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Authors Note: First of all, I'd like to state that Ryoma and Kunimitsu will be out of character, meaning they can laugh, cry, and smile. Plus, at the start of the story, I would like to state mostly everyone's ages before the whole series of when Seigaku's seniors/regulars take place and before Echizen Ryoma comes to Seigaku. Ryoma: is 11 years old, Momo/Kaidoh: are 12 years old, and Tezuka/Oishi/Fuji/Kawamura/Kikumaru/Inui: are all 13 years old. The other respective team players such as: Hyotei, Rikkaidai, Fudomine, St. Rudolph and etc. regulars will be mentioned later.

Ratings: For right now, it would be T for Teens and might later be changed for M for Mature for later on in the chapters.

Summary: What would happen if Tezuka Kunimitsu meets Echizen Ryoma before he enrolls in Seigaku. What would happen if Tezuka becomes Ryoma's best friend, that while Ryoma's family are on vacation in Japan for several months, many meetings at a certain book store brought forth both a startling friendship and an instant attraction. What changes would have taken place? What would happen if Tezuka had kept in contact with Ryoma before he comes back to Japan after two years of living in the U.S., well, unfortunately for people, they just have to find out and read!!

Warning: This story will contain YAOI which means its going to be a SLASH which means it's a boyxboy relationship. So people you've been warned. You shouldn't go any further for your own safety and minds if your not serious about reading a yaoi story.

Was it a coincidence or was it fate? Was the question that rocked through Tezuka Kunimitsu's mind. The first time he saw the raven-haired boy with what seems to be green highlights when focused under the sunlight, along with dazzling golden-amber orbs for eyes, was the first time he had ever felt such a strong attraction to someone. As usual, it was one of those days, where after tennis practice in his freshman year, that he would stop by his favorite book store before he headed straight home. That one day, he was scheming through the sports section when he noticed through his right vision, a person who was about two years his junior.

He couldn't help but stare since the young boy had a similar bag hanging off in one of his shoulders, a tennis bag to be precise. It wasn't until a couple of minutes later, that his staring had caused the said person to turn his way, and that's when he saw one of the most remarkable eyes he had ever seen on anyone. He couldn't describe it, but he was quickly taken out of his thoughts, when those eyes held a sort of glint and he slightly just realized that the boy was talking to him.

"Well, I take it that I might have something on my face or is there anything I can do for you since you've been staring at me for a while?" asked the raven-green haired youth to the older teen.

At first, Tezuka didn't really know how to respond since he was at fault for staring, but for the first time, he had this sense of feeling that he wanted to get know this person. Sure, it didn't make any sense but he couldn't help but get curious so with that he replied by asking some random questions. If only his other friends can see him now though, what a shock they would have had, since Tezuka was not one to start a conversion at all, period. Since he tends to talk maturely, at least that's what the others have told him.

"Iie, ano…you see I just noticed that you have a tennis bag, so I take it that you play? If you don't mind me asking what school do you go to?" Tezuka couldn't help but blush a little, after all it wasn't everyday that you would ask some stranger about where they go to school. "Ah, actually you don't have to answer that, it was rude of me to ask, ano, never mind."

Echizen Ryoma continued to look up from his forgotten magazine and turned to fully gaze at the taller teen beside him and couldn't help but laugh out loud at the look of embarrassment and was that a blush on the older boy's face.

"Hahahahaha….gomen, no, it's alright, as a matter of fact, it's a yes to your first question, I do play tennis, though for your second question, I don't go to school here since I'm on vacation with my family." Ryoma replied after getting his bearing back and hopefully hadn't insulted the guy so instead he gave the older student one of his genuine smile that he hardly gave anyone as a sign for being forgiven for the gawking earlier.

"It's okay, sorry if I was staring…ano, I see, well, I hope you and your family are enjoying your stay here in Japan so far, by the way my name is Tezuka Kunimitsu, it's nice to meet you, gomen again." Tezuka knew he had to introduce himself, or else the youth would pass him as someone who is not only weird but he would be placed in a category of being a complete stranger as well.

