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Chapter Five - Facts

Sometimes myths and legends are easier to handle than the facts themselves.


That night, Kagome lay in her makeshift bed, waiting for everyone's breathing to level out. Once they did, she would be able to sneak out and go back home. Then maybe she could sort this whole thing out.

Looking across the room to where InuYasha was leaning against the wall, Kagome silently wondered if he was truly asleep. His chest rose slowly, evenly, but his ears still swiveled at any noise made, even if it was just Taru's soft snoring. But she didn't want to just wait around for a real sign that he was asleep. She didn't have that kind of time to waste. For all she knew, he would awake the moment she was out the door and come charging after her!

After a few moments, however, she decided it was safe enough and started out the door.

Long fingers curled tightly around her wrist, yanking her back into a hard body.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" he demanded in a rough whisper as his arm swung around to wrap around her waist firmly. "If you think I'm stupid enough to let you run off, you've got another think coming."

Stiffening at the tone of his voice, she forced herself to relax. Anger quickly fought out the fear she had over the fact that he was much stronger than her. "InuYasha, you can't expect me to stay here just because you've got some crazy idea in your head that I'm your Mate. My family is beyond that well, not to mention my life, my friends, my home…."

There was no hesitation in his voice when he immediately retorted, "You're home is here, with your Mate! And I know you're my Mate because none of this would make sense otherwise! Why the fuck would I keep saving you if you weren't?!"

"Twice is not a pattern of saving me!" she hissed venomously, letting it drip from her tone.

"You've been here for two fucking days, and I've had to save you two fucking times! I think that would be a pattern!"

"Damnit, half-breed! It's the middle of night; let her go!" Taru's booming voice came from behind the hanyou, who unhurriedly glared over his shoulder at the warrior. "Have you no thought towards her reputation here?"

InuYasha snapped his teeth at him for that. "I'm her Mate, asshole."

"That means very little to humans. To them, she is a miko, a pure being. You have no business waking her up in the middle of the night to do whatever you were planning."

Arms falling from Kagome, InuYasha clenched his hands into tight fists as he slowly turned towards the human. "I'll repeat myself only once; I'm her fucking Mate."

Taru simply waved the statement off, chuckling slightly. "As if a miko could be a Mate to a youkai. Not to mention a half-breed." As InuYasha took a threatening step forward, Taru's mocking demeanor instantly vanished as he brought one hand to the hilt of the sword at his waist. "Try it, hanyou, and I'll have your head off your shoulders before you can take your next breath," he said quietly in warning.

Something in Kagome made her rush to put herself between the two men, pressing her body firmly into InuYasha's as she faced Taru before she knew what she was doing. She scowled at him while spreading her arms protectively, though she was still a bit too short to actually block any attack on the amber-eyed man's head. "Don't you dare, Taru," she snarled lethally, surprising herself with how dark her voice sounded, even to her own ears.

Taru stiffened, his hand leaving his weapon. He quickly straightened out of his slightly crouched pose, glowering at InuYasha over her head as he began to chuckle.

The sound of the hanyou's unexpected laughter made her realize exactly what she had just shown by placing herself in front of him openly and without hesitation. Her body was rigid when she twisted to also glare at InuYasha.

His smug, satisfied smirk told her everything she needed to know. But that didn't stop him from speaking the words.

"Told ya you're my Mate."

Her soft screech of annoyance and fury rang through the tiny hut, though it seemed nothing could wake the exhausted Kaede. She lay atop her small futon in an awkward, curled up position. She twitched in her sleep, but gave no sign of waking.

Taru, furious, growled, "You can't expect a human to give up her life because you're delusional! What if she doesn't want to be your Mate? Hmm? What then, half-breed? Are you going to force her into a mating she doesn't want?"

InuYasha stiffened at that, his ears flattening on his head. After a moment of tense silence, he ground out, "I wouldn't force my Mate into anything!" With that, he tried to leap around Kagome to attack the human.

Somehow anticipating this move, the priestess tried to move in the pathway, but something at the back of her mind stopped her. Stay back; he won't be hurt. A part of her froze as she asked it, Yeah, but which one are you talking about?

Our Mate. There's no need to interfere. He will be all right.

Shaking her head, unable to trust that some part of her actually believed that she was InuYasha's Mate. She wasn't even part youkai, for crying out loud! How was she supposed to be something humans could never be?

Though she had always believed youkai and mikos to be nothing but myth, she had heard legends meant to teach the morally corrupt to turn a different cheek, though it probably didn't even work. Of course, now that she thought about the stories, they all seemed to ring true in their own way.

