Anime: Prince of Tennis

Summary: In my three years in Middle School, never have i hated him for being so Perfect. I respected him, admired him and aspired to be him. But was that all i felt for that stoic man?

Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis and any of it characters.

The Beginning of an Unexpected Story

As I ran to my homeroom, I was getting ready to be scolded for being late. The school bells had already rung ten minutes ago and... I was never late for school. I have a record of being the first to enter the class. And what do I do? Well, I study. What else should I do? Okay, so yes, maybe I could watch the tennis regulars do their morning practices but I have other plans. You see, I have this reputation of being the top in the batch. I am the class representative of my class and that has to be my aim. I have no other aim than that. And when I say I don't have any other plans other than that... I mean it.

So as you see, I was late this morning since my alarm clock didn't have any more battery and no one thought of waking me up. Oh, let me remind you. I don't live with my parents anymore. They let me live by myself since the start of my third year in middle school. It's cool because I live in the dormitory that my friend owns but... none of them go to Seigaku. You see, we, my dorm mates and I, don't live like families. We eat on our own, wake up on our own, and do things on our own. Especially in my case, since I'm usually away from my dorm mates. I'm either studying or being busy writing a novel. I can't help it... writing is my passion.

Back to the story, I woke up late and I found out that... well, no one was around anymore

I checked my wristwatch and found out that it was around 830. I had to skip breakfast. I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face and changed to my school uniform. There was a busy road right in front of me... so I had to resort to running to school. The school wasn't that far but walking may take some time. And so, I ran as fast as I could even with my physical conditions. I am never, NEVER, good at sports. Leave me to do your homework but don't ever rely on me when it comes to sport events.

As I was reaching the school I heard the school bells ring. Uh-oh. I ran faster but... I was never good at running... so me running might not be even called running. My classroom was at the third floor. Great! So, I ran through the stairs, I passed through empty hallways, a new janitor and three teachers who were surprised to see me late. I slid the door... and found... a pack of tennis regulars?

Wait, rewind...

I opened the door and found... NO.. Am I in the wrong room?

I gave them a short bow and checked the classroom name. 3-6, it said on the sign.

I am in the correct room...

It's a Friday, right?

There are classes...

Am I dreaming?

I opened the door again and met their surprised eyes. Others, namely, Fuji-kun and Eiji-kun just stared at me, with their normal bright eyes. I asked them, politely as I can to keep my image. "Excuse me, where are my classes supposed to be?"

Fuji-kun stood up and walked up to me. "This is our class, Asakawa-san."

I was confused. How can our class be filled with tennis regulars?

I gave him a confused look and he got the idea right away.

"You didn't receive the message on your phone, this morning?" he asked

I just realized that I haven't opened my phone from the moment that I woke up. I checked my phone and wait... CRAP!

I'm not wearing my contacts!

I can see blurry images on my phone but... I just can't seem to understand it. Fuji doesn't even know I wear contacts and I don't want him to know. So, I improvised. My phone had a message but I couldn't read it... so..

"Fuji-kun, I don't think I got the message what did it say?" I asked

"It said," thank goodness he believed me, "that there won't be any classes for today because there will be no electricity which will lead to the decrease of water flow. So, the school cancelled classes for today." He replied with a smile on his face. I don't get how he can keep that smile on his face for a really long time.

"Oh, so that means, I have to go home?" I said with a grin in my face, "Well then, I should go then..."

I turned my back from them and slid the door silently. I breathed out heavily and walked slowly. No wonder everyone was so shocked when they saw me. And no wonder everything was so blurry. I didn't seem to realize it earlier. I must have gotten used to not wearing contacts. Lately, I haven't bought a new set of contact and I was never in the mood to use glasses except when I'm home, studying or writing. So that I could understand what's written on the board, I've asked the permission to sit in the front seat of the class. I told my teachers that I didn't have a new pack of contacts and that I didn't want my classmates to know that I needed them. They allowed it. I'm so relieved.

Then I remembered! I had extra glasses in my bag. As I was about to get it from my bag, arms wrapped around my shoulders, then Eiji-kun started hugging me like nuts as if I were his bear.

I noticed that the regulars were all behind me. I placed the glasses back inside the bag immediately. He started talking so loudly that I knew that I might have a migraine next. Thank God, Fuji-kun came to save me.

So here I am, walking home with a pack of noisy regulars behind me. Oh look! A bookstore... mwahaha, I can runaway from them and leave them behind... hahahahaha

I turned to the bookstore and instantly find Fuji-kun going inside with me. He said goodbye to the others. And there I was in the bookstore with him.

"Why are you here?" I asked, he knew my hot-headed, bad side. This meant I could talk to him in my rude manners.

"I thought it might be sad for you to go inside the bookstore if you're blind." He said, wait... does he know I need contacts?

"You know about... my contacts?"

"No," he said with a slight smile on his face, "I know about your glasses."

I gave him a questioning look.

"I saw you once, while you were reading a book. I saw you, with the glasses."

Oh, well, if he knows. That means I could just take it out and save me from having a hard time from choosing a book.

"Well, then, thanks for telling me. Now, I know that I could search for a book, easily." I said, happily.

"But..." He started...

What else was he going to say?

"Tezuka saw you, too."

I dropped the glasses from my hand and stared at him with disbelief. TEZUKA KUNIMITSU SAW ME WITH MY GLASSES ON. What will happen to my perfect image? I wanted everyone to think that I had perfect 20/20 vision. Now, my reputation has been destroyed. I don't mind if a certain sadistic person knows but not that stoic tennis captain, who's also the president of the student council. NO!

I didn't notice that Fuji-kun had picked up the glasses. He placed it on my hand and woke me up from daze.

"I have to admit, you look good with those glasses." Fuji-kun said.

Did I just hear him right?

I look good?

I wore the glasses and gave him a smile.

"Well, thank you. I'm quite flattered." I replied. He returned it with a smile. "So, Fuji-kun, what should I buy?"

He recommended some new romantic books. I believe that the once I've read lately have had tragic endings and I need a break from crying... so he gave me a book which assured me that I was having a happy ending.

He left the bookstore earlier than me since he said that he needed to meet Yuuta somewhere. Well, there goes my secret keeper. Hope he doesn't tell anyone.

It was raining outside. I removed my glasses after I paid the cashier and placed it in my bag. I turned around and saw a certain someone with glasses.

Tezuka Kunimitsu.

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