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As soon as they finished the chapter, Lily asked something that she had been dying to know since before they started reading, "So Remus, when did you learn how to act?"

"It's just something I've always been good at; I just don't usually let people know."

"Wait… earlier… that stuff about you and me… that was just acting?" Laughter was the only response to Sirius' question.

Chapter 7: The Sorting Hat

Then next afternoon the friends gathered again to read. It was another beautiful day, so the friends went outside.

"I can't wait to see what happens next!" said Sirius. It was still shocking to everyone how enthused he seemed about reading. Especially now that he knew Remus wasn't in love with him. That could have been… awkward.

"Who's turn is it?" Sirius asked, excitedly.

"Yours Padfoot." Remus smirked.

"Ooooo… I knew that."

"Sure you did."

"Awww… they would make such a cute couple!" Lily gawked.

"Maybe we should take bets on how long it will be before they get together." James laughed.

"Don't EVEN joke like that Lily! And James, you of all people! Some friend you are." Sirius exclaimed.

"Eww… someone can't take a joke."

"That wasn't funny!"

"No, that's payback." Lily smiled deviously.

"Okay, who has the book?" Sirius asked.

"YOU DO!" James and Remus said together.

Sirius looked down at his hand and realized that he did, in fact, have the book. Today was just not his day. He thought about commenting, but knowing how his luck was today, he thought it would be better for him just to keep his mouth shut… except for reading, of course.

He'd never been more nervous, never, not even when he had to take a school report home to the Dursleys saying that he had somehow turned his teachers wig blue.

"I want to turn my teachers wig blue!" exclaimed Sirius

"I can see it! McGonagall with blue hair! Priceless!" James smiled evilly.

"Do you think that Filch still has his cat?!?!"

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Remus

James and Sirius sung "Oh Mrs. Norris!"

"Don't torture that poor innocent cat!" Lily demanded

"There is nothing innocent about that cat!" Remus responded.

About twenty ghosts had just streamed through the back wall… glancing at the first years…

Harry looked upward and saw a velvety black ceiling dotted with stars. He heard Hermione whisper, "It's bewitched to look like the sky outside. I read about in Hogwarts A History."

All the boys grumbled at the words!

"It's Lily Jr." Sirius said rolling his eyes.

"What's wrong with Hogwarts A History!"

"Nothing Lil, really. It's just…" James started.

"It's boring!" Sirius cut in.

"Even I can't finish that book. I think the last time I tried I made it to page 2. Which is one page better then last time!" Remus said thoughtfully.

McGonagall came and got the first years, and in the fount of the entire school, she placed a black hat on a stool and it began to sing. This hat was how they would know which house they would be in. Harry was very nervous

What if he just sat there with the hat over his eyes for ages, until Professor McGonagall jerked it off his head and said there had obviously been a mistake and he'd better get back on the train?"

"Can that even happen?" asked Sirius.

"Honestly… if you read Hogwarts A History you'd know the answer, which is no."

"Lilypad, shut up." James said sweetly.

"And you wonder why I don't go out with you."

"Potter, Harry!"

The last thing Harry saw before the hat dropped over his eyes was the hall full of people craning to get a good look at him. Next second he was looking at the black inside of the hat. He waited…

Harry gripped the edges of the stool and thought, Not Slytherin, not Slytherin.

"Not Slytherin, eh?" said the small voice. "Are you sure? You could be great you know, it's all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness…"

"NOT SLYTHERIN!!!" All the boys exclaimed together, eagerly awaiting the sorting hats answer.

Lily secretly thought the same but didn't want to give the boys the satisfaction of her announcing it. She knew that if she announced it, they would bring up the fact that this story was a sign about their future, and she just couldn't believe that, no matter how many coincidences there may be.

"-no? Well if you're sure –better be –Gryffindor!"

"YES!!!!!" The four friends cried jumping up and down. James even grabbed Lily, lifted her off the ground and spun her around. Lily laughing.

Dumbledore got up and made a speech. When he made sat back down, "Harry didn't know whether he to laugh or not."

"Is he –a bit mad?"

"Yes, yes he is. That's why we love him." Remus laughed

"Here, here!" James agreed.

Harry, who was starting to feel warm and sleepy, looked up at the High Table again. Hagrid was drinking deeply from his goblet. Professor McGonagall was talking to Professor Dumbledore. Professor Quarrell, in his absurd turban, was talking to a teacher with greasy black hair, a hooked nose, and shallow skin.

The friends looked at each other as if they knew the description of the man but knew that it wouldn't be possible.

"Who's that teacher talking to Professor Quirrell?" he asked Percy.

"Oh, you know Quirrell already, do you? No wonder he's looking so nervous, that's Professor Snape."

"Snivellus/Severus is a teacher!" they all cried together.

After dinner, the entire school sang the school song.

"…and learn until our brains all rot."

"They really need to change that song." James said, flatly.

The others shook their heads and muttered, "Agreed."

Everybody finished the song at different times…. The Gryffindor first years followed Percy through the chattering crowds, out of the Great Hall, and up the marble staircase…. A bundle of walking sticks was floating in midair ahead of them, and as Percy took a step toward them they started throwing themselves at him….

"Go away, Peeves, or the Baron'll hear about this, I mean it!" barked Percy.

Peeves stuck out his tongue and vanished, dropping the walking sticks on Neville's head.

"Sounds like what happened to Wormtail." Remus said.

The friends laughed at the misfortune of their absent friend; absent both physically and mentally. But they didn't know any better, they would have thought that Neville had some relation to Peter.