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Quick recap in the first story (Committed) Olivia had been sent undercover to a mental institute where someone had been drugging and raping the staff there. It turned out Merritt Rook was once again seeing just how much people challenge, or don't challenge authority.

After Elliot was drugged, Olivia was forced to go with Merritt to learn the only way to save Elliot's life before the drug he had been given killed him. The situation turned from bad to worse but eventually Merritt was arrested and Olivia was saved as was Elliot.

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Olivia looked at the clock, it said 3.30am. She wasn't sure what had woke her up but her throat was really dry and her tongue felt like it needed a shave. She looked over at Elliot who had rolled onto his other side and now lay facing the wall. She gently kissed his neck before quietly getting out of bed. She slipped Elliot's boxers on and pulled her NYPD sweater back on.

She held her stomach as she walked across the dark apartment, it felt a little sore but nothing a few aspirin wouldn't solve. She had lived in the apartment for ten years so she knew where she was going, even in the dark. She would find her way around it blindfolded. As she walked into the kitchen her whole body felt cold as her feet were forced to stand on the icy cold tiles. She grabbed a glass then the aspirin and drank a whole glass full of water as she took the aspirin.

She filled it back up with water again then stood looking at the coffee machine as she drank it. The coffee machine was flashing a little red light at her. It suddenly occurred to her it only blinked like that when it had been turned off then turned back on and needed to be reset. She never ever turned it off and she knew Elliot wouldn't. Her body froze to the spot as she heard footsteps behind her.

"Hi Olivia"

Olivia spun around, dropping the glass of water. It hit the floor and shattered sending water and shattered glass everywhere. She tried to scream but before she could a hand slapped a cloth over her nose and mouth. Instantly she knew it was soaked with chloroform. Just before everything turned black she looked into the eyes of her attacker…she looked into the cold eyes of Merritt Rook…

Olivia shot up in bed, her heart pounding and sweat dripping off her body. It was just a dream, it was just a dream she thought to herself. She looked down at Elliot who was lay on his side next to her. She tried to settle her breathing and prayed her pounding heart wouldn't wake him up as he lay down next to him.

She settled back down, purposely snuggling right up to him. She was thankful when he wrapped his arm around her, gently stroking her soft skin with his thumb, lulling her back off to sleep. It was just a dream she told herself out loud before sleep took over her.

- - - - - -

The next day Olivia and Elliot had got up, showered together and left for the SVU and should have arrived early for once, but thanks to road works they ended up being over and hour late so when they did finally arrive neither was in the best of moods.

They both sunk down behind their desks and Fin walked over from the coffee machine with their favorite drinks. He had guessed they were stuck in the traffic he had managed to avoid so had been ready with drinks for them when they got in.

They had all just sat down and began chatting, both Elliot and Olivia forgetting about their hellish journey, when Cragen came out of his office with his 'there's something I need to tell you all' look.

"What is it Capt.?" Elliot asked.

"I've just been told that Merritt Rook managed to escape. There was a crash when he was being transported. He was injured but somehow managed to cause the ambulance he was in to crash. Both medics are dead and Rook is nowhere to be seen.." He told them.

They all looked at each other not knowing what to say.

"Until we find him all of you are under protective detail." he said.

"Why all of us?" Fin complained.

"There are no arguments on this one. It's a must. Even I have to have detail on me." Cragen said before glancing at the worried looks on his detectives before he walked back into his office.

"Let the games begin again." Munch said.


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