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SHU Marauders

Who's Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone


"Potter" Lily raced to catch up with James. "I can't believe you talked me into this."

"Oh come on Lily, you'll have a blast. And anyway, you know you can't resist my charm and devilish good looks." He smiled at her and took one of her bags.

"In you're dreams," Lily responded.

"Every night my angel."

"Are we going to have to put up with this for the entire break?" whined Sirius.

"Padfoot, how long have you known them?" Remus said. "Then give me the answer."

"Oh Merlin. Lily just go out with him already and save us all from this torture!"

"Again, how long have you known them?"

"Oh, they'll get together eventually. They'll be married with children."

"Don't count on it Sirius." Lily said, glaring at Sirius.

"I wouldn't bet on it. Seriously." His fellow marauders shook their heads. Sirius and his serious jokes. Honestly!

The five friends boarded the Hogwarts Express and crammed in the first empty compartment they found. Sirius claimed a window seat with Remus and Peter next to him. James laid down across the other seat, leaving Lily standing and giving James the evil eye. When he didn't respond, Lily shoved his legs off of the seat, causing him to fall to the floor. Lily proceeded to gracefully sit down. She conveniently placed all of her bags on the seat next to her. James pouted, but made himself comfortable on the floor.

"I wish I could come with you guys," Peter whined once everyone had settled down. "I don't know why mother is making such a big deal out of this."

"Oh, don't worry about it, Wormtail. It's only two weeks." Sirius looked over at his friend and waved it off as nothing.

"But you guys are going to be having fun at the Potters' while I'm stuck all by myself!"

"You'll have your mother." Lily tried to sound reassuring.

The boys all gave her a "you're-kidding-me-right" look.


The boys shook their heads.

It was spring break of their Fifth year and James, Sirius and Remus, along with Lily were spending it at James' family house. It took weeks for James to finally convince Lily to come and he was ecstatic when she finally said yes. James was also kind of excited that Peter wouldn't be joining them because though they were friends, Peter always seemed to ruin James' romantic plans and he was hoping that over his break, Lily would finally say yes to being his girlfriend after five years of pursing her.

The nameless trolley lady pushed the candy cart up to the door to their compartment. "Do you want anything?"

James hurriedly got up from the floor to see what was left. Lily also got up and patiently waited for James to finish. James bought one box of exploding bon-bons, a few pumpkin pastries, and a cauldron cake. After paying for his purchases, he quickly turned around and, not noticing Lily (for once) he knocked into her, sending both crashing to the floor, with James on top.

Both just lay there in silence for a moment, not knowing what to do. James had a goofy grin on his face, so one could only imagine what he was thinking.

"Oh, Jamesie-Poo." Lily whispered with a smile.

"Yes, Lily pad?"

Peter closed his eyes. Sirius began gagging. Remus just gave a knowing smile.

"Get the bloody hell off of me."

"Maybe next time, Prongs." Sirius patted James on the back as he got up.

Remus pulled out a well worn notebook and a pen. He opened the notebook and perused its contents. He added another tally mark under Lily's name.

Sirius glanced at the notebook. "And the current score is?"

"Lily is winning -756 to 2."

"You know we can still hear everything you're saying..." James glared at his soon to be ex-friends.

"Uh... then don't listen."

The Hogwarts Express finally stopped at Kings Cross Station. They all said goodbye to Peter, who once again complained about not being able to join them and then he walked off solemnly with his parents. James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus then got into the Potter's car and drove to Potter Manor where they would be staying for the next two weeks. Once they arrived, the boys automatically started to discuss their options of activities for the next few days.

"We could always raid the kitchens." said Sirius excitedly.

"That would take all of what, 5 seconds?" James answered.

"Not if you are Sirius." Remus laughed.

Sirius opened his mouth to protest the comment but closed it and shrugged, realizing that what Remus said was true.

"We could prank the cooks!" James exclaimed.

"While we get food," said Sirius not giving up his battle.

Lily rolled her eyes, asking herself, for the millionth time, why she agreed to this.

"We could always create a giant mess for the house elves." James suggested.

"Oh not you don't! These house elves aren't here to clean up you're mess!" Lily exclaimed.

"Then what are they here for?" Sirius asked very seriously.


"Fine Lily, what do you want to do then?" James asked.

"Well, we could always spend some time in the library!" she suggested knowing that the Potter library was almost as big as the one at Hogwarts.

"Ummmm... No." Sirius spoke before anyone had the chance to agree, knowing that Remus loved book and well... James was whipped.

"Well, how about we play some Quidditch?" suggested James.

