Winter Wonderland – Dylan left California to get away from the life he once had. He has moved on. Runs a popular diner in Buffalo NY. Found a new love and wants to bring her back to California to met his old and best friend Brandon.

Sorry this is so short.

AN: in my world of 90210 David and Valerie stayed together, Donna and Kelley are in London visiting Brenda at least for awhile . Steve and Andrea end up together. Brandon and Emily – the blonde one are hooked up as well.

Disclaimer- Kerri Wilde and The Buffaloian are my creation nothing else is mine.

Two years ago

"Okay a espresso ,and almond biscotti right" the waitress asked Dylan. "Oh and a saucer of milk for the kitten" he watched as the waitress placed the saucer on the ground for Trouble. The kitten had grown a lot since he had left his friend behind to start over. Dylan knew that the move had to happen he couldn't stay there anymore. Not with everything that had happened. The pain of losing Toni had shrunk to a sharp ache not the constant throbbing he had when he spent the first night with out her and his friends to console him.

He often wondered if he had been truly in love with the young woman it had started out as a ploy to get close to her father , the plan was to kill her father. But he wasn't ready for the woman who was so full of live and love. In the end it was that woman who was taken away fro m both Dylan and her father. He had received a note a week after Toni's death, expressing how sorry he was fro m her father and how the whole revenge thing did nothing but hurt both of them in the end . Dylan's mind always went back to the last words he spoke to the man.

"I lost my father; you lost your daughter, now its over we are even".

"Dylan?" a voice from the waitress caught his attention; he looked up at her "Sorry Kerri"

"Its oaky I was only asking you if you wanted another coffee."

"No, thank you I'm good, I have to get back to my house and get a few hours of work done. Why don't you stop by for lunch?"

The waitress smiled "If I can I will, if not I'll give you a call later"

Dylan smiled as he watched Kerri walk back to the coffee bar.