-1Late night phone calls

Author: debc

Fandom: Heroes

Pairing: Matt/Mohinder

Characters: Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, Molly Walker

Rating: PG

Keywords: slash

Disclaimers: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine.


Author's Notes:

Every night since Mohinder's been gone, Matt tucks Molly into bed. He reads a chapter out of one her books -- this week is 'A Little Princess' -- and kisses her on the forehead. "Tell me again," she always says in a sleepy voice and he smooths a hand over her hair as he says "it's going to be all right," and finally turns off the light.

He goes back down the hall to the kitchen, where he throws away whatever boxes their take-out came in, because Mohinder doesn't like it, and it's usually then that he realizes that until his mission is complete, Mohinder won't be coming home to grumble not-so-silently in his mind about sharing a home with such an inveterate slob.

Until then, he and Molly are entirely on their own, and although it's not the thing a macho guy admits to, Matt misses Mohinder.

He misses the constant noise inside Mohinder's head, which filled Matt's life like background music in a movie. Always there, always soothing even when he's not thinking in English. It's not so much what he's thinking, anyway, but the comfort Matt has always felt from knowing Mohinder was there.

Now his nights are silent and while Molly sleeps, Matt busies himself with the housework Mohinder used to see to, studying for a seemingly impossible promotion at work, or just about anything that will while away the hours from 8 P.M. until Midnight.

Because that's when Mohinder calls.

They greet each other as two friends and nothing more, because their relationship hadn't been old enough to acquire endearments before Mohinder's departure and even if it had, Matt never was the type to gush over the phone. Next, Mohinder asks about his day and Molly, and Matt fills him in on everything from spelling tests to the nightmares Molly continues to have. The never discuss what Mohinder's doing, because The Company is dangerous and if they ever catch on to Mohinder, all of their lives would be in danger. Finally, Mohinder's voice lowers in that sexy way he has and tells Matt that he 'should be home soon.' Matt thinks it's his lover's code for 'I love you' and answers with a yearning "I know."

They hang up then, and Matt drags himself to the bedroom he and Mohinder never really got to share and throws himself across his bed. Usually he doesn't undress and he can almost hear Mohinder scolding him good-naturedly about wrinkles and clean sheets. If Mohinder were there, he'd grudgingly change into his boxers, but since he's not, he merely rolls over, grabs Mohinder's pillow (which he hasn't washed yet because it still smells like Mohinder) and falls asleep listening to Molly dream.

He lives for each phone call, even though they aren't the same as having Mohinder seated across from him at the dinner table. He can't hear those smart, sexy, sometimes confusing thoughts that always race through Mohinder's mind while miles of country and phone lie between them and he can't wait until they no longer do.