Such as the man who had been ripped apart limb by limb by a demon after the man had helped the youkai's Mate commit adultery. Or when the woman who had lied to a youkai, who were supposedly unable to lie and loathed those who did.

Quite suddenly, Kagome felt someone grab her arm in a soft touch, obviously feminine. Turning away from the dueling pair, though it seemed as if they were content with just insulting each other between punches, she saw Kaede with a drowsy look on her face.

"Shh," the old woman murmured. A small smile played on her lips. "Go to your world, Kagome. They will be fighting for quite awhile. Take your chance."

Not quite believing the sly look on the older woman's face, Kagome began to stutter, drawing InuYasha's sensitive ears towards the two women for a brief moment before he was back to attacking Taru.


Hurriedly, Kagome rushed from the hut, hoping that InuYasha wouldn't again follow her to her home. She didn't know if her family could take another surprise like that!

She knew she would have to explain—no matter how insane she sounded—what had happened. Perhaps they wouldn't throw her into an institution. But she could only really hope. Who would believe that a fifteen year old girl fell down a well into a different time period and became the supposed Mate of a half-demon that was pinned to a tree for fifty years by a priestess that happened to be the original owner of the fifteen year old's soul?

Thinking back to her grandfather, she decided that it wasn't such a long shot. He believed in sacred sutras and the like, so why wouldn't he believe in time travel or enchanted arrows? Heck, he'd probably be the only one to say that she could stay living at home!

She suddenly found herself standing before the well, a shiver running through her at the feeling of awareness. She swung around, sure that someone was watching her. When she saw no one, she began to silently curse her stupidity. No one is going to be watching you. Why would they? To them, you're just another girl who happens to be staring at an old well. Stop being so paranoid.

Ignoring the voice inside her head, she silently fell into the well, the weightless feeling clutching at her stomach, making her queasy for the smallest moment.

Finally landing on her own side of the well, she let out a sigh of relief and quietly made her way out of the well.


One detail caught InuYasha's nose: the origin of Kagome's scent was no where to be found. It was no longer in the hut—or anywhere close to it—making an instantaneous flash of protectiveness sweep through him. How had she gotten away from him? What if she was in danger?!

The need to have her near overwhelmed his senses, making him forget about his fight with the annoying ningen. As he raced out of the hut without a word, something snapped within him. The first piercing feeling of fear nearly doubled him over. There were thousands of scenarios of what could be happening to her running through his mind, making him frantic. His youkai blood raced past the human, ready to knock heads in if they dared lay a hand on his Mate.

An almost silent squeak caught his attention, his heart beating faster. She was in trouble. Something was wrong! His breathing halted when her scent nearly vanished.

If he had thinking straight, he wouldn't have become so furious. If he had been thinking clearly, he would have remembered what had happened the first time she went down the well to her own time.

If he had been thinking clearly, he would have known better than to go charging after her in full rampage mode.


Kagome gave a sigh of relief when her mother nodded her head to the girl's suggestion. If they could just wait until morning for explanations, everything would be fine. All Kagome needed was a little rest and some down time. Then they could figure out what to do in their situation.

Gramps had come home almost immediately after Kagome had taken off with the nearly rabid InuYasha. He had searched through some of the "history" books—that seemed to be truer than they had ever before—that he kept around the house and looked up anything and everything to do with youkai mating.

He had marked pages in a dozen books, informing her to read everything that was highlighted.

Now, almost two hours since then, she had finished the last one. It had probably been the most descriptive of the articles, and it made her throat burn as she swallowed. Was all this true? Were these the actual facts of what InuYasha actually expected of her?

She looked down at the page once more, inhaling sharply. Words burst into her mind, making her cringe slightly in fear.

The Book of Youkai was definitely not something a fifteen year old girl—who was a supposed Mate of a hanyou—would want to read.


Youkai—and thus, hanyou—kind are very animal-like creatures. Their instincts are near perfection, they have more strength than humans, and some can even shape-shift. Unfortunately, this is also why it was hard for humans and demons to live in the same world. While youkai thought humans to be weak, useless things that could easily be thrown away, humans began believing that demons were nothing but barbaric creatures that were no different than their animal cousins and should be treated as such.

And when mating, they were.

A youkai having a human mate was almost unheard of, though not completely. There were even a few well-known human women (see Chapter Twelve, Historic Moments) that became youkai mates. Almost all the records, however, have been destroyed of how the mating affected the women. Fortunately, family journals have been given to me for my research, so I can give my readers the best view into this terrifying experience.

While demons can be calm and cool, when their primal/instinctual side is awakened, they are not known for being anything less than rabid.

This is the same for mating. From the records I have recovered, human women have nearly died with their youkai "husband" and are traumatized for life from the first "marking".

