Author's Note: This is a little something I felt compelled to write after reading a short one shot about Yami being held by Yugi's mom.

Its nothing fancy, but I feel its worth putting up for people to look at. Also, Happy Mother's day!

...And I don't own Yugioh, but if I did, Yami would've met Yugi's mom at least once.

A mother's love

Violet eyes blinked in a futile attempt to keep out the rain as the spiky haired teen they belonged to slowly made his way home.

The tiny water droplets were coming down in buckets; their united efforts mirroring a cascading waterfall. One that would surely wreck havoc on the teen's hair.

School had ended for the day, and Yami, always on the look out for his young charge, had insisted on taking control of Yugi's body when he noticed the heavy rainfall outside the window of his Aibou's classroom.

Now some selfish thought in the back of his mind was wondering if this was such a good idea.

Yami sighed as he pushed away a golden bang that was plastered to his face and turned to risk a glance at the darkened sky above.

His efforts were rewarded with a big, fat raindrop right smack dab on his nose.

"Lovely. I'm already soaking wet and now I'm probably going to get a bad cold."

"Yami? Are you talking to yourself again?"

The voice that had spoken was coming from the right, though Yami couldn't make out any figures in the steady downpour.


"Who else would it be? The Easter Bunny?"

"...The what?"

"Never mind. So, you okay?"

"I'm fine. A little soaked to the bone, but I'm still standing."

"That wasn't what I meant. I notice you talk to yourself a lot. Any particular reason why?"

It took Yami a moment to answer.

He didn't realize anyone was listening in on him, let alone asking why he did such a strange thing.

"...Its a bad habit from when I was still in the Puzzle. Being alone for so long does strange things to you, Aibou"

"Well, you're not alone anymore, are you?"

Yami couldn't help but smile at his twin's words.

"No, Yugi, I'm not."

"Good. Now let's get home. Mom's probably wondering where we are."

"Wondering where you are anyway." replied Yami to himself, once he felt Yugi exit out of their mental connection. "She doesn't even know I exist."

Yami was still thinking about that sad little truth when he walked in the front door of Yugi's house.

He couldn't help it.

Not knowing who you were and where you came from were more important tragedies, but it wouldn't be so bad to have a mentor to talk to every now and then.

"I'm home!" cried Yami as he tossed Yugi's soggy backpack to the floor and proceeded to kick off his twin's shoes.

"About time!" replied a female voice from the kitchen down the hall. "I was getting ready to call the police!"

Yugi's mother soon appeared, her soft, hazel eyes showing surprise at the sorry state her supposed son was in.

"Yugi, sweetie, why did you leave the house without an umbrella?" she sighed, a hand running through her short, light brown hair in silent frustration. "I told you it was going to rain today, didn't I?"

Yami didn't know how to respond, so he just stood there staring at the puddle his wet clothes were creating on the floor.

"You want me to take over?" asked a voice in the teen's mind. "I can if you want."

"No, I..."

Yami frowned.

There was something his subconscious wanted him to do, but what?

"Well, you'd better hurry up and say something, 'cause my mom's giving you a really weird look."

Snapping back to reality, Yami found a feminine hand waving itself in front of his face.

"Yugi, are you in there?" asked the boy's mother, head tilted in concern.

"Yeah, he's in here all right."

Yami simply nodded in reply.

"Good. Now go up to your room and change. I'll bring you some hot chocolate in a few minutes."

"Uh, sure thing, mom."

"...Mom." mused Yami as he promptly darted up the stairs. "Such a strange word and yet..."

The teen sighed as he stepped into his twin's room and closed the door behind him.

"Somethings bugging you, isn't it?"

Yami blinked as he found a transparent Yugi standing in front of him.

"Where'd you get a crazy idea like that, Aibou?"

"The same place you keep your diary. You really shouldn't leave such personal things out where people can find them."

"I didn't."

Yami frowned."Yugi, have you been going through my Soul Room?"


That and the hint of guilt drifting over the mind link was all the proof Yami needed.

"I keep out of your belongings, don't I?" he snapped. "So why are you going through mine?"

