward and punched Dudley in the face knocking him out of his way and took off down the road. He ran as fast as he could until he couldn't run anymore. When he finally stopped to catch his breath he looked to see he was still being chased by an angry gang. "SHIT." Harry yelled and looked around to see he wasn't very far from Private Drive.

"COME BACK HERE POTTER. DADS GONNA KILL YOU WHEN HE FINDS OUT YOU HIT ME." Dudley yelled from behind his gang as he struggled to catch up.

"Oh crap." Harry muttered turning white at the thought of his uncle Vernon finding out he hit Dudley. "Oh well one problem at a time." He thought and turned and took off through an ally way. He stopped about halfway down and looked over his shoulder to see the gang hadn't reached the ally yet and climbed over the fence that was next to him. After a few minutes he heard Dudley and his gang run by and he tried to keep his breathing as quiet as possible. He sat there for about ten minutes. When he caught his breath he got up and went back over the fence. Looking around he started down the ally way towards Private Drive. On the way he was trying to think of a way to keep his uncle from punishing him for hitting Dudley. When he got to Number 4 he slowly made his way up to the door and gently opened it.

When he walked in he heard his cousin acting like he was crying in the other room and slowly crept towards his room under the stairs. He opened the door and it gently squeaked and just as he was about to go in he heard feet stomping towards the room. He quickly went in and shut the door hoping that his uncle didn't know he was home. He slid himself as far away from the door as he could when he heard steps stop outside of his room. He watched as his door was thrown open and light flooded into the room. Harry looked up to see his enraged uncle turning purple. Vernon tried to come into the room but with his large frame he couldn't fit in the small door.

"Come here boy." He said in a very forced calm voice. Harry slowly crawled over to the door. When he was close enough Vernon reached out and grabbed him by the front of his shirt and dragged him out of the cupboard and into the kitchen. When they got in Harry saw Dudley sitting with his mom at the table holding his cheek and acting like he was crying. "What did you do boy." Vernon growled.

"I didn't do anything uncle Vernon." Harry said trying to get away from his uncle.

"HOW DARE YOU LIE YOU LITTLE FREAK." His aunt Petunia screamed at him.

"I'm not lying aunt Petunia." Harry said back.

"Your not huh you little freak. Dudley told us how you tried to beat him up and his friends had to help get you off of him. You went to far this time boy." Vernon said as he pulled off his belt and threw Harry on the ground. Harry looked up with fear in his eyes and tried to crawl away but Vernon stopped him. He raised his belt above his head and struck Harry across the back with the metal end on the belt. Harry screamed out in pain and tried to move again but his uncle just keep hitting him. Petunia and Dudley just watched in shock as Harry's back was cut open with every hit. After a little while Vernon stopped hitting him and grabbed him by his hair.

"I'm tired of your freakiness boy. You will learn to behave or else." Vernon whispered to him in a deadly voice before dragging him out of the room to his cupboard under the stairs and throwing him in before closing and locking the door. Harry was crying as he tried to get off of his back and lay down on his stomach. When he finally did he put his head in his arms and started crying. After about half an hour he finally got to sleep and had a dream that changed his life.


Harry was having the weirdest dream. He was flying on a motorcycle with a giant man one second and then the next he was suddenly in a green field. He slowly turned around and saw a beautiful forest that was blowing in the wind. He watched as a beautiful white horse ran towards him. When it got closer he saw that it was a unicorn. It circled him before stopping right in front of him. Harry slowly walked forward and started to pet it. When he did it sank down to the ground like it wanted him to get on.

"Do you want me to ride you?" he asked and it nodded its head shaking its beautiful mane. So Harry slowly got onto it and it raised itself up and took off towards the forest. Harry leaned against its head with his hands wrapped around its neck. When they got to the forest the unicorn kept running gracefully through it. It slowed down to a stop when they entered a clearing and it sank to the ground. Harry slid off of it and it stood up and shot off through the trees. He looked around and saw a woman with long red hair and beautiful green eyes walking towards him. When she stopped in front of him Harry saw she was crying.