"My husband is a kind man; I would not have let him do such a thing to me otherwise," one writes. "But I would never go back to that moment again in my life. He was no longer who I had known him to be. His eyes flashed blood red, lacking any humanity, as he attacked me. I had been prepared for pain, but it was more than I had been lead to believe!

"I do not believe he didn't care as I cried out, but I don't think he could hear me. He continued for hours—as did the pain—until finally he was spent. I thought that was the end. Suddenly, though, his eyes narrowed on my throat as if he would like nothing more than to taste the blood there. I fought to get away, but my youkai would not let me go.

"He held me down as he bit into my neck, ripping at the skin there. I screamed and thrashed, but it didn't stop him; he lay atop me, digging his teeth slowly deeper until my vision grew hazy and I could no longer feel anything. Then he pulled away, lapping at the wound. I remember clearly that he begged for forgiveness as my wounds healed too quickly, making me gasp. We lay there until morning, all the while not saying anything. I haven't been able to move since then, my body refusing to listen. Even now I can barely the pen to paper."

I must thank, before I forget, this woman's family, though I have been asked not to give any names. This is the oldest article I could find on such a topic and it was very insightful.

Kagome stared at the page, horrified all over again. Would InuYasha do such a thing to her? Surely this woman was dramatizing it. After the way InuYasha had been acting, there was no way he could hurt her so much himself. Could he?

She shuddered at the thought. He could. It would be so very easy to him. He probably wouldn't even think about it when he did it. If the woman who had written this hadn't been lying, Kagome was in deeper than she had ever believed possible.

Shuddering, she slammed the book closed, tossing it to the other side of her room. She looked to the clock beside her bed, noting that it was almost dawn. She should get some sleep. If she didn't, there was no way she'd be able to go to school the next day.

Rising from her spot, her eyes drifted to where the book had fallen. It had landed with both covers on the floor, the pages flipped open to one called "Legends". Curiosity ate at her for a few moments. She'd always loved to hear the legends of times passed and relate them to things in her own life. Maybe there would be something worthwhile in there.

Skimming the passages, her eyes caught "Triumph". Hmmm. This one looks really good.

Picking up the book, she flopped down on her bed, glad she had taken her shower and changed clothes. Her hair fell, still damp, onto the page, making a circle around the name--

Boom! Her window fell in with a resounding sound, the only thing stopping her from screaming the clawed hand the swiftly covered her mouth. She stared up at dark yellow/orange eyes that were slowly returning to their usual gold. His white hair surrounded them both as he leaned dangerously close to her.

"What the fuck did you think you were doing, leaving like that?! What if something had happened, huh?!" he demanded in a low hiss. Instead of allowing her to respond, he continued vehemently. "You're lucky I've had however damn long to calm down! When you yelped in the fucking well, I just about killed someone!"

She froze as several things hit her at once. One, he had waited outside her window for as long as she'd been home. Two, he still wasn't calmed fully down after that whole time. Third, his hand was resting really closely to her most private part, and the sensation was making her tingle.

As most girls her age had begun doing, Kagome had found her mind wandering to sex for several months now. The standard questions were there, of course, such as who would be her first, what would it be like, was it really up to all the hype. But after reading some erotic novels, she began wondering about…dirtier ways than the usual.

Other questions had slowly begun to arise within her mind. One of the most prominent was what it would be like to be taken. Not raped, but…the man did all the work. What would that be like?

And it was the position she was in now. InuYasha's weight bore her own into the bed, one hand tight on her upper thigh while the other kept her from saying a word. He was glaring at her darkly, not at all sexually, but that didn't change her reaction. Her body heated as the unfamiliar rush that she had read meant something like lust rode through her, causing her body to tense.

His eyes widened for a moment, a slight blush coming to his face. He glanced down at his hand, taking in the sight of his hand almost fully engulfing her slender hip. The tips of his claws reached up to her belly button, he noticed. His thumb, however, just barely stopped itself from being inappropriate. When his eyes caught hers once more, they flared, both his hands flattening on either side of her on the bed. A low growl rumbled through him as he leaned down, his face centimeters from hers.

Her scent, coming from the very center of her, was driving him mad. It was the perfect blend of ripe peaches and innocent flowers. The word innocent hung in the human part of him, reminding him that she was fragile. He would have to disregard his youkai side's demands of a fast mating if he wished for her to stay with him.

Which she would. After this, he wouldn't let her go so much as three feet away from him.

