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The door suddenly opened and Sasuke walked in. It was dark but he didn't bother opening the lights. He walked over to the window and opened it, sending a flood of moonlight in. Sasuke's eyes followed the light which landed on a certain spot on his desk. It was a picture of team seven, his team, illuminated in the moonshine. Sasuke grunted and turned the frame facedown on the table.

He grabbed a bag from the closet and started stuffing things in, shirts, underwear, whatever was handy. The Sound Four were waiting for him in the woods and Sasuke didn't think keeping them waiting would be wise. Finally, packing was done and he slung his backpack over his shoulders. He walked over to the window, planning to jump off the roof and into the woods. He stepped on the ledge and half his body was already out when he stopped suddenly. Reaching behind him he started to feel around his bag, patting it, squeezing it, searching.

No more room...but still...

Sasuke stepped off the ledge and back into his room.

Sakura opened the door to Sasuke's room slowly. Last night she had tried to stop him from leaving Konoha but failed. Now Naruto and the others were out looking for him. Sakura sighed and felt her eyes were welling up with tears again but she blinked them valiantly away.

The room was dark save the moonlight flooding in through the window. It landed on a certain spot on the desk. Sakura walked over to see what it was.

An empty picture frame.