Teen Titans: All That I've Got

Chapter Two: Once Again

Raven awoke to the bright shining of the sun through the window above her bed. She felt strange, but in a good way. It felt like something had been lifted. She postitioned herself near the edge of the bed in preparation of levitating (as usual) to her mirror. Raven stood up to levitate and quickly fell onto her hands and knees. Baffled, she stared down at the carpet. 'What's going on?', she thought. Raven stood on her feet and walked over to her mirror. She leant close to observe the jewel on her forehead. It was dull and colorless. 'I've lost my powers?... How is that?...', she thought for a moment about how it felt to be without them. All of the simple emotions that she had to sacrifice to maintain control over her abilities where now up for grabs. Raven saw new possibilities with this loss of power. 'I can be normal'.

Suddenly Raven was experiencing a new wave of feelings and emotions. She looked out the window from in front of her mirror. She thought of Robin and the connection they shared. It made her feel happy that she experienced that. Then Raven thought of how things were now, 'It's all over...'. She let out a slow sigh. 'But it was so perfect. How could that be wrong?'. She looked back up at the mirror only to notice the trail of a tear running down her cheek. 'Tears...', she thought, 'I'm crying...'

She felt like she had to tell someone about losing her abilities. One person to put her trust in. She also felt that this person had to be Robin. He was the only person that she had ever opened up to and she rationaled her choice with the notion that she'd be most comfortable telling him about it. 'But how?', she thought. She looked in the mirror for a while. Thinking. '...I know...'


The scene was a packed circus tent. As he looked over everything it was hazey and dim, dry and colorless. Like a long lost and faded memory... or an eerie nightmare. A young Dick Grayson, Mother, and Father stood above everything. The main gig of the act was that there was no net. Everything had to be perfect. A low baritone voice boomed out over the entire tent, "Ladies and Gentlemen... The Flying Graysons!!..." Robin lead the trio. He looked back at his mother and father. They simply nodded. He knew what to do.

...One deep breath in... Two steps foward... Jump... The main trick to falling is trying to trust that the bar is right there below you. Just open your eyes... but... it wasn't there. Panic... and then... a voice...


He recognized it. 'Where are you, Raven?', he thought.

Then again, "Robin... Wake up..."

'Wake up?', he thought. 'It's another dream?'

Suddenly the people, the tent, and his parents were gone and he was right back in his bedroom. He opened his eyes to see Raven standing over him. She smiled just a little.

"Hey...", She said. She seemed a little unsure of herself.

Robin was confused now, "Uh... hey".

She began to whisper, "I know this seems pretty strange. Just meet me on the roof in ten minutes". She turned and quietly walked out of the room.

'Ten minutes? What's going on?', Robin thought.


Raven stood and looked out from the top of Titan Tower at the morning sky. She felt strangely peaceful here. It was as if the void left by her loss of her powers was filled by a plethora of new feelings. Footsteps were heard coming from the elevator.

"Raven, is everything okay? What's wrong?", Robin asked as he stood next to her.

"I've lost my powers", she said still looking out at the morning sky. "I don't know what to do. I'm scared. What if they never come back? What if I have to leave? What can I do here without my powers?"

"You're not going anywhere", Robin said as he took her hand.

Raven looked down to see his hand holding hers. She just stared, "...but"

"But nothing. I'm not going to let it come to that. We'll figure out what's wrong with your powers", he said still holding her hand in his. Robin stood. Knowing how he felt, but knowing not what to do about it.

Raven wrapped her arms around him, "Robin...". She didn't know if she should ask or not. The question had been lingering in her mind for so long. She had to know. And she had to know now. She timidly forced the words out, "Robin... do you still... have any feelings?...Am I... Am I your anything?..."

"Raven, I feel like I've been running", he looked out at the ocean. "... I haven't forgotten anything. In fact... I can't quit thinking about it". He looked back at Raven.

She just smiled, "...Robin..."

They closed their eyes and pressed their lips together. All the tension, ambiguity, and lovesick feelings were gone now. And the one feeling that they each longed for was back. When the moment approached it's end Raven eased back and opened her eyes.

"What about Starfire?", she asked.

Robin looked away in thought, "I'm going to tell her the truth"

Raven widened her eyes, "What?"

"I'm going to tell her that I'm in love with somebody else", he said still looking out.

Raven kept her arms around Robin. She rested her head on his chest and looked out at the ocean as well. "Are you sure?", she asked queitly.

"If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that I'm in love with you", he said, still watching the waves.

End of Chapter Two

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