Chap. 1: "A promise…to regret."



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Resting on a cliff, a white and gray mansion stood, lights glistening through the grand windows, cars scattered about the curved driveway. Upon the large white door, a dark wreath rested, telling of the sadness that dwelled among those residing inside.

Servants attended to guests clad in shades of black and gray, filling the once lively home with a solemn feeling. Standing at the open patio doors, a man in his early thirties stared at his daughters with sadness filling his honey brown eyes.

Sitting upon the steps in front of him, three little girls felt the emptiness that came with losing their beloved mother. And stepping through the door, he made his way slowly to them. Hearing his approach crimson, amethyst, and emerald rested upon him with pure sadness swirling in each.

Seating himself, he allowed them to climb unto his lap, and somehow all three found a spot of their own. The youngest of the three, sought the most comfort, "Father," her tiny voice reached his ears. "When is mama coming home?" she asked, teary eyed.

"We'll be with her soon," he found himself replying.

"But I want mother now," she continued, sounding as if she was about to cry. "Can't mommy come home?" Only three, she barely understood what it meant for someone to die. And right now, he didn't know how to explain to her that Nadeshiko wouldn't be coming home.

"Father..." Glistening amethyst looked into his eyes, "Why did mother go into the hole?" And hearing this question broke his heart. "Is it to make her better?"

"Mother isn't coming back," the eldest of the three spoke, firmly, anger filling her voice. "She left us." And though she was trying to be strong, her voice was raw from all the crying she'd done. "She's not. She's gone forever, and ever." And hearing this made the other two cry, not wanting to believe their loving mother wouldn't return to tuck them into bed, read them stories or kiss them good night.

"No Mei Lin," he spoke, finally finding his voice. "Darling, your mother will always be with you," he told them, firmly. "Whenever you find yourself missing her, always look to the heavens and know she's watching over you," he explained, making each stare at the sparkling stars above.

"Can't we join her?" the baby of the family asked, sniffling, as she tugged at his shirt. "Can't we father?"

"Soon we'll all be with her, but for now you must remain with me," he smiled, heart broken at having to lose the woman of his dreams after only twelve years of marriage. She made him promise he would devout his life to their daughters, and make sure they grew to be the happiest young ladies. And this was a promise he was going to do everything in his power to keep. "Do you want to leave me?"

"No papa," the second answered, quickly, burying her face in his shirt. He stared out in the yard at all the playthings, feeling his girls draw closer to him for comfort. And wrapping his arms about them, he knew their well being was now his sole responsibility…



Classical music filled the concert hall, enchanting all present with the mystical tunes that spilled forth. Moving her fingers fluidly across the keys, Miss Kinomoto Tomoyo awed the audience with her mastery of the piano.

Seated poised before the large black instrument of the ages, she conquered it and the crowd with deep, vibrant sounds. Her slender fingers rushed across the keys, hitting them with strong, confident, and precise strokes.

Her long black hair was pulled back from her porcelain skin, showing off her finely structured face that glowed with magnificence. And with the last driving sound, she slowly rose from the instrument, and turned towards the audience.

Instantly she spotted her family seated in the front, and an amazing smile flowed across her features. She did a beautiful curtsy, feeling the loud applause pushing against her tiny body. Standing, she couldn't stop smiling seeing how very proud her father was.

The artist in the family, his second daughter found she enjoyed art and music…


As his girls grew, he made sure they excelled at everything they did. They were always at the very top of their class, involved in organizations, and their favorite sports. They were in the children's orchestra, valedictorians of their class, and champions at their chosen sports…


And soon the rich and famous of Tokyo found themselves also greeting Fujitaka whenever there was an important children's function. A small applause sounded when a young rider finished the obstacle course.

Seated poised upon her pure bred, the baby of the family, Kinomoto Sakura awaited her turn. Dressed in a finely tailed riding suit, she allowed her Beauty to trot into the open pen. Staring forward, she concentrated on the task in front of her.

And getting the signal, she rode off maneuvering her steed with ease, and executing each jump with pure control and confidence. When she completed a hard jump, she smiled turning into the next one.

And passing it without difficulty, a smile blossomed upon her face hearing the applause of the crowd. Searching the faces, she saw her father and sisters giving applause as well. Raising her hand, she waved happily to them, giving the command for her horse to continue off the course.

The baby, Sakura tended to do everything her sister's did, trying to find her place. And she enjoyed most of their sports, but favored dancing and riding more.


Soon he found his daughters were facing great opposition because of their talents. Shielding them from it, he watched them flourish, having a talent for the arts. And this was proven when Mei Lin became chess champion and Tomoyo joined scholastic teams competing in different championship games.


Silence filled the surrounding area, and with great efficiency Mei Lin blocked her opponent's moves in the fencing championship occurring in London, England. The only sound in the room was that of their sabers hitting each other repeatedly.

