Dreaming of You




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Final Chapter:

Like the first time

A year later, like what happened when she first stepped in the small town of Tomoeda, Tomoyo found her way on the secret place only her and Eriol knew. And like before, it was the end of the season of Fall so people were quite busy searching for Christmas gifts while the teenagers were on the amusement park.

After Eriol left, she decided to be back to Tokyo to be on her mother's side. She spent a year with her since she didn't know how to face Sakura. Of course, she didn't want her cousin to see that she was quite a mess without having Clow's reincarnation on her side. Moving on was indeed hard for her so to forget, she buried herself on work. Yesterday, she had arrived back to finally pay Sakura a visit and also to manage the branch of her store on the place.

Standing by the Cherry Blossom tree, she stared at the beautiful surroundings before her. She was glad that it never changed. Feeling the breeze caress her face then hair, she lifted up her hand to remove the hair on her face. That was when she realized that she was actually wearing a bracelet—the one Eriol had given her. After a long time, she decided to wear it again after Sakura handed her back the locket.

In a moment, she opened the locket, seeing the same picture of her and Eriol. Breathing in, she finally let her emotions rule over. She hummed the first notes of a song and finally sang its words.

So many answers,
Looking for the reason to believe
Search for what is real

So many reasons,
I try to find the one that fits my heart
Trust in what I feel

'Have I done the right thing?' Until that moment that was the question she had been trying to answer. Yes, her mind told her that but after Eriol left, she had been miserable. However, not even once that she tried to find another love.

You and I
we find ourselves not knowing who we are
Different worlds apart

'But shouldn't this be our ending?' Tomoyo argued on her mind. No matter what she did, inquires of him still come over. Thoughts of him never left her mind. 'He is a sorcerer. I am a human.'

Time will lead our way
Heaven's kindness is there for me
In my heart, you will always stay
Cause love won't let us be

Think of all the moments
Remembering the precious times we shared
The love we used to have

She sighed, and then decided to close the silver thing. It brought such memories back that she had cherished, but also with that, was the pain that was still etched on her heart.

If I see tomorrow not brave enough,
That it's not you and me
I'll learn to set you free

So afraid,
knowing that its time to say goodbye
Will i realize

That moment, she remembered the day she unwillingly rejected him—the pushed words she used that hurt both of them, the odd feeling she gave him and yet, those caring eyes that she failed to control. 'Come on Tomoyo. You did the right decision for him and Yuri.'

Feeling the wind blew harder, her mind shifted to the future. Will she be alright? Will she able to learn to love someone who was not in the person of Eriol Hiiragizawa? Fear cast upon her. She clung on him too much before and now her world seems falling apart.

Time will lead our way
Heaven's kindness is there for me
In my heart, you will always stay
Cause love won't let us be

With that, she let the tears pass by her face once again. After those cries she had shed when she heard that he left, she never thought that there were still some drops of tears that were left.

What i feel
Is something that no words can ever show
Its part of letting go

Time will lead our way
Heaven's kindness is there for me
In my heart, you will always stay
Cause love won't let us be
Love won't let us...... be

Closing her eyes, she remained in her position. She let the thoughts of him conquer her mind once again. But then a sudden surprise came upon her.

"What a sweet and angelic voice." That same line was given off by the same tone she had heard before.

Her amethyst eyes shot open. Her heart jumped, but she didn't look back since she didn't want to believe her senses. She thought it was impossible for him to be that moment. After all, she had already rejected him.

"It's just that the song was too sad." The man continued softly as he walked towards her. "And…" he paused, stopping his tracks as he reached her back. "Too bad that tears found its way on your cheeks once again."

Then she felt a warm hand touch her face from the back. It wiped her tears so she finally looked back, meeting the sapphire orbs that she didn't dream to see again. With that, she admitted to herself that she was longing for him.

"Eriol…" She mumbled his name sweetly, letting of her guard. She didn't care what her plan before was. What was important to her now was he was here.

Seeing the need on her amethyst eyes, Eriol didn't have second thoughts. He wrapped his strong arms on her slender waist, pulling her body into his. He felt the increasing beat of her chest, making him flash a genuine smile. "I miss you so much, Tomoyo."

The sweetness of his tone made her smile. With that, the girl placed her head safely on his chest. She treasured that moment of being on his arms once again for it has been a long time when he took her to his. Few moments of overflowing emotions have passed when Tomoyo looked up. "Why are you here?"

"Sakura-chan gave me a call yesterday." Eriol whispered as he thanked his friend on his mind. If it weren't for her overseas call, he wouldn't be holding Tomoyo that very moment.

Tomoyo then let her head back on his chest as she heard his answer. "She really good at reading minds, isn't?"

"You bet." He smirked, holding her tightly.

"So you mean you have just arrived now?" She said, concerned. She thought that he was a bit tired for that since his eyes were like needing sleep.

He shook his head then gave her another smile. "Not really. I just dropped my things off to Li-kun's place then decided to visit this place. And I really didn't expect that I'll find you here again."

Tomoyo giggled. But then in a second, Eriol's twin passed through her mind. She loosened his grip on him, knowing that what she might be doing that moment was wrong. Hesitation was on her face as she caught his gaze. "But… What about Yuri-kun? Does he—"

Immediately, Eriol put a finger on his lips, silencing her. "Ssshhh…" He said, pulling her back. He held her more tightly, but in a way that Tomoyo can still feel the warmth and security. He stared at her, searching deeply on her eyes. "You won't hurt him anymore. He had found the one for him in England.

"I'm glad." She softened her look, happy that everything finally turned alright.

"You know what…" Eriol started, placing his hand on the back of her head. He let her head place on his chest then he put his head on hers. "You never let me stop thinking of you."

"Hmm…?" She whispered, proving that she was listening to him. "Why?"

"My dreams…" He told her. Closing his eyes, he smelled her perfume and it began intoxicating him. "You are the only person containing my dreams."

Smiling, she replied. "Then it means you never stopped loving me. Like what I did."

"Really?" Eriol asked as he moved away a little but not breaking their embrace. He touched her chin, using it to lift up her face. He wanted to see her sincerity through her eyes. "Then will you let me be happy now?"

Tomoyo nodded.

"Then," He took a step back, leaving Tomoyo just stand to watch him. Kneeling down, he put his right hand on the pocket on his white pants and the other hand took hers. A small black box was already on his hand when Tomoyo predict on what will he do. He opened the black box, making her see a silver ring with an octagon shaped amethyst gem on it. It was exactly the same shade of Tomoyo's eyes.

In a second, Eriol took a deep breath and smiled. "Will you be mine forever?"

"I had been always been yours, Eriol Hiiragizawa. And you always will."






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