"Hello Harry." She said as she wrapped him in a hug. Harry flinched as she hugged him but other wise didn't move until she stepped back.

"Who are you? You seem familiar to me." Harry said with confusion written on his face.

"You don't remember me but I'm your mother Harry. I'm Lily Potter." Lily said with a sad smile.

"So this is just a dream."

"Well you are technically sleeping but this is somewhat real. Do you know anything about your past Harry?" Lily asked.

"Only that you and my dad were drunks who didn't work and you died in a car crash." Harry said bitterly.

"Who told you that?"

"Aunt Petunia."

"I can't believe that, that horse face bitch would say that." Lily said and Harry had to stop himself from laughing.

"If that's not true what is the truth?" Harry asked

"The Truth is that me and your father were killed Harry. We were murdered by the most evil wizard that has walked the earth." Lily said

"You were murdered." Harry said sadly before the rest of the sentence caught up to him. "By a wizard. You mean like magic that stuffs not real."

"It is real Harry. It's very real. I don't know how any of this happened. You weren't supposed to go to the Dursley's. You were never supposed to go there. We knew this would happen." Lily said sadly as she sat on the ground. "Magic is real Harry and you are a wizard. Haven't you ever noticed strange things happening around you when you get scared or upset?"

When she said that Harry started thinking about everything that had ever happened to him. He thought of all the times strange things that happened and that he got blamed for by his aunt and uncle.

"Your right." Harry said "Strange things do happen around me a lot. So that makes me a wizard."

"But you're not just any wizard Harry. You're the Boy-Who-Lived."

"The boy-who-lived what does that mean."

"The evil wizard who killed your father and I. His name was Voldemort. When you were a baby he came to our house to kill us all. Your father fought him off while I put an ancient spell on you. One that needs a mother too willing let herself die without fighting to perform it. More people would do it but it is a spell no one alive knows. So when he came to your room and killed me he sealed his own fate. When he tried to kill you the spell rebound and killed him. Now you have to understand. The spell he used to kill you was supposed to be unstoppable. But you stopped it and you stopped an evil wizard whom almost everyone feared so much no one would even speak his name. That made you the BWL and famous in the wizarding world." Lily said and Harry stared at her with his mouth hanging open before he got his wits about him.

"Well if I'm famous in the wizarding world why do I live with the Dursley's?"

"It is my guess that Albus Dumbledore has something to do with it. But that is not why I'm here and my time is running short. You have to leave the Dursley's. It's not safe for you there. You need to get out of there and quick. Your best chance is probably to break the door to your room when every one is asleep. When you do that you need to get money and make your way to London and go to Charing Cross Road. Once there find a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. That is the entrance to the wizarding world. Ask Tom the barman at the Leaky Cauldron to open the gate into Diagon Ally. Once there go to Gringotts. It is a giant white building. That is the wizarding bank ran by the Goblins. Ask to see Director Rangnok tell them who you are and Rangnok will help you. But you must not tell anyone else who you are Harry."

"How am I going to get to London?"

"You're going to have to take a bus. I would suggest the Knight Bus but they don't take sterling so you have to take a normal bus. When you go to the bank also ask them for a healer. I have been watching most of your life and you were treated horribly by the bitch and her whale of a husband. And also ask them to check to see if your magic is still blocked and be respectful to the goblins Harry they are great people who most don't show respect for. I have to go now Harry good luck." Lily said and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Will I ever see you again?"

"Not until you come to where I am. The spell only allowed me to go to you once and help. I love you Harry always remember that." Lily said and she faded away. Harry stood staring at the space she was just standing before he felt himself waking up.


Harry woke up and sat up with a cry of pain from the cuts on his back. He sat still for a minute trying to block out the pain trying to decide if he should believe the dream he just had. Well anything is better than this. I might as well try he thought to himself.

