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-Tommy, Kim, Emily, and Ben Oliver-

By the end of 2010, Tommy and Kim had been married for eleven years. Tommy was thirty one, Kim was thirty, Emily was eleven, and Ben was six. Ben would never know of his parents being Rangers. Tommy, along with nephew, Ben, would be the last two to lose their powers as they finally defeated Rita and Zedd.

-Jason, Kat, and Mary Scott-

Jason and Kat would eventually lose their powers while protecting the world. By the end of 2010, Jason and Kat had been married for ten years. Jason was thirty-one, Kat was thirty, and Mary was nine. Mary would never know about her parents being Rangers.

-Billy and Trini Cranston-

Trini would lose her powers first, then Billy. By the end of 2010, Billy and Trini had just gotten married. They were both thirty-one. They wouldn't have any children.

-Adam, Tanya, and James Park-

Tanya would lose her powers at the same time as Trini. Adam would lose his powers, but Zack would transfer his power to him. Adam would lose those powers as well to a candle. By the end of 2010, Adam and Tanya had been married for eleven years. They were both thirty-one and James was eleven.

-Rocky, Aisha, Andrew, and Rocky Jr. De Santos-

Rocky would lose his powers fighting to save the world. By the end of 2010, Rocky and Aisha had been married for nine years. Rocky was thirty-one, Aisha was thirty, Andrew was eight, and Rocky Jr. hasn't turned one yet. Andrew and Rocky Jr. would never know that their parents were once Rangers.

-Zack Taylor and Angela Johnson-

Zack wouldn't lose his powers, but transfer them onto Adam. By the end of 2010, Zack and Angela were planning their wedding. They both were thirty. They would welcome in a baby girl two years later.

-Trent, Kira, and Jessica Fernandez-

By the end of 2010, Trent and Kira had been married for five years. Trent was twenty-four, Kira was twenty-three, and Jessica was five. Jessica would never know that her parents were Rangers. Trent and Kira would welcome a baby boy a year later.

-Conner and Krista McKnight-

After moving back to Florida, Conner would lose his powers and soon after that, he and Krista separated. They were both twenty-four.

-Ethan James and Cassidy Cornell-

By the end of 2010, Ethan and Cassidy were dating. They were both twenty-three.

-Ben Truehart-

When Ben loses his Green Ranger powers, Tommy passes on the White Ranger Powers to him. He would lose them, along with his uncle, Tommy, in the final battle. By the end of 2010, Ben had a girlfriend named Isabella. Ben was eighteen and Isabella was seventeen.