Already advanced, she went up against a eighteen-year-old at only the tender age of twelve. Only their grunting sounds filled the room of onlookers, who watched every move closely. Once again finding himself in the front row, Fujitaka watched his daughter's effortless movements knowing she had this under complete control.

And when the guy's sword was knocked out of his hand, he was the first on his feet clapping when his daughter's sword hilt pressed against the young man's heart. Soon others joined in knowing she'd won.

And pulling off her headgear, she looked towards his face and beamed a bright smile in his direction, running towards him. Jumping into his arms, her long black braid swung showing her happy movements. "I won father," she cried, hugging him tightly.

"Yes, you did," he grinned, returning it tightly. Resting her down, he got his camera ready, and started taking pictures when she received her large trophy. The most independent of his daughters, she went after physical sports such as fencing, archery and martial arts.


At home, he found himself staring at the wall of pictures, placing Mei Lin's latest victory shot on the wall next to her trophies. So many they had that he had to make a trophy room, a side devoted to each daughter.

Smiling, he wondered if his wife was as proud of their daughters as much as he was. Turning away from the picture, he started for the door, knowing soon they would turn into young ladies, and he would find himself alone. "Father!" Sakura cried, looking at him, when he entered their special room. "We were waiting for you," she spoke, turning from the fireplace.

"Were you?" he inquired, walking towards his favorite chair, where Mei Lin was already waiting for him with a game of chess.

"Naturally father," Tomoyo spoke, cutely, looking from her sketchbook. She was cuddled in a large chair, a blanket wrapped about her form. "Mei Mei has no patience."

"I do too!" Mei Lin cried in defense, looking at her sister sharply. She gave her father a bright smile when he sat down to start their game.

"Sakura keep still," Tomoyo chided, wisely ignoring the look her sister gave her.

"I'm trying, Moyo hurry!" Sakura cried, finding her position in front of the fireplace very uncomfortable. Sitting down, Fujitaka listened to his daughters knowing this house would be very boring once all was off to college.

"I am, stop complaining." And with precise movements, she moved the pencil across the sheet, forming her sister's face. And soon silence filled the family room, with only the gentle crackling of the fire sounding in intervals.

And before his eyes, he watched his daughters grow, turning into strong, talented and very independent women. Sadly with each passing year, he found there were a lack of boyfriends, and never a large circle of friends.

And when they left for schooling in the United States, he thought they would gain more independence, but was saddened when all three went to the same school, never desiring to be too far from each other.

And returning home for holidays, there was never a boyfriend tagging behind. And none of the Tokyo bachelors would vouch for his daughters' hand. And it wasn't until Mei Lin finally received her masters in Business, and returned home that news started reaching his ears.


The very summer his daughters returned home for break, he planned to introduce them fully to Tokyo's wealthy. And as if planned, they arrived days before a major benefit Gala. Reaching home first, Mei Lin jumped right into working with her father, helping him out to lesson the workload.

Walking down the hall, she stopped in front of her father's office, and knocked, waiting for him to say enter. And when he did, she turned the door, and jumped hearing a loud surprise! Seeing her sisters, she started to laugh, never knowing they'd arrive. "What on earth!" she cried, happy to see their faces.

"It's your birthday silly, did you forget?" Sakura cried, filled with bubbles. And seeing the look Mei Lin held they started to laugh, running towards their eldest sister.

"Hah you're finally twenty three!" Tomoyo squealed, making Mei Lin wince in pain. "Sorry," she giggled, pressing a kiss to her sister's cheek. "And we're going out to celebrate."

"Are we?" Mei Lin didn't sound too thrilled at the whole idea of celebrating her birthday. "I mean aren't you guys tired from your long trip?"

"Not enough not to go out!" Sakura answered, showing her limitless energy. "Where do you want to go?"

"I don't know," she sighed, starting for her father's desk. Placing the files down, she knew she was never going to get a chance to finish them. "You two decide." She leaned against the desk, looking at them with a lack of energy for celebration.

"Fine we will, sourpuss," Tomoyo spoke, refined.

"Mei Lin's just tired, she's had a long day," Fujitaka spoke, protecting his eldest from the younger more energized sisters. "She's helped a lot since returning home." So much in fact that she turned done every guy that asked her out.

"Okay," The two sighed, calming down. "We'll simply celebrate tomorrow, that should give you enough time to build up some energy," Sakura said, thinking sympathetically. "She is after all getting older," she drawled, watching Mei Lin's face-harden.

"Am not!" she cried, like a little girl.

"Are too!" the others shot back, and yelped when she started after them. Chuckling, he listened to their shouts echoing through the once quiet room. A moment later, Mei Lin's head appeared, and she was beaming with happiness.

"Father, get ready we're going to the Pier for Jon Pierre's famous seafood cuisine," she spoke, trying not to sound too excited, but he could see it in her eyes.

