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Tony Stark meandered around his Malibu mansion, his shoulders slumped and obviously bored. He peered in every room on the first floor, stopped at the bottom of the stairs, and, lacking the motivation to move on to the second, called again. "Pepper!"


Tony winced and momentarily regretted not making the trek upstairs. However, he realized that she was probably going to be pissed off at him anyway and at least down here he was out of range of any flying objects. So he continued to yell. "What's my pin number for the Visa?"

There was a long pause and Tony smiled imagining the woman upstairs rolling her eyes in aggravation. "I don't know off the top of my head?" Pepper's voice was full of agitation and Tony grinned, he was always right. "It's in my Blackberry."

"Will you get it for me?" He said in his most pleading (whining) voice.

Pepper's answer was instant and forceful. "No."

Tony pulled himself up to full height and affected his best hick voice. "Woman, who is the boss around here?"

He paused expecting a furious response. However, a moment later a very angry and very pregnant Pepper waddled into his view at the top of the stairs. She didn't looked pissed, just annoyed. "Who's the one currently carrying 50 pounds of extra weight more commonly known as your child, Mr. Stark?"

Tony beamed, he loved being reminded that Pepper Stark, formerly Potts, was carrying his child. "Excellent point Mrs. Stark. To you I concede victory of this debate." Pepper's annoyed expression faded away and she smiled sweetly. Tony continued, "Now, where does your Blackberry happen to be, so I can remove much needed cash from my bank account."

Pepper was already waddling back to the master bedroom and she called over her shoulder. "It's in my office, top drawer on the right."

"Aye, aye," Tony called.


Tony pushed open the door to his wife's office. He didn't often come here but every time he did he enjoyed it. The room screamed Pepper and it always seemed far more comfortable and welcome than his own office. This feeling probably had nothing to do with the fact that their child may have been conceived on one of the surfaces of the room.

Smiling to himself, Tony began to rummage through the top drawer. Finally, he located her Blackberry and triumphantly flicked it on. He quickly maneuvered his way through the main menu and was soon browsing through Pepper's notes.

He casually skimmed through the names of each note before one name caught his eye. Top Secret. Tony's interest instantly peaked; he had to know what Top Secret meant. His fingers itched with the need to click the button and satisfy his burning curiosity. Well, his pin number would be Top Secret, so Pepper could have conceivably put it in that file. Tony, pleased that he had evaded any possible self-induced guilt trips, looked around the room and the clicked on the Top Secret file.

What appeared on the screen was titled "Pepper Pott's patented plan for not falling in love with Tony Stark". Tony quietly read through the four step plan, even the little part about selling her system. 'Well, she would've made a lot of money,' thought Tony to himself. He was in the middle of reading Pepper's pre-written draft of her apology letter to her last boyfriend, Oliver, when a voice interrupted him, just as he had gotten to her offer to repair Oliver's suit that had gotten torn in the little fight he and Tony had gotten into at the infamous party.

"Daddy! Daddy, where are you?" A moment later a small head peaked into the office. "Daddy!" The little girl at the door launched herself at Tony and was soon crawling all over him.

"Watcha doin' Daddy?"

Tony grinned at the small girl in his arms. She was the most beautiful child in the world. A perfect blend of her parents, she had her mother's hair and light complexion but she had her father's dark, mischievous eyes. She was brilliant, precocious, and just a little spoiled. To her father, she was the most wonderful child in the world.

Tony hugged his daughter closer to him. "Right now, Daddy is learning that Mommy has only made one mistake in her life. Do you want to know what the mistake was, Anna?"

The little girl pulled away from her father's chest and nodded, while simultaneously tapping on the metal on her dad's chest.

"Your Mommy underestimated how persistent your dad is."

The little girl looked up at Tony. "Persistent means annoying, doesn't it?"

Tony smiled and nodded in agreement. "I guess it does."

"I knew it." Anna paused and seemed to be considering something. "I think I know everything," she stated in a matter of fact tone.

Tony burst out in full-blown laughter. When he finally was able to breathe he gasped, "It runs in the family."

The girl said no more and continued to play with the glow from the reactor. Tony returned to the phone and, his curiosity satisfied, exited out of "Pepper Pott's patented plan for not falling in love with Tony Stark". He was in the middle of locating his pin number when Anna spoke up, with a look of panic on her face. "Daddy, didn't you say we could go to the toy store. If we don't leave now they will all be sold out soon!"

Tony rolled his eyes. "I know, sweetheart, that's what I'm trying to do right now." He found the number, wrote it down on a piece of paper, and stood up, lifting his daughter with him. "What I don't understand is why we have to buy an Iron Man action figure when you have the real life Iron Man in your house."

The girl wigged out of her dad's grip and took his hand before laughing, "Daddy, don't be so silly. You are too big to fit in my doll-house. How are you supposed to save all my dolls if you can't even fit into their city." She gave him a 'duh' look.

Grinning like fool, Tony answered, "Oh, of course, how stupid of me. I'm sorry."

Anna gave a care free-laugh, reminiscent of the man standing next to her. "It's okay Daddy, life isn't perfect."

Tony smiled and picked up his baby girl. "No, but I'd say it's pretty damn close."


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