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7:58 AM

"And then she said 'That's not my taco!'" Red delivered the punch line to what was possibly, at least in the eyes of two less than brilliant cheerleaders, the most hilarious joke ever.

"Ohhh Red, you're so funny," one of the cheerleaders beamed, the other simply blushed and dawdled her feet. This wouldn't be the first time girls were hanging all over Red, and it wouldn't be the first time Red was oblivious to it--in fact Red was always oblivious to it.

"Uh, not really," Red would sooner grow wings and fly up to Spear Pillar than pick up on simple flirting. While some of his friends, such as Green, got nothing but sharper over the years, one could argue Red's density level was now at a greater or equal value.

"Yes really. Everything that comes out of your mouth is so hilarious…" the taller, blonde cheerleader poked Red's chest with her index finger and slid it downward flirtatiously.

The tall blonde cheerleader in question happened to be the co-captain of the school's cheerleading squad and very popular amongst the other kids in the school, however, much to her dismay, popularity cannot get you Red's attention span for more than a few minutes. Her name was Amber, and coincidentally, her smaller, shyer, brunetter counterpart she had with her, was also named Amber. The entire cheerleading team was essentially made up of girls named Amber, Madison and there was one Trisha—an odd coincidence, but nobody honestly cared enough to look further into it than that.

"Oh. Thanks!" Red grinned, and it was by no means a normal grin. This was Red's grin, the holy grail of all grins. It had the uncanny ability to melt females and inspire high fives in boys and men alike. It was a powerful thing indeed--God help us all if it ever fell into the wrong hands.

A bright smile crept onto the shorter girl's face. Her short brown bob cut made an interesting contrast with her subordinate cheerleader's long, elegant, blonde locks, whom was still trying to maintain her sophisticated composure in Red's presence.

"So, Red…if you aren't too busy this weekend…I was thinking…" the blonde Amber cut herself off when she noticed Red was no longer looking at either of them, back rather staring at the clock behind the two, as though he wasn't even listening.

He wasn't, "umm, I've gotta go! I cannot be late for gym! I'll talk to you two later!" he smiled and backed up like a truck, then turned around and took off.

Amber covered her hands with her face and groaned. "Why does that always happen with him?"

"I suppose he's isn't the most attentive boy when it comes to this type of thing," the brunette Amber replied matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, no kidding…" the blonde sighed and slumped against a locker.

"It's pretty darn cute though, the way his attention just bounces around until he gets super focused on something important to him," Brunette Amber gushed.

"Hey, he's mine, remember?" the taller girl flicked her finger against the smaller one's forehead.


"No use crying over spilt milk," she shook her head, "come on, let's get to Math, we have much to discuss!" Amber dragged her shorter, also-Amber friend off to class with her.

Cheerleaders. The mortal enemy of all normal high school girls, and Yellow wasn't necessarily an exception; you couldn't exactly blame her, either. Every day she had to watch these girls fawn over the guy she was helplessly in like with, girls that she saw as being a lot more attractive than she was herself.

"Bleh…" from a hallway bench, she watched the two Ambers talking with Red. She swore she couldn't get a moment alone with him if her life depended on it. The whole liking him thing was really becoming an emotional hassle for her, whether or not it was a hassle she wanted, she couldn't decide. Besides, she always figured he could do better than her, like one of those cheerleaders for instance. 'What do I have to offer?' she thought.

"Not much…" Yellow looked down at her chest and sighed dejectedly.

Before she could let any more depressing thoughts sink into her mind, she felt a tap on the side of her head. "Gold?"

Gold removed his pool cue from her temple, "the one and only!" he grinned. It wasn't quite the caliber of Red's grin, but it was enough to make the girl crack a smile back at him.

"Hey…" she replied in a hushed yet somewhat tense tone.

"Hiya, is everything going alright in Yellow land?" Gold playfully patted her on the head with the end of the pool cue.

"Ehhh…" she ran her hand through her hair and held it in front of her face. She could smell her apple shampoo on her fingers—strange as the habit was, it had a way of calming her down. "I'm just having one of those days, you know? I'm kind of out of it."

"Oh, I see I see," Gold cupped his chin in thought.

Yellow stared for a moment before tilting her head quizzically, "what is it?"

"You know what you need?"


"You need a day off!" the grin found it's way back onto his face.

"What exactly are you suggesting?" Yellow raised her eyebrow, and Gold blinked at her. There was a way about how her face contorted into this smiling, puzzled, unsure face. Gold found himself enjoying the sight, so he stalled the conversation long enough to take a good mental snapshot. It was pretty striking, a shame she wasn't noticed more often.

"What I'm suggesting," he took a dramatic pause and Yellow rolled her eyes accordingly "is that we get outta here!"

"You mean…skip?" This was a stretch for Yellow. Her record was the cleanest slate in all of slate town, and slate town was pretty darn clean.

