Alright, this is probablymy last in-progress fic I'll be writing for a while os I can catch up on my oter ones. This is an Alternate universe Pokemon Highschool Fanfic about Pokemon Special. fileld with comedy, drama, and romance, with plenty of twists and turns.

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The First Day of School 7:45 AM, Outside Samuel Oak High two girls are standing together talking.

It's a warm August morning outside Samuel Oak High. All the students were getting ready for their first day of school, and on any other morning that would be a bad thing, but this weather was just too nice. The cherry blossom trees were in bloom, and Butterfree were floating through the air. Everything was perfect. Well, maybe not everything.

"Um. Blue, how does my hair look?" the younger girl of the two, Yellow, who was wearing the normal girl's uniform, a white collared shirt with a light blue skirt, asked in a timid manner.

"Your hair? It looks great. Wait, you're not usually too concerned about your appearance…what gives?" Blue, who was wearing the same thing, replied with an inquisitive tone in her voice.

The two were standing outside of big metal double-doors that lead into a large rectangular building, the school; Samuel Oak High, named in honor of the legendary Pokémon professor, also largely funded by him. It was nicknamed "The Shoebox" by some students due to it essentially being just a big rectangle, as well as the halls being nearly empty most of the time. The school's colors were white and red, and each of the hallways had a set of lockers, with white and beige flooring and walls. The school was connected directly to Oak's lab, which often resulted in Biology and different science classes going there to observe the Pokémon and such. It was the perfect learning environment.

"Oh, um. Nothing really." The younger girl smiled innocently after her words passed her lips.

"Is that so?" Blue slowly leaned forward and puts her lips next to Yellow's ear. "Because I think there's a certain boy you want to notice you," she whispered.

"N-no…I don't want Red to notice me!" Yellow looked down as her cheeks began to flush a light shade of red.

"Thanks for telling me who it is, dear." Blue smirked and put her arm around Yellow's neck.

"But…I," she sighed in defeat.

Everyone knew that Yellow liked Red. It was always pretty obvious considering the way that she acted around him. Even so, everyone acted like they had absolutely no idea. This was because both Yellow and Red seemed to be the only people too dense to notice it.

"Just go up to him during a passing period in the middle of the day or something. Your lockers are right by each other, correct?" Blue started to walk with her, as school was just about to start.

"Yeah…okay." Yellow kept on staring at her shoes, nervous and embarrassed.

"Don't sweat it babe, I'm sure you'll have him in no time," she winked.

'RRRIIINNNNGG' The bell went off, signifying school was starting, and all the students scurried off to their homerooms.

Blue and Yellow walked into their homeroom; Room 215, and sat down next to one another right by the window. Across the room, two boys were arguing about who was better at this or that, these boys were non-other than Red and Green of Pallet town. In the corner of the room, sat the quiet, ever so silent red haired boy, Silver; who was being pestered by his happy-go-lucky friend Gold. And next to them was a girl with light blue hair, writing in her notebook, this was the class president, Crystal.

"Why don't you go talk to him now, Yellow?" Blue placed her arms on the table and her head on her arms.

"Um…okay…" Yellow timidly stood up and walked to where Green and Red were arguing.

"Yeah? Well I got better grades than you last year!" Red, the shorter of the two arguing boys spoke with a commanding tone in his voice. He was dressed in the normal uniform for boys, a brown dress shirt with a red tie and a pair of pants with an even darker shade of brown than the shirt.

"Tch. Who cares? I still beat you at sports and Pokémon." Green spat back, wearing just about the same thing as Red other than a green tie.

"Um, Red?" Yellow approached the two and gently poked Red's shoulder, trying to get his attention.

"Well I-" Red cut himself off when he noticed the girl. "Oh, hey Yellow. A little busy right now," and with that he turned around and continued arguing, leaving Yellow fairly distressed.

'He…didn't even care that I wanted to talk to him…' Yellow thought to herself while walking over to an empty desk. She didn't feel like talking to Blue right now.

9:26 AM. Just outside drama class in the art hall.

