Okay, so I was watching the movie Oklahoma! (the one with Huge Jackman), anyway, the main characters fight all the time and won't admit that they like each other. Then the lady goes on a date with a farmer, her true love is a rancher, and ranchers and farmers don't get along. I'm sure that you can see the parallels—Derek/Casey and Hockey vs. Football. I did anyway and decided to base a story on the musical.

Disclaimer: Don't own rights to LWD or Oklahoma! Wish I did, that'd pay off my student loans real quick.

Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'

Nora and Edwin looked up from their breakfasts in surprise as Derek came into the kitchen with a spring in his step and whistling a peppy tune. They exchanged a look as he got his own cereal without once trying to get anyone to wait on him.

"You're up early for a Saturday," Nora ventured to say to the potential pod person.

"I have to get my car detailed for tonight," Derek replied with a smirk. "The school's practically auctioning off the girls. This is a great day."

"That explains the good mood," Edwin muttered.

Lizzie then wandered into the kitchen and did a double take at seeing Derek. "It's Saturday," she informed him.

"I know," Derek laughed.

"It's before ten! We usually have to drag you out of bed around noon."

"He's getting ready for the girl auction tonight," Edwin informed her.

Casey, walking in to hear her youngest step-brother's comment, replied, "It's not a girl auction. It's a box social to raise money for the art programs at school."

"Whatever," Derek replied. "Either way, we get to bid on girls. Don't be too upset tonight Spacey when yours only makes a dollar or two, if you're lucky."

"Derek…" Nora started to reprimand, but was quickly shouted down by Casey's reaction.

"I'll have you know it's a blind auction," she snapped angrily at her constant nemesis. "No one knows who's basket is who's."

"Everyone will know your basket a kilometer away. The tofu smell will warn them away," Derek smirked.

To angry to say anything, Casey just growled and stomped away to get her own breakfast.

Happy to have won their little battle, Derek chucked his spoon and bowl into the sink and headed for the front door. "I better hurry. I'll need my car looking nice for my date tonight."

"You are such a pig," Casey shouted after him. Once the door closed on him and his laughter, Casey muttered, "Not like anything could make The Prince look good. Junk heap car."

Lizzie and Edwin exchanged a look. It was obvious that this was going to make it into their research binder.

The Prince When Cleaned to a Shine


The Surrey With the Fringe On Top

"All right," Derek announced as he came rushing into the living room several hours later. "Come see the Prince. It looks good."

At Casey's look of disbelief, he smirked, "Don't believe me, Princess?"

Tossing her book down, Casey popped up off the couch like it bit her. "There's no way a wash and a vacuum could ever make that lemon look good."

As she stormed out the door, Derek smirked at the rest of his family. None of them wanted to miss the excitement and hurriedly filed out the door after him.

"Wow!" Edwin exclaimed at seeing Derek's car. "It's shining."

"I don't think the Prince has ever looked this good," George added in awe.

"Did they shampoo the rugs?" Nora asked as she peered into the car itself.

"Full treatment," Derek replied.

"The Prince is beautiful, Smerek," Marti excitedly told her favorite brother.

After giving his little sister a quick smile, Derek turned to Casey. "What do you think?"

"It's tolerable," she replied with practiced unconcern. "Good enough for one of your blonde bimbos."

"Tsk, tsk, Space Case. That almost sounds like you're jealous. Don't worry, I'll take your royal highness there. I'm sure that whatever sucker buys your hamper will be willing to get rid of you—I mean take you home," he added with a smirk.

George and Nora seemed to sigh on cue together. The other McDonald-Venturi's instinctively took a step back to make sure they were out of range when the fighting really started.

"Der-ek! You…you…"

"Me, me, what?"

Luckily for the family, Emily who had stepped out on her front porch finally caught Casey's attention.

"I'll be right there, Emily," Casey called. Walking next door she made sure to give Derek such a cold stare that it was amazing that he didn't instantly freeze solid.

Derek, being Derek however, just laughed as she walked away.