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When they got out of that class, Steve and Darren glanced at each other. They were obviously feeling some sort of jealousy, perhaps even rivalry, between them but neither would admit it. It was all because of Mary Slew.

"So are we going to buy them? The tickets, I mean." Mary had jogged over to them and jumped to land, sticking it. They turned to face her and saw her bouncing, her fluffy hair floating in the air for a moment.

Dazed, they stared for a moment. With the way the sun sparkled, brightening her perfectly white teeth and green eyes, she looked stunning. "Uh…oh, yeah, but we don't have any money." Darren was the first one to speak up.
Mary giggled softly. "No worries, my parents always have a load of cash hidden in the house. Come on!" As she passed them, she grabbed their wrists and basically dragged them as she skipped. She was humming some sort of song, perhaps a lullaby.

They traveled for half an hour but to the boys, it seemed like only a few minutes. When they stopped and looked, really looked, around the neighborhood, they grimaced. "What side of town are we in?" Steve questioned, glancing at a tire on fire near by.

Mary smiled weakly, "The South side." She walked through a broken gate and into her home. "Hold on for a moment, I'll come out in just a sec."

As soon as she was gone, Darren muttered, "You'd never expect her to live here!"

"Yeah…I wonder if her parents…" Steve's eyes had narrowed but his sentence was interrupted when a shrill voice screamed something.

Instantly, Mary sprinted out of the house with a look of terror in her gray eyes. Her hair became tangled because of the wind and her beautiful skin turned like a milky paste color. Glancing behind her, she wore a shaky smile, "Okay, let's go!"

Darren and Steve shared a look of confusion and just as one of them were about to speak up…Mary tripped over a pebble. She slammed into the sidewalk, giggling softly. When she was helped up, she handed them the money, "Here, hold onto this. With my luck lately, I'll drop it somewhere."

As they walked again, Steve's eyes widened. "What…what is that white powder?!" He touched said powder on the twenty dollar bill, holding it up to Mary. She bit her thick lips, unsure at first of what to say.

"…My parents are drug dealers…" She whispered softly, "…Just don't tell anyone; please…"

Before either could answer, they saw a man before them. He looked scary, like a performer from the… "Cirque Du Freak!" Mary whispered, recognizing him instantly. In perfect French, she asked about the tickets.

Once more French was exchanged, Darren asked, "Well?"

She scrunched her nose, obviously annoyed. Her eyes were a dark pink, almost red. "He said he'll give us three tickets…if we pay double."

Steve smirked, "Let me run home and get the money and it's a done deal."

Next chapter: The show. Okay people, honestly, I'm losing interest in this story because it's like…I'm forcing myself to right it, ya know? Anyway, just warning you.