"Aw, come on Sapph! You were just born to play the role! Why won't you do it?" The frustrated boy sighed and readjusted his goofy hat, while leaning onto the Cacturne statue at the end of the art hall.

The art hall was a huge hallway with tons of doors leading to the various art rooms of the school, as well as the stage in the auditorium where drama class was held. It was decorated with a bunch of large statues and portraits of different Pokémon, the most prominent of which, being the large Cacturne statue at the very end. These statues were so life-like, some people claimed they were living; coming to life at night, causing all sorts of mischief.

"Ruby, what would possibly make you think that I would want to do something as silly as act in a play?" Sapphire replied, keeping true to her tomboyish and no-frills attitude.

Ruby was currently the head of the stagehand for the fall play "Dead Spring" as well as having a small role in the actual play itself. Sapphire, however, was Ruby's complete opposite, being the captain 

of almost all the sports teams. This would often intimidate people from approaching her outside practice, but this wasn't the case with Ruby.

"What part of 'Born to play the role' don't you understand? Come on!" Ruby pleaded, now on his knees. He had been begging Sapphire to act as 'Jennifer Dylan' in the upcoming school play all week, and he thought it would be an injustice if anyone but Sapphire played the part.

"No means no, Ruby," she crossed her arms and turned her head away from him.

"Aww! C'mon! Even Wally is going to be in it! He's cool, right!?" Ruby pointed to Wally who was walking by carrying a box, he gave the two of them a hearty wave and continued on his way.




"Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?" The boy was begging on his knees with the best puppy dog eyes he could possibly muster up.



Sapphire sighed in defeat. "Fine…I'll…I'll read the script and see if I like it…"

"Yay! This is going to be so great!." Ruby's bright smile immediately lightened the mood and he dragged Sapphire off to get a script.

"Eh?" Wally was walking by, just nearly getting trampled by Ruby and Sapphire; who were currently darting off towards a dressing room.

'Wonder what they're up to…' He thought to himself in quiet contemplation, walking out into the seemingly empty halls.

Wally was always a sickly and weak kid. Though recently he had gotten a lot better, he would still get very sick at the drop of a hat, and often fell into large coughing fits. His condition resulted in him being exempt from gym class, giving him a free period every day. During this free period, the drama teacher Mr. W, also known as Wallace, had him carry boxes containing costumes, makeup and the like. One day, Wallace saw Wally go into one of his coughing fits, making him look completely weak and "small". This is when Wallace noticed he would be perfect for the role of the protagonist in the upcoming play. He would be playing "Percival Reed," who was also a sickly and weak boy.

"Mrrgh!!" A strange sound came from the hall, sounding almost like a person; a person in a lot of pain.

"…I swear, this place better not be haunted." Wally chuckled to himself and continued walking; ignoring the sounds until he heard something banging on the locker he had just walked in front of.

Each of the school's lockers was very large, and well…ugly. This ugliness was complemented by a muddy shade of green as their color. Some students would even claim to get sick if they had to look at them for too long. This wasn't a problem with Wally though, he loved the color green.

"Eh?" He pried it open, since there was no lock on it at the time; watching the short, croissant haired Emerald tumble out of the locker.

"Owww!" The short boy cried out in pain as his forehead connected with the hard hall floor.

"You okay there, bud?" Wally crouched down and brushed the boy off. "I swear, how do you manage with that big gem in your head?" He gently poked fun at Emerald as he slowly helped him to his feet.

"Aw. You too!? I hate being short…and having a gem on my face…and being short…did I mention I'm short?" Emerald never was a fan of his height, and they wouldn't let him use his platform shoes or stilts at the school.

"Bullies again?" Wally sighed and patted Emerald on the head, almost like a dog.

"…Yeah…" Emerald was clearly embarrassed about it, but who wouldn't be?

Emerald was often ridiculed for his somewhat ridiculous appearance and his spazzy personality. He would be shoved into lockers, called names, and teased in all sorts of ways. And even though Emerald was never the type to take that stuff to heart, it had recently been starting to get to him.

"Don't worry about it, they'll ease up." Wally smiled and again patted his friend's head.

