I glanced at the clock, grinning a little to myself as I stripped out of my boxers and tossed them to the floor. Chances were she wouldn't be happy about being woken up now, but I figured I might as well press my luck. Worst case scenario, she'd push me away and be pissed off the rest of the day but there was a pretty good chance of that happening anyway.

I slid into bed next to her, wrapping my arm over her waist and pulling her close. My hand started wandering pretty quickly; pushing up underneath the beater she was wearing to get to her tit.

"Time is it...?" she groaned, shaking her head a little, but I didn't answer.

Instead I just started kissing the back of her neck, my lips skimming her skin. My fingers started moving too, sliding across her nipple. I groaned, low in my throat, when I felt her starting to react – nipple hardening, ass pressing back against me – and it didn't take me too long to get completely focused on this, on her.

"I wanna taste you," I murmured, my mouth close against her ear.

It took her long enough to react that I thought she might have fallen back to sleep. But after a couple of minutes she rolled towards me, onto her back.

"Oh, you're in the mood now?" I couldn't help asking, laughing as she half-heartedly flipped me the bird. Probably the best thing about giving Letty shit in the morning was the guarantee that she wouldn't put too much effort into coming after me to get even. I'd learned that lesson pretty early, when we were just little kids, and luckily it still held true.

I leaned in close, kissing her neck, slowly increasing the pressure of my mouth against her skin until I knew I was close to leaving her bruised. Slowly, then, I let my hand slide under her shirt, grabbing it in my fist as I pulled it up. Just when I thought she wasn't going to help me out at all, she lifted up a little, making it easier to get the beater off of her. I couldn't help the low appreciative growl – never could get over how hot she was.

"You gonna do this or what?" she asked, her voice still low and rough with sleep. "'Cause you could stare at me just fine while I sleep."

I was still laughing when my lips brushed hers. And no matter how much she'd complain later about being woken up, she started kissing me back pretty quickly.

It didn't take me too long, though, to start wanting more. I moved on down her body, alternating between short light kisses and quick bites. It seemed like every touch left her gasping, and I knew that no matter how much she protested there was no way she was gonna stop me.

Actually, she started urging me on, her hand on my head pushing me further down her body. I let my hand take the lead, my fingers teasing over her skin until they reached my destination.

My eyebrows raised as she barely spread her legs for me, wondering just how much longer she was gonna keep up this charade, acting like she wasn't really interested, just indulging me. I didn't let it talk me out of this, though. Instead, I started stroking her slit, my middle finger pushing against the lips of her pussy until she opened up enough for it to slip inside.

She was already wet, nearly ready for me; my fingers sank into her easily, slowly thrusting as my thumb flicked across her clit. I could tell she hadn't given up the ghost yet, was still trying to act like she wasn't into it, but her low moans and sighs gave her away. And it didn't take too much longer until her legs were spread wide, giving me all the room I needed.

I could feel her body tightening underneath me, trying to work with me to get her there. I lifted my head a little, wanting to watch her go over. It didn't take too much longer for me to ease her through. She was so quiet that if I hadn't been touching her I might not have realized it was happening, but nothing could disguise the tell-tale shuddering, the feel of her pussy clamping down on my fingers.

I ducked down then, my tongue replacing my fingers as I suckled and slurped at her pussy, drinking her juices down. Christ, I didn't think I would ever get my fill of her; she tasted better than anything.

I took my fill of her until I knew I was pushing the timing of all this, about to lose the opportunity to send her over the edge again. Just when I felt her body starting to settle down I changed up my plan of attack, moving to focus on her clit. My tongue flicked across that nub, hoping I hadn't fucked this up by waiting too long. I was rewarded pretty quickly, though, when she started squirming again.

"Shit, Dom," she gasped as her hand came to the back of my head, her nails scratching against my scalp when she pushed me closer into her.

I just laughed, taking her clit between my teeth as I brought my hands back into the mix. She jumped a little every time I shoved into her, finger fucking her hard and fast and rough as I started just barely biting down on her clit, teasing with my teeth.

Her legs locked around my neck as she thrashed underneath me, and it was pretty much all I could do to just hang on and ride her out. Eventually she settled down again, leaving me free to escape her grasp.

I pulled away, grabbing her by the arm and leading her into the bathroom. I had to support most of her weight as I got her where I wanted, leaning over the counter, but the view I got in the mirror as I moved behind her was definitely worth it.

My arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her up onto her toes to get her closer to the right height. It wasn't perfect, but it'd do. I had to use my free hand to guide myself into her, but as soon as I was there I started up in a fast, hard rhythm, both of us grunting with every thrust.

It didn't take long for me to get right to the edge of my control. Shit, being able to watch her in the mirror, tits bouncing every time we moved, didn't help me out any. I lowered my hand, fingers swiping at her clit as best I could in this position. Yeah, I knew bringing her off three times was pushing shit a little, but I still wanted this to be good for her.

"Just go," she grunted, her hips moving to meet mine as our bodies slammed together.

I finally nodded, focusing on my own release. It only took a few more thrusts for me to get there, and I stayed leaning against her after, my face nestled against the crook of her neck, breathing her scent.

"This guy's gonna take a look at your car, fix it up," I said, kissing her neck before moving away. My whole body tightened, getting ready for her reaction. It wasn't like I was scared of what she'd do; I just knew she wouldn't like the idea. I was just hoping I'd given her enough that she wouldn't be too pissed.

She stood up straight, our eyes meeting in the mirror, hers drilling straight through me. "The fuck are you smoking, Toretto?"