Title: Five Powers Peter Petrelli Didn't Mimic

Author: DebC

Fandom: Heroes, 4400

Characters: Peter, Niki, Shawn Farrell

Pairings: Peter/Niki

Warnings: I'd say there's fair spoilers for all of season 1. deal with it.


He wasn't sure exactly how or when he came into contact with this ability, but Peter liked it. Especially late at night. Niki's show would be over and she'd come back to their suite.

He could hear her coming -- high heels clicking down the hall, her finger pressing a button at elevators, the 'ding' which came when the floor number lit up, the swish of the doors sliding open, and then her heels once again coming down the hallway, this time closer to their door.

She'd always find him waiting, wine glasses in one hand, a bottle in the other.


As a child – and what child didn't? -- Peter Petrelli had idolized Superman. He could fly, run really really fast, and bullets bounced off him instead of going through him. He had super-hearing and heat vision. All of which, he used to good, to help others.

As an adult, Peter suddenly found himself in possession of some pretty cool powers himself. (With enough exposure to the right people), he could fly, heal from any wound – even death – in seconds, and turn invisible.

He could do almost everything Superman could, with one exception. Superman could see through walls; Peter couldn't.



He'd heard about it on the Internet – a group of people who'd been alien abducted and came back with extraordinary powers. Some of them sounded like the things he and some of the others could do. He was curious to know if these could be related, in some way, to the people Dr. Suresh had discovered and studied. People like him, his brother... his niece.

He found the official website for the 4400 Center and read their mission statement. He read about their powers. He read about Shawn Farrell – a man who could manipulate life and death.

Peter wasn't sure if what was happening to him and his family was anything at all like what had happened to these 4400, but he was sure of one thing. If he never met Shawn Farrell, he'd be a happy man. He didn't want that power at his finger tips, even briefly.


When Peter Petrelli was a little boy, he'd been small, scrawny, and constantly the target for bullies. Nathan, ever the practical one, had been constantly giving him advice. First on how to fight back -- how to hold his fists, where to hit that would be the most effective -- and finally, when none of those things worked out the way Nathan thought they should… when to run.

Peter hadn't been a fast runner -- back then anyway -- but one day, after an uncharacteristic breezed past him on the street, he was able to go faster than the wind.


Peter's voice was calm, cold and calculated, and he never blinked as he looked his older brother straight in the eyes.

"Pete? What?" Nathan started to say, but by this time, Peter had held him in his gaze long enough and Peter knew that Nathan was lost.

"I'm tired of you bossing me around, Nathan. I'm tired of being the fuck up of the family, the embarrassment you have to make excuses for -- to save your precious campaign. I.Want.You.To.Jump." Peter pointed to the ledge and Nathan walked towards it.

Peter loved mind control.

First Nathan plummeted, then flew. Crap.