As Ed stared down into the barrel of the gun aimed at his head. He realized, somewhere, somehow, his night had taken a crazy turn. After all, wasn't he supposed to be the vampire hunter? Wasn't he the one the dangerous people in the dark were supposed to fear?

"I said, give me your money!" the grubby looking man demanded waving the gun at his nose.

"Yea, I heard you the first time." Ed replied, calmly annoyed. He up at the fire escape above them. Rae had emerged from the shadows. She threw a lean leg over the iron railing of the fire escape.

"Look here guy….." the man ground out impatiently.

"Are you afraid of Ninja's?" Ed interrupted, looking amused.

"God damn it!" The man cried, waving his gun in crazed irritation. "Look! You fucking fruitcake, I am robbing you, I am threatening your life." The man was talking to Ed like he was a retarded frog-monkey.

Rae stepped off the side of the fire escape, caught herself with a hand on the bottom of the iron platform, and silently dropped to the ground a few feet behind the robber.

Ed pursed his lip in impatience.

"Just give me your money or I'll fucking shoot you okay?" The man twitched in aggravation. .

Ed sighed. "Oh alright". He fumbled around in his pocket before producing his wallet, which he thrust at the robber.

The filthy man then turned to run off down the street, but halted immediately. He had come face to the shining edge of Rae's blade.

The man gawked in disbelief.

"Drop. The gun." Rae said calmly, twitching her foot in anticipation.

The gun was dropped to the cement. The robber groaned. This was not how his night was supposed to be! Behind him, Ed grinned triumphantly.

"The wallet." Rae prompted.

The wallet landed on the alley floor next to the gun.

"Now run." She emphasized he order by grazing his throat with her sword.

The man sprinted away as if his ass were in a fire.

"Haha! Fucker!" Ed taunted as the man's figure disappeared.

Rae knelt and removed the clip from the gun. She then proceeded to tuck the gun into the back of her black jeans and slide the ammo into her pocket.

"What a dick." Ed complained, scooping up his wallet.

"Takes one to know one." Rae stated.

Ed smiled sardonically, and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Rock's.

The bar was a dark place with low hanging lights were appeared dim through the clouds of cigarette smoke.

Rock's was bar bait. It was his job to look drunk and eyeball the place for a possible vampire. He took his job very seriously, so seriously that he was actually on his fourth beer. Not because he actually wanted to be an easy kill, but because he was bored, lonely and really had nothing else to do but sit there and drink.

In his pocket, his phone vibrated.

He pulled it out and flipped it open, "Talk to me." Was his lazy greeting.

"Nothing?" Ed asked, scuffing his shoe on pavement.

"Nada, man." Rock's replied, miserable. "Can we head home. Elle said she was making another cheesecake…"

"…" Ed Paused, lowered his phone and looked at Rae. "Elle's makin' cheesecake."

Rae put her sword back in it's holster. Her mind was made up. "Let's go home."

Ed lifted the phone back to his ear. "Meet you at the car."

Ed shut his phone, only to have it begin ringing in his palm. He could see the words 'Home' on his phone's screen.

Elle was calling him.

He immediately opened his phone and lifted the receiver to his ear.

"What's wrong?" He demanded.

"I don't have any makeup!" Elle screeched. He could hear her rummaging through things, opening drawers only to huff and slam them shut again. "I am nineteen years old, why don't I have any makeup?!"

"Ugh-" Ed didn't have time to articulate his confusion.

"It's just, it's ridiculous…" She slammed shut another drawer. "I'm going to the mall tomorrow! You're taking me to the mall."

"Ohhh…kay." Ed knew better than to argue with her when she was like this, though in complete honesty, he had never in his life heard her like this.

"I don't have any Bra's either! What is that about? They have this new one, I saw a commercial for it, it makes you an entire cup-size bigger--"

"Elle." Ed said her name in with absolute misery. "I don't have tit's, I don't care."

"Yea, but guys like big boobs don't they?" She asked, and he could have swore he heard paper towel crumpling in the background.

"Did you play with the chemicals under the sink or something?" Ed demanded.

He heard a knock in the background.

"Oh! They're here, you need to come home, they're here." Elle whispered into the phone anxiously.

"Who's there?" Ed's tone had become darker.


"Elle. Who's there?!"


"What!?" Ed had officially entered panic mode.

"And Kevin, and Abby… they umm, they were… their house was… attacked.." She said the word attacked so delicately. "I told them they could come stay here."

"You what?" Ed heard more knocking through the phone.

"I have to go. Come home soon, ok?" Elle hung up.

The dial tone assaulted his ear. His eyebrows shot up.

"She's lost her mind." Ed ranted, pulling his keys from his pocket. "She has lost her mind!"

Elle bounced up and down in an anxious panic. This action only messed her hair up and wrinkled her nightshirt… nightshirt! Pink nightshirt with little hearts on it!!! Suddenly she was horrified, she looked down, she was still in her nightshirt and shorts! She hadn't even changed her cloths!

"Hello!!!" She heard Abby yell from the other side of the door.

Elle's bare feet smacked onto the hardwood floor, she stopped bouncing.

She could do this, she could answer the door, it was no big deal. Why, hello King, yes… oh this, what I'm wearing, yea I usually wear a skimpy lace nighty, not this… why am I wearing this? Oh, it's laundry night, of course. He would never believe it.

Her shoulders slumped in defeat. She padded over to the door and opened it, she stared at the group of sweaty, panicked people on the other side. Her eyebrows furrowed, a displeased pout on her lips.

They were more surprised to see her than she was to see them.

"Come in." She pulled the door all the way open, and stepped aside.

Abby ushered Zoe and Dex in, Kevin and King followed,. Elle couldn't even bring herself to look up at King, she was too embarrassed. She chose to stare at her toes as she pushed the door shut and locked it.

After a minute she looked up and gave everyone a sad look.

"Are you hungry?" Elle might not have been able to answer the door looking like a super model, but she could at least feed them, and give them some pillows and blankets to sleep with.