"Wonderful." He was glad they were all home, because he missed them terribly when they were all at school…




Getting out of their father's Mercedes, they stepped unto the sidewalk, waiting for their father to join them. And this was where Fujitaka's problems would start, and swirl out of control into endless wagging of tongues.

Staring at the building in front of her, Mei Lin smiled knowing she loved this place very much. And this was the first meal they were having together in months. "Come girls," Fujitaka called, starting for the doors. Mei Lin walked beside her father, since as she was the eldest, and Tomoyo and Sakura kept each other's company.

Giggling at what Sakura said Tomoyo stared at the young man, who couldn't keep his eyes off her. Shifting under his gaze, she turned her attention to the beautiful artwork that dotted the waiting area. "He's still staring," Sakura whispered, not shy enough to look away from him.

"I don't care, don't look," Tomoyo spoke, finding this place to be quite amazing. And when the young man started for them, she felt her heart beat quicken. At school, they hardly had time to deal with the male population.

"Hello," he greeted, charmingly, stopping in front of them.

"Hi," both greeted at the same time.

"I haven't see you before, but I'm Huang Ju," he introduced himself, showing off his magnificent smile.

"Kinomoto Tomoyo," she started, shaking his hand, "And my sister Sakura."

"I'm going to see what is taking father and Mei Lin," Sakura lied, stealing her arm from her sister's. Watching her leave, Tomoyo resisted the urge to glare coldly at her back. Instead, she aimed a gentle smile in this man's direction.

"Oh, you're Kinomoto Mei Lin's sister?" he asked, finally recognizing who she was. She watched a cocky smile touch his lips, and wondered what that was about.

"Yes, why?"


At this moment, Sakura was telling Mei Lin about the cute guy talking to Tomoyo. And when they turned, they saw and heard the slap that Tomoyo gave the man she'd just met. Watching their sister hurry away from him, they wondered what happened.

Fujitaka was shocked at the force of the hit, and grew concerned. "Tomoyo, what happened?" he asked, worriedly seeing her upset look.

"Nothing father, I handled it," she replied, calmly. The man she slapped had been completely out of line when he teased her sister's lack of beaus since returning home. Just because she didn't seek comfort didn't mean she wasn't interested in men.

"Okay," he sighed, not knowing how badly it was going to get. Until a week later…


Stepping from the limousine, the girls stared at the building in front of them, admiring the entourage of wealthy people strolling inside. Standing beside Mei Lin, Sakura grinned loving parties. Mei Lin on the other hand didn't find this place attractive at all. "Come," she spoke, dragging her forward, her stylish black dress swishing about her legs.

"Calm down," Mei Lin warned, wondering how she was moving so quickly in such shoes. "I don't want to lose father and Tomoyo." And smiling sheepishly, Sakura slowed finding her father and Tomoyo weren't moving as quickly as she'd hoped.

They were dressed in finery, showing their wealth with every step, and every light that hit their expensive jewelry. Walking to show great upbringing, the sisters glanced at all the unfamiliar faces not aware of the news that was traveling through the wealthy and eligible young men.

And entering the ballroom, the sound of music flowed enchantingly towards them, having a calming effect. Fujitaka hoped his daughters would start to make friends or better yet, find companions. Greeting all those familiar to him, he introduced his daughters once again, making conversation and showing them off.

Excusing herself, Sakura strolled through the crowds blocking out all the conversations occurring around her. And with a serene expression, she watched the dancers, wishing she could be out there enjoying herself just as much. "Oh excuse me," she gasped, bumping into a handsome young man.

"No my fault," he grinned, staring into her eyes. "Do I know you?" he asked, sounding very friendly.

"I don't believe you do," she answered, stepping back.

"How about I introduce myself on the dance floor?"

"Sure." She accepted his hand, and started for the crowd of dancers, thanking the lord for answering her wish. And when he drew her close to him, they fell in perfectly with the others moving to the waltz.

With each move, she found he drew her closer, his hand traveling down her back. Forcing a smile, she tried to move back, but he didn't allow it. "So you're a Kinomoto sister," he spoke, knowing no one had been able to get close to one.

"Yes, the youngest," she answered, but he knew this already. And when his hand rested boldly upon her butt, she moved away from him.

"Come now, don't be shy," he grinned, moving her closer to him, even though she was trying to get away. Frowning, she did exactly what Mei Lin told her to do if any guy became too forward. When she stomped on his foot, he yelped in pain getting people's attention. And without regret, she raised her hand and gave a powerful slap across the face of her violator.


Not able to find her sister, Tomoyo headed to get something to drink. She had no idea where Sakura had disappeared, and she couldn't find Mei Lin either. Frowning, she hoped one of them would bump into her.

