Author's note: This is my first smutfic.. I'm trying to practice for my ongoing fic Caring For Ianto, and I guess I just needed to write something short and sexy and see how it was received. Obviously I don't own any of the characters and I'm not making any money from this. I came across another fic in which Jack and Ianto played battleships and it inspired me to write this one. Unfortunately I can't remember who wrote it or where it was, so I can't credit it properly, but it was my muse so please don't be cross at me for borrowing the idea! Be nice folks, it's my first time ; ) Reviews are love, and I sort of need them at this stage, so please let me know if you liked/hated it and how it can be made betterer!! love and cookies! Enjoy xxx

Jack smiled, leaned back in his chair and offered Ianto and apologetic smirk. Well, an insincere one, anyway. Ianto merely raised an eyebrow, shook his head and took another red peg from the pile, slotting it into his penultimate ship. Jack looked at his own board, littered with white pegs, not a single hit, and grinned to himself again.

"Hit. Do I even need to say that anymore?" Jack laughed and put a red peg in his own projection of Ianto's battlefield. He'd only missed twice. Strip battle ships was so much fun, and now he was going to make Ianto lose his trousers. He smirked.

"Course you do, it makes me feel good. E4." Ianto sighed and reached for another peg.

"Hit again. It's getting tedious saying it. And I'm getting bored of losing these games. It wouldn't be so bad if you won fairly!" He pouted, and Jack suppressed the urge to lean over the table and devour him. Instead, he chuckled an evil, dirty chuckle, and stuck a red peg next to the previous one on his projection grid.

"Aww, I don't cheat. I'd accept that I'd cheated if you could prove it… But you can't, so you'll just have to admit defeat and succumb to my inevitable victory. If you surrender now, I'll let you chose your position." He winked. Ianto sighed and rolled his eyes. "E3."

"Hit. Ianto reached for another peg. "And sunk." He stood, and his hands moved to remove his suit trousers. Jack stopped him by holding up a hand.

"Allow me." He grinned, standing and stalking round the table to stop a little too close to Ianto for comfort. Ianto looked down to see Jack's hands playing with the waistband of his trousers, but instead found himself focusing on the obvious signs of the Captain's arousal. Did the man have no shame? He wore his erection like it was a boring, old T-shirt. Had no regard for who noticed it, or what their reaction might be. Luckily, Ianto was feeling quite horny himself, and had no objections to the frisky state of his lover. He gasped as Jack flipped open the button of his trousers quickly, and bucked his hips involuntarily as the older man slowly slid down the zipper, being very careful to deliberately brush against Ianto's own erection as he did so. "You're not very good at this game, are you?" Jack asked, and Ianto looked up to catch his eye.

"Sir, after this next move, I will be able to categorically demonstrate what a fiendish cheat you are, and then we will understand how my luck has been so bad." Jack grinned, and leaned forward to kiss Ianto softly on the lips, before dropping the trousers, which pooled at his ankles. Ianto sighed and stepped out of them, and waited until Jack had sat down before he bent over suggestively to retrieve them, and maintained eye contact whilst he folded them carefully and added them to the ever-increasing pile of his clothing which rested on Jack's desk.

"F2" Jack smiled as he sat, and the gleam in his eye said he knew he'd won. Ianto sighed and reached for a peg.

"Miss." He grinned, popping the white peg into place. "My go." Jack's eyes momentarily betrayed his shock that he had missed, but then his face was impassive again.

"Don't waste it." He winked. "You don't get any more chances."

"Nor do you." Ianto smirked. "H7." Jack laughed.

"Miss." He plugged in a white peg.

"Aha! Cheat!" Ianto grinned, triumphantly. "You thought you'd tricked me when you didn't put any of your ships onto the grid, just hid them in your pocket. I've been setting up a network. How, Captain, is it possible for me to have no hits, but for there to be no spaces on your board left which are big enough for your biggest ship?" He rested back in his chair, smiling that evil smile Ianto had for when he'd just one-upped his perplexed boss. Jack considered momentarily.