In a matter of minutes, both had discarded their magazines and were put back in the shelves. Since both were too preoccupied with starting conversations with one another instead of reading.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Tezuka-san, my names Echizen Ryoma. If you don't mind me asking, I see that you also play tennis, would it be alright if you can show me a tennis court near here?" Ryoma didn't know what he was saying, since he never tried talking to anyone at such a long period of time before.

Tezuka was also in a similar state, he had never before talked so comfortably with someone as he was with Echizen-kun. He didn't know what possessed him to talk to the younger boy in the first place. He just knew that there was something about the younger boy that he felt some sort of connection to. Though it wouldn't be until later in the years that he will truly understand what he was feeling towards the youth and what would manifest afterwards.

After Tezuka got back from his thinking and to the conversation at hand, he gave Ryoma his reply.

"Actually, there is a public court that many people use just about a couple of blocks from here. I wouldn't mind showing it to you since your new here, unless I'm wrong?" Tezuka asked.

"No, your not, since I was actually born in the U.S., but this is the first time I've ever been to Japan, so I'm really new to the district" Ryoma stated that he hardly knew any of the place except the ones that his parents mainly pointed out.

"I'm surprised though, since your Japanese is very good" Tezuka exclaimed in astonishment. It's not everyday you would hear someone who hasn't visited Japan to fluently speak its native tongue.

"Well, thanks to my okaa-san, she was the one to drill me on different languages, since both my parents were born here, they wanted to teach me their native language. It was hard at first since I was so used to speaking English, but hey, I couldn't really do anything, after all I did end having to learn them." Ryoma informed to Tezuka. He did eventually start to like learning new languages since his family did move a lot, so there wasn't any reason for him not to like learning them.

Ryoma then, really didn't know why it was so easy for him to talk to Tezuka-san than the ones that have tried to befriend him before. One minute he was just planning to look at the latest news on tennis, than the next he was talking to the same person as if they were old friends. Sure he was popular with his looks, excellent grades, and sports; he knew what everyone was basically after, they weren't going after his friendship, oh no, they were after his popularity. Many failed at their attempts since Ryoma wasn't called a genius and a prodigy for nothing. He saw through their flaws and fake endeavors. But when the moment he started to talk to Tezuka-san, he just had this feeling where for the first time, he could finally have a true friend. Was it truly possible, since he only met him in only a short amount of time.

This brought him back to earth when earlier, he was trying to get away from his baka oyaji, since the old man kept on insisting in playing Ryoma for hours on end with tennis. So it was a little later that he got to sneak out of the house with his tennis bag so that if he found a tennis court somewhere he would be able to practice. After all, he wasn't his father's son for nothing, he really did love to play the game even if he lost to his oyaji every time. But before he left, he proceeded to let both his mother and cousin know where he was headed, in case they all panicked and have heart attacks for his absence.

So here he was now, in front of a random book store that he couldn't help but go into. So that when he first walked in through the store, he just went straight to the sports aisle. But before he reached his destination, he couldn't help but stare at a boy who seems to be about maybe two or three years older than him, and said person appeared to be so focused of what he was reading that he didn't notice right away that Ryoma was invading his personal space. Ryoma was surprisingly not paying close attention to a random magazine he grabbed out of the shelf. He was contemplating about the person who he was standing next to. So it came a surprise later, when the older teen himself, had started a conversation with him after he had asked what the older boy was staring at.

Now, here he was, again, but this time, he was walking next to Tezuka-san, heading towards the public court he had mentioned earlier.

'What was it that made Tezuka-san different from the rest of the people he had met before?' Ryoma questionedly thought. He was pondering on how he could easily befriend someone, when he couldn't do it before, actually, he hasn't even considered wanting to be friends with anyone, let alone someone he just instantly met. He was not one to easily trust other people, so why was he standing next to Tezuka-san and feel as if they've been friends for a long time, rather than just meeting each other just half an hour ago.

With that thought in mind, Ryoma could only follow the older teen, and maybe see what would come out of meeting Tezuka-san later. 'Hmm, maybe I should ask Tezuka-san if he'd like to play a game of tennis with me, he seems to be a formidable opponent, well, we will see than.' Ryoma thought to himself. 'It wouldn't be so bad to play with a new friend, I guess.'

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