Ok... it's, like, 3:30 AM here... damned Insomnia is keeping me up late at night... anyways, think I'm gunna start doing some more writing here very soon (next couple of days)

Don't know if I'm gunna update old stories or start some new stuff... all I know is that I need to start writing again... and I'm gunna probably start an OC project, just for fun (that and it's good creative writing practice...) I'll let y'all know where I've decided to place this crazy OC story... and I'll be sending out messages asking for some of my favorite authors OC's... if they feel like contributing... hell, I'll take anyones OC bios into consideration... :D

Here's what I want:

Name: So I know what to call your OC...

Age: how old is your OC? (Either looking or actual physical age... if it's a "looking" I may ask you via PM how old your OC actually is, just so's I have the info to use...)

Sex: Male/Female (no Yes Please! Answers xD)

Powers/Abilities: Anything ya can think of here... magic spells, combat abilities... able to cook a mean suffle... anything your OC can do, and do well will need to go down here... PLEASE try to refrain from God Modding... also, if you want to be able to use a sword well, gimme a bit of a reason as to why your character can use it... I doubt a random Joe Schmo on the street can pick up a sword and use it very well... so try and be realistic(ish)

Appearence: Height, Weight, Eye Color, Skin color... blah blah blah...

Weapons/Gear: If anything... try and have your powers/abilities go along with your gear somewhat :)

Pet/Familiar: If ya want to have one... go ahead and make one xD

Bio: A short bit of info on how or where your character grew up, and what their like when they first meet people and what their like after they get to know people would be awesome!

Please keep in mind that it'll be up to me if your OC is used or not... but I will send you a PM if I want to use your OC, and I promise I won't just change stuff on your OC without asking...