"Poop." He pouted, and Ianto suppressed the urge to lean over the table and devour him. "Does that mean I lose?" Ianto nodded sagely.

"Indeed, cheating does make you the loser. So.. I believe you may be wearing a few too many layers." Jack grinned mischievously.

"Are you asking for a strip tease?" Ianto raised an eyebrow.

"I wouldn't say no to one." He grinned and leaned forward to whisper, "But the quicker you get naked, the quicker I'll be fucking you…" That was all it took. Miraculously, as though his clothes hung on merely by willpower, Jack was devoid of clothing in mere seconds. Ianto laughed a true laugh for the first time in a little while. He had missed the fun of sex with Jack. It was so much better if you could laugh and be turned on at the same time.

"So… Where do you want me?" Jack grinned, standing proud (in more ways than one) hands on his hips and a look in his eyes which said 'take me. Take me now. I'm yours.'

"I don't think we've done it on Gwen's desk for a while…" Ianto mused, and Jack's eyes twinkled suddenly.

"You seem to like it there, any particular reason?" Ianto grinned and stepped close to Jack, one hand reaching up to caress his face, the other slowly trailing across the taut muscles of his abdomen.

"Yes, actually. It makes me insanely jealous when you flirt with Gwen, and the only way I seem to be able to get revenge is to make it so that whenever you go to her desk to talk to her, all you can see is the pair of us on top of it, moaning and panting. I'd like to think that tomorrow, when she comes in and you go over to say good morning, you wont be able to look her in the eye because you're so desperate to come find me for a repeat session." Jack blinked, then grinned. He loved it when Ianto talked straight to him. The fact that he could tell such simple truths without even a hint of embarrassment made talking dirty to him all the more fun.

"I already have difficulty whenever she shows me stuff on her computer, 'cos all I can think about is last time when I fucked you right in her chair… It drives me crazy. Then again, so do the autopsy room, the hot house, the boardroom, my office, the archives, the armoury and the tourist office. Seems like the only safe place here is the toilets. Since my bedroom's just full of delightful memories." He grinned, and Ianto leaned forward, trailing his fingers over Jack's lips, and leaning to bite gently on his earlobe.

"I'm sure that at some point in the future we can find you some memories for the bathrooms." He allowed his hand to wander lower, gently brushing over Jack's erection momentarily, earning him a startled gasp and a buck of the hips. Grinning, he pulled back removed his own briefs, and allowing a second for the appraising look he knew Jack was giving him, backed off even more and beckoned. "This desk wont dirty itself cariad." Jack moaned at the word cariad. Seriously, his obsession with Ianto speaking Welsh was reaching deranged. He'd even bugged Ianto's phone so he could get off listening to Ianto call his mum. Jack Harkness was a sick, sick, bad, bad man. He followed Ianto over to the desk in question, stopping only to retrieve the necessary supplies from in his drawer. Ianto smiled, and pushed Jack up against the desk, claiming his mouth in a bruising kiss. He tasted, Jack mused, like coffee and strawberries and all Jack's favourite flavours. Ianto moaned into the kiss, his hands flying up, one to cup the back of Jack's head, holding him close, the other to tease it's way across his neck, shoulder's chest and sides, stroking and digging his nails in as he went, eliciting small gasps and moans from the older man. Their tongues fought against each other, and Ianto eventually won the fight, before he broke the kiss, panting and needy.

"God you're hot when you're possessive." Jack moaned, his own hands moving to grope Ianto's arse, pulling him closer. "Fuck me now?" He grinned, nibbling on Ianto's lower lip.

"Patience is.." Jack stopped him with a squeeze to his bum and an experimental thrust, grinding their hips together and creating a wonderful friction.

"For suckers…" He finished for his lover, panting, before engaging him in another round of ferocious tonsil hockey. It was cut short as Ianto spun Jack round and closed in behind him, kissing and biting at his neck and shoulders. Jack didn't much mind, because it meant he was that little bit closer to getting what he ultimately wanted.

