I was looking in the mirror, thinking about perfection, when I suddenly thought, "MARY SUE! No…Mary Slew!" XD Get it? So here's my idea…

A perfect girl gets herself into the series of Cirque Du Freak and tries to "Save" everyone. She knows the series and tries to make everything "perfect". Of course humor is definitely in it. With all these guys falling for her, and her being very book smart (while having the perfect model body)…it'll be interesting.

This is NOT my normal type of writing so please bear with me. I'll post the prologue first and see how many people like the idea. Here's the prologue!

"I'm so bored…" Darren muttered as he and his best friend walked through the school yard. He was kicking a soccer ball ideally, annoyed that no one wanted to play. Half the people who usually played were busy with homework, some were flirting with the opposite (or same) sex, and the rest were at home, sick.

Steve smirked, looking over at the sibling friend of his. "Let's play by ourselves then!"

They stated to play on a small field, the goals a few good yards away. Darren slipped as he tried to steal the ball away; Steve quickly faked a left and went right, so he fell on his butt. Just as Steve was about to make the goal, a girl about their age blocked it with ease, sending it on the other side of the school yard.

She wore blue jeans that hugged her wide hips and thin legs. Her shirt, which seemed to be more of a sports bra than shirt, covered her rather large (and seemingly fake) breasts that bounced as she stood still. Her hair was bright blond and fluffy as hell, covering her shoulders in a seductive way. Her smile, just like her bright blue eyes, was dazzling.

"Hi there…I'm Mary Slew."

Okay, let's see how many people want me to continue this odd idea XD