Then he sat up and pushed his ear against the door trying to see if he could hear anything. He didn't hear anything so he picked up his mattress and put it against the wall. Then he sat down with his back on it and put his feet on the door. He started pushing as hard as he could while trying to block out the pain and biting his lip to keep from crying out. Finally after what seem an eternity the door was thrown open. Harry slowly got up and left his room. He quietly looked out the window to see it was still dark so he walked up the stairs and to the bathroom. When he got there he grabbed a towel and carefully cleaned his back off while listening for his family. When he was finished he got some gauze and wrapped it around his back. After he was done with that he turned off the light and quietly made his way back down the stairs. He grabbed a shirt from his room and went into the kitchen where he got an old jar that was filled with money from one of the cabinets. He took all of the money which was only 35 pounds and put it in his pocket. Still listening for his family he unlocked the door and crept out side and made his way down the road to the bus stop. He looked at the chart and saw that he only had about ten minutes before the bus was supposed to get there. So with a sigh he sat down on the bench wincing as he leaned back and bumped his back. He sat there for ten minutes before the bus showed up. When the bus stopped he got up and got on it.

"Aren't you a little young to be riding the bus at this time of night by your self?" The bus driver asked him as he paid.

"I was visiting my aunt. My parents are picking me up in London." Harry lied and went and quickly sat down. The ride to London took about two hours and the sun was slowly starting to rise when they got there. When they first got there Harry started looking at the street signs to try to find Charing Cross Road. When the bus stopped at its last stop Harry felt like the luckiest person alive because when he looked around he found he was on Charing Cross Road. He heard some noises in an ally and quickly started down the road looking for the Leaky Cauldron. After a few minutes he finally found it and went inside. When he entered he saw that the only person inside was an older man behind the bar. So with a sigh he walked up to the bar.

"Hello lad. My names Tom how might I help you today." The man said with a smile.

"I need to get into Diagon Ally but I don't know how to sir." Harry said.

"Well follow me lad and I'll help ya." Tom said and walked around the bar. Harry followed him to a back door and they went out. Harry looked around but only saw trashcans and a brick wall. But as he watched Tom pulled out what looked like a stick and tapped a brick on the wall. When he did the bricks all started shifting around and formed an arch way causing Harry's eyes to widen. "Welcome to Diagon Ally." Tom said

"Thank you sir." Harry mumbled

"Not a problem lad." Tom said with a smile and Harry waved bye before walking through the arch and down the almost completely empty streets as there were a few people walking around. As he walked he looked at all the stores. There were stores selling brooms, cauldrons, owls, and Harry just couldn't believe that the dream he had was true. And just like the woman who could only be his mother said there was a giant white building. Harry looked at it in awe as he made his way towards it. When he walked up the steps he saw two goblins standing guard out side a set of bronze doors. He nodded to them as he walked past. He then stopped at a set of silver doors with an engraving that said:

Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.

After Harry read it he quickly walked through the door to see a giant lobby and he quickly walked into the room and to the end where there were ten goblins working. He looked around to see that there was only one other human there. When he finally made it to one of the open tellers he gulped slightly at its mean glare.

"What can I do for you today?" The goblin asked with a mean smile.

"I need to see Director Rangnok please." Harry said quietly.

"I'm afraid boy that Director Rangnok doesn't have time for any kid who asks for him. You need to make a meeting and if it is important he will contact you." The goblin said with a sneer.

"I was told to ask for him. And to inform him that I'm Harry Potter but I'm not suppose to tell anyone else." Harry said quietly. The Goblins eyes flicked up to Harry's forehead and he looked at his scar before he got off his seat.

"Follow me please." The goblin said and Harry followed him through a set of doors and down a hall way. About ten minutes later they stopped at a big door. "Wait here please."

So Harry stood there as the goblin went inside. After a few minutes the goblin came back out and told Harry to go inside. So Harry entered the room to see an old goblin with a long beard sitting behind a desk.

