Rain don't go away

Naruto focused his chakra into a spiral once more and formed everyone's favourite ball of chakra into his hand, little sparkles jumping from the ball each time a drop of rain comes into contact. He thought that rain would be the perfect test for his rasengan.

"Rasengan!" he yelled as he proceeded for his target. Which was placed on a tree.

The Sphere of chakra smashes right through the dummy and tree; Naruto slowly gets up, his hands covered in blood and water, from the rain, which was falling onto his bare-chest.

'One more time' the blonde head boy thinks to himself.

He once again charges the chakra into his hand and slays his target like a vampire to a human – blood everywhere.

Naruto makes his way up from the ground, but as he begins to start the Rasengan his knee drops to the floor.

'Odd' thought the blonde boy as he moved his other foot, readying himself to get up. But to his misfortune he falls one his chest – everything going black.

"Naruto-kun!" yells a voice from the distance.

Hinata Hyuuga had been walking past the training ground when she heard a thump on the ground, she turned to her right to see the one she admired face first in the dirt.

'What am I going to do' thought the raven haired girl.

She looks across the empty park to see an apartment she had seen before.

'I can't…no I can, im sure he will understand' she thinks to herself as she heads over to the apartment. She lifts his arm over her head and gets him upright, slowly dragging him towards his apartment as the rain soaks her clothes.

When she reaches the apartment, she takes a key from the boys pocket and opens the door. Once inside she makes her way over to the couch and lays him down slowly. The next thing she does is grab a towel and blanket from Naruto's cupboard (after a lot of searching) and quickly wipes Naruto's body down and places the blanket over him, she then lights the fireplace and makes her way to the kitchen.

She raids the cupboards. Only finding ramen, she begins to cook the blonde's favourite meal.

'I should get changed, I will get a cold' the girl thought to herself.

She ventures into the boy's bedroom grabbing out clothes for her and the boy on the couch, she quickly changes and makes her way out to the kitchen, on her way putting the clothes onto the side of a couch.

She puts the ramen into bowls and places it in the lounge room on the table. She then sits down in the couch next to the boy.

The next thing she knows her fingers are tracing the lines on his face and she is inches away from the said place.

She slowly closes the gap between her lips and his very lightly. Suddenly, surprising her, he begins to kiss back, only half conscious of his surroundings. His hands travel to her waist and she melts into his touch.

Suddenly he pulls away and gets up from underneath, continuously saying sorry.

"Hinata-chan, I am so sorry, im so sorry, don't hate me, im sorry"

she try's to approach him but he takes a step back into a corner (emo corner) and slides down the wall sitting with his head on his knee's.

Not being able to stand it, Hinata takes his arms, makes him face her.

"I love you" she whispers, then kisses him, fiercely.

He pushes her back softly and makes her face him.

"Hinata-chan, you can't do this. You can't be in love with a 'demon'" spat Naruto.

"Yes I can… and I will. I don't care what father says, I love you Naruto-kun, I would give up my clan status for yo-"

"Why would you give up a family for a demon?" asked Naruto.

"You are Naruto Uzumaki, not a demon. I would give up anything for you Naruto" she pleaded.

"Hinata-chan" whispered Naruto, sadness audible in his voice.

He pulled her towards him and they sat in front of the fire, eating ramen. They stayed like that till they fell asleep.

Two love-birds, sitting in front of a fire…

I guess rain can bring people together?