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Breaking Dawn (The MandiLuv Version)

Charlie hadn't taken the news well. When Edward and I first arrived at the house, Charlie had been sitting in front of the television, his eyes flicked warmly to me, then slightly more coolly to Edward. I tried to smile, but I'd always been a horrible actress.

"Is something wrong Bella?" Charlie asked, his forehead crinkling in worry. I took a deep breath and tried to think positively.

"Actually, I have really good news dad. I…um…I managed to not fall and hurt myself today..." I began. I saw in the corner of my eye the corners of Edward's mouth turn up and Charlie grinned.

"And, well, Edward proposed, I said yes, we're getting married." I blurted out all at once. There was instant silence, and Charlie simply looked at me. I felt Edward tense.

"Bella…" He started slowly. "I don't think this is such a good idea."

It all went downhill from there. I cried, Charlie yelled, and Edward had been kicked out of the house. Finally, I stormed up the stairs to my room as Charlie slammed the door to go outside. I could hear the engine in the cruiser start up, as I sat down on the bed. Edward was already perched there, his face half laughter, half sadness.

"I'm sorry Bella. Are you okay?"

"Charlie hates me." I pouted, hiding my face in my pillow. Edward quickly scooped me up from that spot and placed me in his lap.

"He doesn't hate you, Bella. He's just worried, but he'll come around. I promise. But…you still have to call Renee…"

I groaned. Edward chuckled, but before we could say another word, the phone rang.

"Maybe that's Renee now. Charlie already told her, and she's calling to yell…" I began to babble.

"You won't know unless you answer the phone." Edward chided. I rolled off of him in a bit of a huff and scurried down the stairs, almost tripping and falling over the last two, but Edward caught me just as my balance started to go off. I was feeling too moody to say thank you, so I just tossed my hair over my shoulder and grabbed the receiver.

"Hello?" I asked, irritation buzzing in the back of my mind.

"Oh, Bella!" I recognized Angela's voice instantly. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No, Angela, it's fine. My dad and I just got into a little…fight. Nothing serious." I answered, trying to sound cheerful. Edward smirked at my attempt to fool Angela.

"Oh, well, okay… I just wanted to call and invite you to a party my mother is throwing tonight. It's really just a little thing, my mom is throwing it to welcome my new next door neighbor. She's a little older than us, nineteen or twenty I think, and she moved up here to get the house ready before her mom moves up. Her mother is a writer or something. But, my mother thought it would be nice for her to meet some kids our age, so I invited Ben, Mike, Jessica, Lauren, Tyler, and I'd like you to come too. You can bring Edward and the rest of his family if you want."

I paused, trying to think of an excuse. But I could hear Angela's desperation in her voice, this party had obviously not been her idea, and she really didn't want to go through with it. I would be the only one there that would understand where she was coming from. I looked up at Edward, who smiled at me.

"I think it would be a good idea. A nice distraction with some normal friends." he said. I sighed.

"I'd love to come, I'll probably bring Edward, is that okay?"

"Of course!" Angela said, sounding happier already. "It's just going to be at my house, nothing fancy. At six o'clock."

I looked up at the clock, it was a quarter till five. How in the world did these things pop up so quickly? I said my goodbyes to Angela, and turned to Edward.

"I have to go get ready if you're taking me with you." Edward said as soon as I got off the phone.

"Yeah, me too. Pick me up at a quarter till six?" I asked. He smiled and leaned down to kiss my forehead. I stood on tiptoes to give him a quick peck on the lips. He chuckled.

"I love you, my beautiful Bella."

I blushed scarlet, just like he knew I would.

I dressed simply, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I knew that nothing else would be expected from me. I was ready by five thirty, but just as I was plopping down to watch TV and wait for Edward, the phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered for the second time that day.

"Bella, I can't go tonight." Edward's musical voice said sadly, and also angrily.

"Why not? Is something wrong?" I asked, panic and worry creeping into my voice. Edward was silent for awhile, probably in a silent fight with someone on the other end of the phone.

"Hey Bella!" I heard a different voice now, Alice this time.

"Alice! What's going on!" I blurted out.

"Hey now, Edward is just being overprotective. The girl you're going to meet is a little…eccentric, and she really believes in mythical creatures. So I decided Edward and I should stick here and be safe, but you should go, you'll have lots of fun!"

I sighed. Well fine then, if Edward wanted to keep continually babysitting me, I'd go have fun.

"Alright Alice, see you tomorrow." I said.

"Bye Bella! Be good!" She said, then the phone clicked off.

I stalked to my door, grabbing my jacket and throwing it on. The truck started up with the usual noise, and I winced. Stupid shiny Volvo was making me forget how my truck sounded.

It didn't take long to get to Angela's house. Most of the other guests were already there, but I didn't see anyone new.

"Hey Bella!" Angela called, coming to greet me. It was mostly a clear night for Forks, and everyone was gathered outside in the backyard around a campfire.

"She must hate parties as much as we do, Bella." Angela spoke with some humor in her voice. "She's already almost ten minutes late for her own welcoming party!"

"I'm sorry!"