"Says you."

"Don't be like that, Emerald."

"Look how bad I have it. I'm short, I'm weak, and I have a big emerald jutting out of my forehead..." He glared at Wally with his little hands on his little hips.

"And I'm sickly and asthmatic." Wally calmly answered the boy with a stern tone.

"…Touché, Wally. Touché."

11:40, East hallway, passing period.

"Where were you!?" Pearl screamed into his buddy's ear.

"Um. Over there." Dia pointed to an empty room, fearing the smacking that would soon follow.

"Over there!? I had to go up to Miss Lady all by myself, with nothing to say because YOU weren't there!" Pearl smacked the other boy on the back of the head.

"Sorry Pearl," he took a chip out of the bag of chips he was eating and offered it. "Chip?"

"No, I do not want a chip!" Pearl smacked the bag of chips out of Dia's hand, red with anger."

"Hey man, no need to be violent. Food has feelings too." Dia crouched down and picked up the bag of chips; Pearl promptly smacking it down again.

"I don't care about your bag of chips' broken heart! We have bigger matters at hand!"

"Why are we doing this again?" Dia tilted his head quizzically.

"You mean you don't know!?"

"Not really."

"Well. I figure our act is good. Really good. And well…maybe we can impress Miss lady with it." Pearl crossed his arms and cracked a small smile.

"Why are we trying to impress her? Aren't we already friends with her? Sort of, anyways."

"We're doing it because she's popular…and pretty," Pearl grinned sheepishly.

Berlitz was a rich girl; her family being one of the main sources of funding for the school, along with Oak himself. This also resulted in her becoming extremely popular, as well as getting extra treatment from the school, such as getting to skip boring school assemblies and the like. All the special treatment changed her attitude about school, as well as making her a bit gossipy.

"Oh…" Dia tilted his head to the left and looked to the upper-right, as if daydreaming.

Suddenly, Pearl jumped as he noticed who was walking up behind them.

"Look, there she is." Pearl gestured to her with his thumb.

"Oooh. What're we gonna do?" Dia smiled at him, looking back at Berlitz as well.

'Uh…quick, think of something, think of something...' Pearl was trying to think of something that he could do to get her attention or at least get them noticed by her. …He couldn't.

"Hello boys." Berlitz walked by them, smiling.

"Oh, uhh…hi." Pearl and Dia both said simultaneously.

"Something you need from me?" Berlitz tilted her head and smiled at the two of them once again.

"….Uh…No?" Pearl's sheepish grin found its way back onto his face. He had his hand behind his head unsure of what to say.

"Umm. Okay then. Later." And with that, Berlitz walked off. 'Gee, those two suuure are weird sometimes.'

"Way to go!" Pearl smacked Dia.

"What did I do!?" Dia exclaimed as the echo of the smack sounded throughout the hall.

"This is your fault!" Pearl yelled at the boy, once again red with anger.

"But you're the one that—"Dia was cut off by his angry pal.

"Up-bup-up!" Pearl made the 'Don't say anything else' noise.

"But you--"

"Not. A. Word!"

1:45 PM, North hallway, passing period

Yellow sighed as she walked down the hall, her mind on Red as usual. She wanted his attention, but she didn't want to seem like some sort of desperate, creepy, stalker girl or something. This was the first time she was getting into a boy, so she was about twice as nervous as the average girl would be.

"Hey, Yellow!" Gold popped out from behind a corner, his usual happy-go-lucky attitude with him.

"Oh, hey Gold." Gold had always reminded Yellow of Red a lot, just a tad different. And for Yellow, that was a really good thing, considering her current feelings.

"How's it going?" Gold spoke in a perky tone with bright, amber eyes.

"I'm managing alright." Yellow smiled at him, continuing on her way, once again looking for Red.

"Ah, there he is!" Yellow spotted Red across the hall.

"There who is?" Gold asked, even though it was clear who she was talking about.

"Red…" Yellow smiled as she said his name, while Gold showed a look of indifference. Why should he care?