"Indeed." Ianto grinned, nipping at a particularly sensitive spot just behind Jack's ear, earning him an involuntary moan. He slipped one hand round to gently stroke Jack, whilst using the other to open a bottle of lubricant. 'multitasking during sex…' Ianto thought to himself 'unnecessary, but still pretty awesome." He had to take his hand back from Jack, who had begun to enjoy it a bit too much and was getting close to coming already, in order to squeeze a small amount out onto his hand. He rubbed his hands together to warm to oil up, and absently put the tube where he could reach it, considering the label which advertised 'amazing great sensational sex' as he began to prepare his lover. Jack keened his name and writhed underneath him, and he smirked into the skin of his shoulder, taking his time to stretch Jack, whilst leaving tiny love bites just below where Jack's collar would rest. In the morning, he would know they were there, but no-one else would. It made him impossibly more aroused just thinking about it.

He took in the sight in front of him. Jack was bracing himself on the desk, brow furrowed in concentration, sweat beading on his forehead. He licked a bead of sweat from his lovers spine and decided that they were both ready. Removing his hand, he opened a condom and rolled it on carefully, before coating himself in more 'amazing great sensational sex' lubricant. He vaguely noticed the scent of strawberries from the tube, before Jack was groaning, frustrated, and looking over his shoulder to gasp.

"Hurry up. Need…" He trailed off as Ianto settled himself behind him and gripped his hip with one hand. Jack whimpered and it was all the encouragement Ianto needed. He gently pushed inside his lover in one smooth motion, and buried himself completely. Jack moaned and pushed back against him gently, encouraging him to move, so he began to thrust, gently, only withdrawing a little each time. The Captain practically growled, "Hard. Fast. For fuck's sake Ianto. FUCK ME!" Ianto was all to eager to comply. He set up a rhythm, pounding into Jack, who was meeting each thrust enthusiastically and losing the ability to form coherent sentences. Ianto listened to him wildly moaning his name, and the occasional 'oh yeah' or 'oh god yes!', he watched him bucking his hips desperately, he felt the way Jack's body jerked with every thrust, and found himself close to the edge far too soon. Reaching round, he began to stroke Jack's neglected cock in time with his thrusts, gasping and moaning himself, praising all sorts of deities he didn't believe in. After a few more thrusts it became too much for both of them. Jack came first, with a hoarse yell of, "GodIantoyesIantofuckohgodyesfuckyesIanto!" Ianto followed him soon after crying out himself, but just one simple,

"Jack!" He collapsed on top of the Captain, who in turn collapsed on top of Gwen's desk, which was coated in the sticky, gooey mess that was Jack's come. Pulling out, Ianto fell back into Gwen's chair, allowing Jack to collapse into his lap and snuggle into the join of his neck and shoulder.

"If that's what I get for losing, I don't think I want to win our games anymore." Jack panted, pressing soft butterfly kisses up Ianto's neck and along his jaw line. "God you're so hot. You're so beautiful. You're so perfect. Ngh!" He moaned, wriggling to be comfortable. Ianto simply smiled and nudged Jack, knowing they'd have to move now or they'd never find the energy to make it to Jack's bunk.

"C'mon. I need to clean up this mess and you can't fall asleep here." Jack grinned and stood, stretching lazily, and helping Ianto up. "Go get in the shower, I'll be there in a minute." He watched a slow grin spread across his lover's face.

"Round two already? Wow… such stamina…" Ianto laughed and pushed Jack playfully.

"No round two yet, but I'm not getting into a tiny, tiny bed with a man who's coated in his own come." Jack looked down at himself and seemed proud of the mess he'd made.

"Okay. I'll go get in the shower." Ianto smiled and watched him head off. He grabbed the cleaning wipes from where he'd left them on Owen's desk earlier that evening, and set Gwen's desk in order, only stopping once he was sure she wouldn't be suspicious. Then, he left to join Jack in what promised to be an extremely fun shower.