The sound came from behind us. Angela and I both blushed and turned around. The girl's voice sounded like bells, or a singing bird, it was so sweet. She matched her voice perfectly, with long straight, bright red hair that hung down her ivory skin. She was small and slender, but after knowing Alice, I always remembered that bad things could come in small packages. She was wearing a brown dress that reached to her knees and flowed around her small figure. On her wrists she was wearing an assortment of bangles of all shapes and sizes. She topped it off with scuffed vintage cowboy boots, and I got the strange feeling that Alice might approve of the off the cuff ensemble. Boho chic, or something like that. But the strangest part of the girl was her face. Sweet, pink lips, freckles across the nose, and violet eyes.

She caught me staring, which made her giggle. "They run in my family, I always thought they made me unique." I blushed, which made her giggle more.

Angela finally stopped to step in. "Bella, this is the guest of honor. Cassandra Luwen, this is my friend Isabella Swan."

"It's nice to meet you, I prefer Cassie." She said, stepping forward and extending a hand.

"And I prefer Bella." I took her hand and felt a tingle. I looked up at her, but she was still smiling.

"I like you, Bella Swan. We'll get along swimmingly." I laughed, who said the word swimmingly anymore? But Jessica had suddenly appeared, and seemed entranced by Cassie's dress.

"Oh! You must be Cassie! Your hair is the nicest shade of red, is it natural? And your eyes! I've seen contacts like that before! Is your dress Chanel?"

I laughed, because the look on her face mimicked the one I'm sure I wore when I first met Jess.

Mostly, I thought Cassie handled herself very well. She was polite, charming, and clever. She kept Jessica at a distance, but seemed to warm very much to everyone else in the circle. I had the distinct feeling that Mike Newton's crush on me might be replaced by one on Cassie.

The party was starting to break up, and soon it was just me, Cassie, Angela, and Ben. Angela was nodding off on Ben's shoulder.

"I think it's time for me to go and hit the hay." I said finally, yawning and stretching.

"I'm sorry Edward couldn't make it Bella." Angela replied sleepily.

"Is he your fiancée?" Cassie asked casually. Angela giggled and Cassie blushed.

"Well, I just saw your ring…" Cassie began to explain.

"Ring? Oh my god!" Angela sat up, pulling my hand over.

"Yes, Edward's my fiancée. Please don't tell Jessica!" Angela and Cassie giggled.

"Well congratulations Bella." Angela said softly. I wish I could tell what she was thinking.

"Here!" Cassie stood easily and gracefully. "Let me walk you back to your truck, Bella. Then I'll walk back over to my place and go to bed myself."

Cassie walked me back to my truck in silence. When she saw it she gasped. "Oh my! It's so retro! I love it!" She squealed. I laughed.

"Edward hates it, it doesn't go fast enough for him."

"Well screw Edward then, I'll take it off your hands if he makes you get rid of it." She answered, but with a smile. And in fact I was in kind of a screw Edward mood myself.

I got into my truck and went to start the ignition while waving goodbye to Cassie. Unfortunately, that's where my luck for the night ended. The engine sputtered and died.

"I'm going to reconsider the offer on the truck." Cassie said into the silence. I swore and tried to start it again.

"You probably jinxed it Cassie." I muttered, throwing my head back. This couldn't be happening.

"Tell you what; I'll give you a ride home. Since I jinxed your groovy little truck." I smiled, and pocketed my keys.

Cassie's car was as old as mine, but in substantially better shape. It was a 68 red mustang convertible, but it had a new interior and a new stereo. It showed she couldn't not afford a new car, she just loved this one too much to part with it.

"I don't know how practical a convertible is here." I warned her, but she just smiled and wrinkled her nose. The stereo switched on, leaving me no doubt as to what a hippie she was.

"You're in the wrong decade Cassie! The Beatles are dead!" I laughed.

"Shh! I refuse to believe it! Oh I wish I was a sixties child!" She frowned, turning up the volume. The sounds of While My Guitar Gently Weeps filled the night. She began singing, a very pretty sound, and I rested my head against the window.

I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping

Still my guitar gently weeps

I don't know why nobody told you

How to unfold your love

I don't know how someone controlled you

They bought and sold, sold you

It seemed like we were at my house too soon. She pulled into the driveway, and her violet eyes lit on me.

"You should call me sometime, Bella."

"I will, you got my number, right?" I asked sleepily. Despite myself, I liked her. I wanted to be her friend.

"Yep, I'll call you then. See you soon!" She said brightly as I got out. She zoomed away, too fast for my liking, and I went inside the house. Charlie had fallen asleep on the couch, but I didn't bother to wake him. Instead I traveled up to my room, yawning.

I didn't expect Edward to jump me as soon as I opened the door, picking me up in his arms and inspecting as though looking for some secret injury. Alice was behind him, her eyes clouded with worry.

"Edward! Put me down! What is wrong with you!" I yelled quietly.

"Honestly Bella, don't you have any sense of your own safety? Accepting a ride from a w…woman you hardly know!" He said, but he sounded like he was going to say something else.

"Edward, she's a nineteen year old girl and not much bigger than Alice. Unless she's a vampire, I don't have anything to really worry about!"

"Actually, Bella…you do. But you might want to sit down first." Alice retorted softly, a look of pain on her features.