"Mr. Potter it is a pleasure to meet you. Your mother and father were great friends of the goblin nation and myself personally. If I might say you looked very much like your father with your mothers eyes."

"Thank you sir." Harry said quietly.

"So to what do I owe this pleasure Mr. Potter after all the letters that we have sent you and never got a reply for? I was getting afraid that the goblin nation had some how offended you." Rangnok said

"Umm I'm sorry sir. But I have never gotten anything from the wizarding world. I just found out about it last night." Harry said

"WHAT. How could you have not known about the wizarding world? You should have been living with magical guardians since your parents died. Hell I was even a choice that you were suppose to go to. Well if you didn't live with a magical guardian who did you stay with?" Rangnok said angrily.

"My aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon." Harry said

"WHAT! It said in the will that under no circumstances were you to go to those muggles. I remember like it was yesterday you should have gone to Sirius Black, Alice Longbottom, Me, or Minerva McGonagall then if none of us were available than you were to go to Remus Lupin who wouldn't be higher on the list because he was afraid of his werewolf side hurting you or stopping him from caring for you. But under no circumstances were you to go to the muggles. James even said that he would rather have Severus Snape take you than the muggle."

"Well if I was suppose to go to all of them why didn't I?" Asked Harry "When I asked why I was famous but living with those, muggles I think you called them. I was told Albus Dumbledore had something to do with it."

"I have a feeling that Albus does have something to do with it. But don't worry Mr. Potter I will do everything I can to help get to the bottom of this." Rangnok said

"Thank you. But what am I going to do now. Where am I going to go? I was told to come to you and ask for help, to see a healer, and to see if my magic is still blocked." Harry said

"Well as to where you can go. The Potter family has a small house in the ally. I can show you where that is. And if you want I can become your legal guardian then I can sign an emancipation form making you a legal adult that way you can live by yourself and you can have access to your family vault. Now that would probably be your best bet. Now I would still want to visit you and maybe even get you trained in magic and of course I will be there if you ever need help. So what do you think?" Rangnok said

"I think that would be brilliant." Harry said with wide eyes.

"Alright I will get all the paperwork necessary for that. But if you need to see a healer I think we should do that first. Come on lets go." Rangnok said and they both got up and walked out through a door behind Rangnok's desk. Harry followed him down a flight of steps before they reached a hallway and started walking down it. As they walked they passed about twenty different staircases until the reached a stone door which Rangnok ran his finger down. After he did that he pushed it and it opened. Rangnok led Harry inside the door and he saw a large city that was more than likely filled with goblins. "Lets go to my home. My wife is in charge of the healers and she will be able to check everything for you."

"Umm okay." Harry said and followed Rangnok through the village still blocking out the pain in his back. As they passed the houses goblins started to come out and stare at Harry and Rangnok before walking towards the steps to get them to the bank. They walked almost the whole village before stopping at a large house and Rangnok went in and Harry followed just as Rangnok yelled something out in a language Harry didn't understand. "What was that?"

"What was what? That language?" Rangnok asked and Harry nodded. "That Mr. Potter was gobbledygook."

"Please just call me Harry now that we aren't taking care of any business. And what is gobbledygook?"

"Ok Harry. Well gobbledygook is the goblin language."

"Oh." Harry said as a female goblin came into the room. She was just as ugly as the male goblins the only difference was that she had long hair.

"Harry this is my wife Kasuzn. Kasuzn if you don't remember this is Harry Potter." Rangnok said. Harry bowed his head slightly.

"Hello ma'am."

"Please Harry call me Kasuzn. I use to visit you and your mother when she was still alive. It has been to long." Kasuzn said as she shook Harry's hands before turning to her husband. "Now what did you need Rangnok."

"Harry needs a healer to check him over. Apparently he was hurt and he also needs some one to check to see if his magic is still blocked. If I am correct I believe that Lily had you block his magic so it shouldn't be too hard to check them."

"Yes I suppose your right. Well let's go to the sitting room and get started." Kasuzn said.


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