"Why that sounds like a fantastic idea!" Gold took a firm grip of Yellow's arm and pulled her to her feet. "We'll leave through the gym, nobody'll even notice!"

On any other day, Yellow would have protested, but it did seem like it could be a good idea, and it did seem like it might be fun, and it did beat school. So she nodded and followed along with Gold as they walked into the gym and headed towards the door.

The two snuck through the gym class that Red was in; Yellow couldn't help a glance, but pressed onward. After making sure there were no teachers or suspicious characters watching, they made their break for it and slipped outside the school. Luckily for them, the school's low budget allowed for only one camera in the back of the school, and it didn't even work.

"So, where are we going?" Yellow inquired as the two put some distance between themselves and the school.

"Well, first of all, we need to head to my place to change out of these clothes…if anyone catches us in our uniforms, we're screwed," Gold tugged his golden tie loose.

"Oh, wait, how am I going to get different clothes!? All you'll have is boy clothes!"

"Hmm," Gold paused, "well that is certainly a major hole in my plan. Thank you for pointing that out," he scratched at his head.

"Gooold! You dolt!" Yellow puffed out her cheeks angrily, which only made her seem more adorable and less threatening.

"Hey hey, don't get mad at me. You'll be fine with some of my clothes."

"Boy clothes!? There's no way any of your stuff will fit me! Now we can't go out! Way to go, genius! Day ruined!" she was joking, but tried her hardest to sound serious, though in the end failure was the only option. It was always the only option. Oh the drawbacks of being tiny and harmless.

"Ahaha, deal with it, kid," Gold replied, giving her a friendly, tap on the head.

"Kid? I'm your senior! Remember!?"

"…Ohhh yeah, true story."

8:17 AM

After another ten or so minutes of walking, the two had finally arrived at Gold's casa. It was a small, quaint looking home with two small floors, and two very tiny gardens in the front and back of the house. The inside was about as generic as a house could possibly get. Beige carpets covered the small living room that led into the even smaller white kitchen. There was a dark red, beat up sofa in front of a TV that looked like it was from 1993. Gold directed the two towards a thin, spire-like staircase.

"This leads up to my room, I'd let you borrow some of my Mom's clothes, but…trust me, you wouldn't want them." Gold led Yellow into his room. It was a large, spacious place with a bunch of clothes scattered around the floor. CDs and DVDs were lying around everywhere, just begging for you to step on them. It wasn't tidy, but it had a certain aura that made it seem like a more comfortable place than it actually was.

"I can't say I was expecting much more than this," Yellow smiled as she studied Gold's messy room. She noticed some magazine's with holes where pictures had been cut out. 'I can only imagine,' she thought to herself.

"Oh quiet, you! You're more lippy than usual; remind me to start carrying a ruler around…" Gold smirked while he pulled some clothes out of the various drawers around the room. Yellow blinked in disbelief at the words that just came out of his mouth; her cheeks turned a light red.

"Just kidding," Gold chuckled and placed some clothes down for her.

"Out! Now!" she tried her hardest to make an angry face and shoved Gold out of the room just before she burst into awkward, reluctant laughter, slamming the door and locking it.

The clothes Gold laid out for Yellow were a black muscle shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. She stood in front of the mirror which doubled as the door to Gold's closet and stripped off her blue and white school uniform blouse. She got a peculiar feeling looking at herself like this in an unfamiliar setting, and a boy's room, at that. Yellow undid her skirt and wiggled it off her waist, leaving her half naked in front of the mirror. There was something odd about standing in just her bra and panties in just some guy's room, this in turn made her start wondering when she'd actually be half naked in a boy's room and that in turn, made her feel self conscious.

It wasn't necessarily difficult for her to get so down on herself when it came to her appearance. She was the cliché high school girl-next-door with a flat chest and hot friends. She was never the one that anyone paid attention to, never the focus of any boy's admiration, heck; she'd never even been kissed a single time in her life. Yellow put her hands over her chest and sighed. 'God damn it, why are you so small?' She frowned at her reflecting image in the mirror and slid her hands further down her body; she turned and examined her posterior as if it were some sort of foreign object. 'Bleh…nothing special. You are so not sexy, Yellow.'

"Yellow! Hurry up!" Gold shouted from what sounded like a few rooms over, prompting Yellow to take some initiative and actually put on some clothes.

She pulled the black muscle shirt over herself; it wasn't too loose-fitting, but it wasn't exactly tight either. The fact that the shirt probably would've snapped onto Gold with tremendous tightness was a testament to how thin and small she was. Next she slipped on the jeans, which while baggy as heck, were greatly compensated for in how low the shirt hung; she just had to tie a belt around it to keep them from falling down
…And add a hole.

"Are you done yet!?"

"You should've been expecting me to take long! I'm a girl!" she yelled back at Gold, who was obviously losing his patience with her. Yellow took one last look in the mirror before leaving the room and noticed something about her current appearance…

'Oh my god I look just like a boy.'



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