"Because you've been sulking!" replied Yugi, his tone showing that he wasn't going to back down. "Don't try and deny it. Now, what's wrong?"

Yami sighed.

There was no sense in hiding the truth any longer.

"Your mom is really nice, Aibou. Makes me wonder what mine was like."

"You mean, you don't remember?"

"Yugi, you gave me a name because I didn't know my own. Do you honestly think I would remember my own mother if I couldn't even remember who I was?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right, but I thought..."

"Thought what? Thought the strange little spirit that popped out of your Puzzle wasn't as alone as he claimed? Sorry to break it to you, kid, but life isn't all puppies, rainbows and dandelions."

"You know, Yami, you can be really mean when you want to be."

That did it.

Yami felt the wave of remorse wash over him; instantly drowning the teen in an invisible sea of misery.

"Sorry, Aibou; I, I shouldn't have snapped at you like that."

"You're right; you shouldn't have, but I'll still forgive you."

Yugi suddenly glanced down at the ground. "Now would you mind getting changed? You're leaving a puddle on my floor."

"Oh, uh, sure."

Ten minutes later, Yami was lying on his twin's bed and staring up at the skylight window in the ceiling.

With his legs crossed and arms resting behind his head, Yami appeared the human embodiment of perfect content.

If only that were the case.

Yami had been watching the approaching darkness of night, but he was also lost in thoughts about his generous little host.

Yugi had kindly loaned Yami one of his black shirts and a pair of jeans, saying he could even keep them if he wanted.

"You need more clothes to wear then just my boring school uniform. Sure, it looks good on you, but I think some of my other clothes will look so much cooler."

Yami smiled wistfully at the recent memory.

Yugi was only trying to make him feel better, Yami could tell, but the fact remained that he was a stranger in a strange world; one that Yami didn't really understand.

The teen glanced up as he heard a knock at the door.

"Sweetie, are you dressed?" asked Yugi's mother from the other side.

"Yeah." he answered, already preparing to retreat so Yugi could take over.

"Hey, Yami? Hold on; I want you to stay out a little while longer, okay?"

Yami blinked in confusion.

"Why, Aibou?"

"Because I want you to spend some time with my mom. Come on; it'll be good for you. Please?"

"Fine, but only because you're not giving me much of a choice. You know I can't bring myself to go against your wishes."

"Exactly. Now take as long as you need. Oh, and you might want to head back to reality now."

"Let me guess; your mother is giving me another confused look?"

"Pretty much."

Shaking himself awake, Yami found Yugi's mom sitting next to him, a small mug in her hands.

"You're not getting sick, are you?" she asked, gently pressing a hand against the teen's forehead.

Yami had to force himself to not pull away at the sudden touch.

"Hmm. A little warm." continued the woman with a sigh. "Looks like that rain gave you a slight fever, sweetie."

"Wonderful." muttered Yami, turning over to rest on his side. "Its just what I've always wanted."

"Not really. I'm afraid you're going to have to stay home from school tomorrow. I'll call the office in the morning and let them know."

Getting up, Yugi's mom placed the mug of hot chocolate on her son's bedside table and prepared to exit the room.

It surprised him to realize it, but Yami suddenly found that he didn't want the woman to leave.

Not when the teen finally figured out what his subconscious was trying to tell him.

"...Mom?" he started, trying his best to sound like Yugi.


"If I were somebody else, would you still love me? I mean, what if I looked like me, but it wasn't really me?"

Yami's reply was a puzzled expression on the woman's face.

"What brought this on?" she asked, frowning slightly.

"Nothing. I was just wondering. So, would you?"

"Of course, sweetie. You're my son and I'll still love you even if there were a thousand of you."

Yami sighed in relief.

"Good, because there's something I should tell you."


Forcing his nervous tension away, Yami turned and stared into the woman's eyes.

"I'm not your son."

Author's Note: Oh, it seems chapter one ends with an unexpected cliffhanger. (grins) How fun.

Also, I'm trying to work on keeping the Yugioh character's personalities as close as possible to how they are represented in their anime and manga counterparts, so, if someone can give me feedback on that, it'd be much appreciated.