Her body soon hit the bed until she was lying down, looking up at him with her large, cerulean eyes. His mind blanked out for a moment as hunger ate at him. His hands wandered to her ribcage before feathering down to her hips. She was young, he knew, and not fully developed. But, damn, her curves were already dangerous…anything more, and he would be beating off other men constantly.

However, he couldn't make himself mind.

His face descended once more, ready to take her lips.

Her eyes wide as she watched his movements, she pressed her hands against his chest, trying to push him back. Something on his shoulder had…moved. Not like a bug but…oh, no.

It was another hair.


Yura absently played with the hair twining around her fingers, sighing. The hanyou was definitely not being very fun. She had watched as he followed after his Mate, shaking her head. He was so predictable, even if his portal was not. He would, of course, go to save his precious woman. She would trap him when he returned.

There was, after all, a way past all barriers.

Hair could go through most barriers, whether they be spiritual or not. So there was no way for the half-breed to stop her.

Ah, how she would love to watch his eyes glaze over as she killed his ningen Mate. Sadness would quickly turn to rage before the real fun could begin. She simply couldn't wait.

Humming to herself, she was pulled from her almost sleepy reverie by a sharp tug on the hair. Bolting upright, she gave a jerk towards her, surprised when it resisted. Oo, this could get interesting, she thought with a wry twist of her lips.

With a few movements of her fingers, she watched as hair flew past her and into the old well, ready to attack the hanyou and ningen. It would not kill either of them; that would ruin her fun. No, it would simply bring them to her so she could do the honors herself.

Stupid half-breed. You have just given your woman over to me.


InuYasha rose off of Kagome reluctantly, watching her hand as it moved over something. Confusion captured him, until a single drop of blood rolled off her hand. At the smell, he snarled, instinctively grabbing her to pull him protectively into his chest.

She struggled, muttering that he had to let her go. "It's the hair again, InuYasha!" She pulled fully out of his arms, going to the opening where her window had been. She pointed out, her finger stretching into the darkness outside. "There! It's coming from the well!" Starting to go out the window, she didn't seem to care that it was a long way to the ground.

As she tensed to leap, InuYasha wrapped an arm around her waist and pushed off, landing just in front of the well house. By this time, the noise seemed to have awakened someone in the house, because lights began switching on in several rooms.

Knowing he had very little time before her whole family would be stampeding outside, InuYasha burst into the well house, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. But Kagome still gasped frantically in his arms, digging her face into him just as something slammed him back outside, pinning him to the ground.

With his arms wrapped around her, he couldn't do much, so he was forced to let her go to slash blindly at the air. It felt like things were constantly giving way beneath them, but still he could see nothing.

Kagome was shouting commands at him as they made it back into the hut, pointing this way and that. She could see whatever was going after him? But why didn't it stop? Whatever it was should have died by this time.

"You've to cut this hair! This one right here!" she said, waving at the air. Seeing nothing, his ignorance must have shown on his face because she grabbed something and seemed to pull it down, saying, "Cut right here!"

With a downward strike, it fell away. Kagome gave a squeak of triumph. So it was finally dead, huh? Hadn't been too hard.

She glared at him suddenly, vengeance clear on her face. "You put my family in danger, bringing that here! If anything had happened to them, it would have been your fault!" Stomping to glare up at him, she snarled, "Don't you ever bring another demon here again! My family isn't used to fighting that way you are! They would have been killed in a second, tops!"

He didn't understand her fury. Wasn't a Mate supposed to be joyous when the other was around? He'd noticed among other demons that the females seemed almost lost without their male around; why hadn't she been?

Leaning down to see if there was any sign of happiness—or lingering sadness—in her eyes, his nose caught the scent that still clung to her from their earlier…er…escapades. His gut twisted, his body hardening tightly. Damnit, if he didn't mate her soon, he was going to go insane! She smelled so…delectable. He couldn't help but flash his incisors at her dangerously, making her eyes widen. Though she tried to back away, he pulled her back to him with his hands on her upper arms, saying quietly, "You smell so damn good," before burying his face in her neck to take in all of her delicious scent.

She pushed futilely against his chest in fear. He had guessed she would. Youkai mating wasn't exactly as…harmless as human.

Just as her struggles stopped, just as he opened his mouth to dig his fangs into her throat to mark her, her name was shouted from somewhere behind them. Rage arose within him. Yet another distraction. Damnit, once he got her back home, he would take her into the damned forest, far away from any humans or demons. Not even that idiot Taru would find them.

She pushed away from him, running past him to her home and straight to her mother, who couldn't have been able to see anything.

Soon, after he'd shoved down his anger when she disappeared into the house, Kagome returned to his side, a small yellow bag on her shoulder. She glared at him.

"Mama thought we might need some of this stuff."


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