Since punkhead asked so nicely I will add a small part to the story until I can decide if I will continue it as a story…though I will say I already have more WWE stories in the works and may just leave this as a one shot!

"Shut up Matt!" Selena blushes then suddenly pales "Uh-oh!" she mutters stepping behind me, I look forward and see her father and uncle stalking toward us "Jeff, I would start running if I were you." I mutter under my breath. "Hardy!" Mark bellows as Selena tries to quickly push my little brother into our locker room "Did you think you would get away with kissing my daughter? Youve barely known her a few days..." Undertaker trails off looking into Selenas eyes, glancing myself I see pain and, to my surprise, it looks like she is pleading with him. "Hurt her and you die Hardy!" Undertaker and Kane walk away after giving Selena a hug and whispering something in her ear. "Well, that was interesting!" I comment as we enter the locker room, Jeff pulling his shirt off along the way "Yeah, sorry about that!" Selena bashfully mutters "They can be a bit overbearing sometimes...I guess they have a right though, they didnt know me for 16 years of my life." the next hour was spent with Selena explaining how her mother wanted nothing to do with her as soon as she turned 16 and she got a new husband, how she met her dad, and all the other pain she had been through in her short 27 years.
At the hotel
"Do you guys mind if I crash in your room? I really dont feel like putting up with dad tonight!" Selena asks glancing at me and Matt from the couch "I dont mind, but youll have to stay in Jeffs room!" my brother smirks at us as he enters his room. I sigh in annoyance at his actions "Come on Lena." I lead her to the room that is suppose to be mine "You can sleep in here, Ill sleep on the couch!" Before I can leave Selena grabs my hand "You dont have to sleep on the couch...I trust you." I look into her beautiful dark brown eyes and smile "Lets go to bed then." I mutter and grab her one of my shirts and a pair of sweats to change in to. "Thanks Jeffy!" she goes into the bathroom and quickly changes clothes, we get into the bed after she comes back. I wrap an arm around her waist before I can really think about it and pull her to me, she smiles and lays her head on my bare chest draping an arm across me as well "I love you Jeff!" she whispers kissing me lightly "I love you too Selena, more than you know!" I smile as she falls asleep and just stare at her for the next hour 'How did I ever get someone like her? I havent even known her for a month and Im spilling my heart outdamn, I love her so much already. Im a complete sap now!' I think to myself before falling into slumber, my girl at my side.
2 years later
POV--Third Person
Two years after that match Jeff Hardy and Selena Calloway got married and had three children; two boys and one baby girl. Hunter Hardy was the oldest and the spitting image of his father, Matthew Hardy looked like his name-sake shockingly enough, and the youngest, Destiny Hardy, was a mirror image of her mother. Each child became the best there was in wrestling, winning the Intercontinental Championship, Womens Championship, 3-way Tag Team Championship (pretend it exists okay!), Hardcore Championship, and all where inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!