All three boys agreed. Lily groaned.

"But I don't play Quidditch." Lily protested, knowing very well that it wouldn't help her case any.

"Sorry Lils, three against one, you lose." Remus said.

"But I don't know how to play!"

"Then you'll learn! And I'll be the one to teach you." James said.

"I think I'll pass."

"But you have to play, otherwise the teams will be uneven." Sirius said.

"Fine, I'll play with Remus."

"Are you crazy? They'll devour us! No way! I'm playing with either Padfoot or Prongs!"

"Okay Lily, who's it going to be: me..." James said, striking a dashing smile, "or him" cocking his head towards Sirius.

"Hey I do have a name!"

"Fine, me or Sirius."

Lily stood there for nearly five minutes weighing her options. She looked back and forth between the two. Well, if I play with James, it might give him the wrong idea. Then again, he would be better than Sirius. Would I really want to put myself through that torture? But then again, agreeing to play with James would be like agreeing to marry him in James' mind. But... agreeing to play with Sirius might result in suicide on my end. She paused for a moment. Suicide's the better option.

"Fine, I'll play with Sirius," she said finally, almost regretting it immediately.

Sirius about fell over in shock. Remus just blinked. James was shooting flares at Sirius, how could he have taken his Lily away from him! That's okay, I'll just knock him off his broom when we're playing. There is no way he's stealing her from me. James thought, not realizing how ridiculous he sounded.

The boys finally finished teaching Lily how to actually play the game over an hour latter. James was still livid at Sirius, but knew that he would take his revenge on the field. They mounted their brooms and kicked off. Lily wasn't the best flier, but was definitely holding her own and even managed to score a few points after a rough start.

James and Remus on the other hand, were having a pretty great game. Remus had not fallen off his broom yet but nearly caused Lily to fly hers into a nearby tree. James had "accidentally" hit a Bludger in Sirius' direction that sent him flying, but fortunately he wasn't hurt and able to get right back up in the air. Sirius of course wasn't angry because he thought that it was all in the name of Quidditch, not realizing that James' anger was because he was playing with Lily. As the game continued, the skies were growing very dark.

"The Snitch!" James called racing after a little gold object with Sirius on his tail. It started raining very steadily and Lily was frantically trying to get they boys' attention.

"Guys, it's really coming down, let's go inside."

"LILY, you made me lose sight of the Snitch! Some partner you are!" Sirius whined, but it would have been worse if James didn't lose sight of it also.

"We've played in much worse than this!" Just as James said these words, a bolt of lightning shot to the ground as a rumble of thunder filled the air almost instantly after.

"Let's go in!" Sirius and James said together quickly dismounting their brooms.

The four friends ran into the house, soaked to the bone from the raging storm.

"Sirius, you look like a drowned rat!" laughed James.

"So are you calling e Peter now?"

"No, just saying you look like him."

"I resent that comment!" I am MUCH better looking than Wormtail, no matter how wet I am!"

James then performed a drying charm on them, which left Lily in a panic.

"James! How could you do that! We're not allowed to do magic outside of school, we'll be expelled !"

"Ummmm... Lily, we're in a wizarding household. As far as the ministry knows, it was my patents who cast that charm."

"I'll have to keep that in mind," she smiled evilly, which made the boys look at each other in terror.

"Well Lily," James said trying to get on her good side because Merlin knows what she was capable of, "what would you like to do?"

"Well, I would still like to go to your library," she suggested knowing what the outcome would be.

"WHAT! Lily, for the last time..." Sirius started before James jabbed him in the ribs causing him to gasp for breath.

"The library sounds great!" James said, and Remus (who liked the idea to begin with) nodded in agreement.

"Sorry Sirius, three verses one. You lose." Lily said in a mocking tone.

The four entered the library, Lily in awe of how big it was. She had heard that it was big but this was beyond her imagination. This was the first time she saw the Potters' library and even though the thought disgusted her, she would consider marrying James for this library alone.

The friends split up. James and Sirius were going to the Quidditch section (James' parents had it put in for him and his friends). Remus went off looking for books on Divination. He figured that though he didn't buy the concept, it would be good for a few laughs. And Lily just went around, looking at everything. She picked up some books for the potion section, but nothing really caught her interest. She was even surprised to find that there was a section that was completely devoted to Muggle literature. Then she went over to the section that was all about the Potter family, and there, seven books stood out from all the rest. She went over to them, pulled one of the shelf, and examined it.

"Hey James!" she called. A few seconds latter James, Sirius, and Remus were at her side.

"What is it Lily?"

"Who's Harry Potter?"