"Oh…Looks like he's arguing with Green." Gold said, a smirk of satisfaction appearing on his face. Gold never really liked it when girls were all over guys that weren't him, especially cute ones like Yellow. Why? Gold probably didn't even know that. It was probably just his ego. Not that he had anything against Red, though. In fact, Gold had a dear admiration for the older boy.

"Of course," she rolled her eyes. "I can't ever get alone with Red…He's always with…him," Yellow frowned and plopped down onto a brown, wooden and metal bench that sat on the side of the hall next to the doors of the rooms.

"Why is talking to him so important to you? Something wrong?" Gold put his hands on his knees, crouching down to meet Yellow's honey colored eyes with his amber ones.

"Um. Nothing is wrong," she smiled reassuringly.

"Then why?" Gold pointed his finger as he spoke.

"No reason." Yellow kicked her legs back and forth as if sitting on the edge of a cliff, grinning sheepishly.

"I see…Well, we better get to class, Elm hates it when we're late to Algebra…come on," he held out his hand.

"Err…yeah, alright," she took his hand and together they walked down to room 223, Professor Elm's Algebra class, but not before Yellow could catch a quick glance at Red once more.

"We're not late!" Gold exclaimed as he rushed into the classroom with Yellow just before the bell rang, the two of them going to sit in the cream colored desks on the two sides of Silver.

"Hmm…" Yellow pulled out a pencil and started making some notes.

"Heya buddy!" Gold slid into his seat and patted Silver on the head.

Silver sighed. "…Hey Gold," the red-haired boy looked down and played with his silver tie, his eyes wandered to Gold, yet still seeming detached from reality.

"What's wrong with you?" Gold poked the side of his best friend's head.

"Heh. Stop that." Silver kept on looking at Gold, staring right through him.

"Nah. Why are you so distracted? Is there a hot babe behind me or something?" Gold grinned and leaned forward, poking Silver just below the eye.

"Shut up, Gold," Silver's detached gaze turned into a sharp glare.

"Hey hey, don't get so hostile! It's not like I insulted you or that silly little face of yo--" Gold was cut off by Silver shoving him out of his desk, then prodding him in the head with his foot.

"Ow! What was that for!?" Gold yelled, gripping his head in pain.

"What are you two boys doing!?" Elm smacked his pointer against the board and approached them. "If I catch you two fighting again you'll both get a month's worth of detention!"

Silver smirked at Elm as he took his scolding. Elm wasn't the type to ever really punish anyone. His whole discipline system was sort of a joke. He was the one teacher nobody really took seriously.

Yellow sighed, "Boys…"

"Okay, I'm sorry I sort of called you ugly." Gold smiled as he helped himself up; then placing his hand on Silver's shoulder. "Forgive me?"


"Aw come on!" Gold pleaded.

"…" Silver stayed silent.

"You couldn't possibly be mad at me for a little joke, could you?" Gold lightly shook the boy. "Come oooon!"

"…Fine. I forgive you, Gold," the red-haired boy looked at Gold and smiled a little, barely noticeable smile.

"Woo! See, that's why you're my best friend!" Gold leaned over and hugged Silver.

"Hey…Get off…" Silver's smile got even wider as his best friend hugged him, but he didn't dare let Gold see that he didn't mind.

Silver really liked Gold, as little as he showed it. Even though Gold would often annoy and bother Silver with his overly peppy attitude, he kind of liked it; it would always seem to brighten up his day when he needed it. Not that he would dare show it, though.

"Awww! You're so great, Silver!" Gold hugged him tighter, thinking Silver hated it. Gold didn't mind though, he liked hugs. He had always been the peppy, affectionate type.

"Okay. Get the hell off me, now." Silver gripped Gold's head and pried him off himself, shoving him back over into his own seat.

"Ow. Ow!!" Gold made a small yelp as Silver tore him off.

Yellow couldn't help but giggle. "You boys…so silly," she tilted her head and smiled warmly at the two of them, both boys returning a small smile of their own.

"Ooh. Nice smile." All three of them seemed to say simultaneously, and to different people at that.

Gold blinked. "Well...well that was just plain odd."

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