I always get my best ideas when I'm pissed off (excuse the language) but my parents told me my dog was going, then they told me she was staying only to then go get rid of her behind my back, so yea now I'm pissed off but this story has sprung from my pissed offness. So I hope you like it.

Summary: Elliot and Olivia both go undercover to a metal institute. Not only are they working with some of the sickest sexual predators alive but they are also working with a member of staff who is drugging, raping and beating the other nurses. It's up to Olivia and Elliot to stop him before he can do it again.

Disclaimer: The character don't all belong to me, they belong to Dick Wolf.

Chapter 1

Trainee nurse Shannon Burke had finished doing her nightly check, for the next 30 minutes anyway. After that time they would all begin again. Her job was easy but it was so easy it was boring. She couldn't wait to finish her training here at St Kathryn's so she could move on. They dumped all trainees at St Kathryn's, because if you could handle this place you could handle anywhere. They also dumped them on nights.

Shannon hated nights. The placed was like a scene from a bad horror film. It was full of the worst of the worst criminals. Pretty much most of them were sexual predators. It meant there were gates and locks everywhere. So walking around, alone, was completely eerie.

As she was almost through the last gates, on her way back to the nurses office, she heard a clatter come from one of the rooms. Figuring it was one of the inmates out of bed and up to no good she turned on her heels and began walking towards the room. Before she had reached it though, she felt a sharp pain at the back of her neck. The last thing she remembered was hitting the hard, cold floor. After that everything went black. She had just become the third victim at St Kathryn's.

- - - - - -

Munch and Fin had gathered Shannon Burke's rape kit from the hospital as well as collected a statement from her. Although she was stable, she was in a pretty bad way. She had been subjected to a brutal rape and had then been beaten fairly severely. She wouldn't be out of hospital for weeks. The two now had to break the news to Elliot and Olivia and the Captain.

"How did it go at the hospital?" Cragen asked seeing his detectives walk into the squad room

"Third victim and we still have no DNA. This guy is just getting smarter." Munch said, sitting down at his desk.

"And he's getting more violent. Shannon had multiple broken bones and mild internal bleeding." Fin told them.

Olivia and Elliot looked at each other, something that didn't go unnoticed by the other two, who were both now giving them questioning looks. "Guess its plan B then?" Elliot said.

Olivia just nodded. She knew what plan B meant and ever since her last undercover gig at Sealview the thought of going undercover again didn't seem anywhere near as fun as it once had. In fact now she dreaded it.

"What's plan B?" Fin asked.

"I'm sending Elliot and Olivia undercover to St Kathryn's." Cragen informed them.

- - - - - -

Olivia and Elliot followed the Warden into the staff rest room at St Kathryn's. There were only about 20 people who worked there, excluding the three women who had been raped and beaten recently. All eyes were on them both as they walked in and Warden Karl Harper introduced them. Now, however, they weren't Olivia and Elliot, they were Rachael and Dean.

"Rachael, Gill is going to show you the ropes." Warden Harper said, pointing out one of the women, "Louis, you'll show Dean around the place." he said to another member of staff.

"Good luck." Olivia whispered to Elliot.

"Be careful." Elliot whispered back to her before they both followed their guides for the day, ready for their first night as trainee nurses.

Little did either know that they were both being watched already…


Short first chapter but I'll be posting more pretty much straight away, if you like it that is?

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Yes I know it's another undercover story but they're the best.