Going to pour herself some punch, she yelped in surprise feeling someone grope her. Spinning around, she reacted with pure instinct and defended herself. Pulling her fist back, she rammed it into his eye, making him stumble into the drink table crying out in pain.

In front of everyone, she kicked him in the shin, making him fall against the table.


At that same exact time, Mei Lin emptied her glass of champagne in a man's face at the rude comment he made towards her. "You bitch!" And this remark earned him a punch in the face, knocking him right off his feet.


At three different sides of the room, people gasp in shock watching the scenes unfolding in front of them. And every time Fujitaka heard these gasps, he knew instantly his girls were somehow involved.

And standing with his friends, he watched three different men holding some part of their body, preferably their faces, making way towards the exit. Feeling all the eyes on him, he shrunk under the looks not knowing what he was going to do with his girls.

And so began his daughters' membership to the Spinster Club.




After their little confrontations, neither of them felt it was right to be amongst people who were whispering about them behind their backs. And returning home, all felt that they had let their father down terribly.

Seated upon their old swing, Sakura sighed looking at Mei Lin, who rested against the tree trunk, still in her gown. "Is this how it's always going to be?" she asked, turning her eyes to Tomoyo, who was lounged in a chair, right in front of them.

"I don't know, but I don't believe we should allow manner less men close to us. I don't like being groped by a total stranger," Tomoyo answered, speaking her mind. "It's rude."

"I can't help but feel guilty remembering father's look of embarrassment," Sakura pointed out, reminding her sisters. Looking down, silence fell between them; all wishing things hadn't turned out how it did. Since they had been home, it seemed that at every function someone was slapped by one of them.

"If we're failing him in this area, we simply have to make up for it in others," Mei Lin stated, acting like the mother she'd been since their mother's death. "Father isn't angry; he's just a bit disappointed. It'll pass," she assured, speaking with understanding. "He would never want us to degrade ourselves by putting up with selfish men, who only think about themselves." And nodding their heads, they agreed with her promising to make it up to their father…



Three years later…



And just like they promised, each kept their word, and worked to please their father. "Yes I know," Sakura answered, moving her hand over her new design. "What do you think?" she asked her assistant, who moved closer.

"It's nice ma'am," the woman, answered, making her employer frown.

"Nice isn't good enough, people have to look at it and go…wow!" she cried, turning towards her team. "There you are, it's not good enough to sell to my buyers. We must think of something better," she informed, making those present nods. "Good. Dismissed."

Turning towards the drawing, she stared at it wondering how she could fix its flaws. With narrowed eyes, she examined it with excruciating precision. Murmuring to herself, she moved her finger over the edges, forgetting about those around her. "Ma'am, if you wish to make lunch, you must leave soon."

"Yes, yes, I know," she replied, absentmindedly. "I see the problem," she murmured, picking up her pencil. Receiving her masters in architecture, Sakura opened up a company branching off from her father's name, growing their empire. Now she designed and built buildings for major corporations.

Making a few notes so she could fix them later, she glanced at her watch knowing she would be late if she didn't leave. Sighing, she rolled the drawing up, and placed it in the carrying case. Handing it to her assistant, she started for the door. "What do I have to do after lunch?" she asked, walking down the hall, dressed in a black professional skirt suit, and matching heels.

"Just a meeting with Jung-sun, he wants to refer some clients to you. He says he loves his knew building," she answered, pressing the button to the elevator. "There is a three o'clock with Charles, would you like to reschedule for tomorrow?"

"Yes, that's far too soon, I won't be back on time," Sakura answered, when the doors opened. "I won't have my phone on," she explained, taking her drawing and briefcase.

"I know ma'am, have a good lunch."

"I will, see ya, Tilly." Watching the doors closed, she jumped reaching for her phone when it started to ring Tomoyo's tune.




"No, no no!" she cried, throwing a temper tantrum. "Pierre, I told you no pastels, ew!" she cried, drawing an 'X' over the design in front of her. "This is a fall layout, not spring, warm not shockingly outrageous," she spoke, with passion, getting her staffs attention.

"I know darling, calm down. Take a deep breath," Pierre nodded, making Tomoyo follow his instructions. "I know, no pastels."

"Good, sophisticated, remember?" she smiled, calming down.

"I do," he smiled, watching her sink to her chair, calming down from her little episode. "Now the photo shot is scheduled, and the models are ready with outfits given to each. Do you want us to start without you?" he explained, watching her get ready to leave.

"Yes. I know this will drag on, so please make sure everything goes well, I'm counting on you," she spoke, to her most trusted worker.

"Naturally," he answered, showing his love for fashion. After finishing school, she knew instantly she wanted to get into fashion design, and started up her own company. It was weird to branch off from her father's company, but she wanted to keep it together like Sakura did. "If you don't hurry, you won't arrive on time."

"I know," she answered, getting out of her chair. Dressed in cream slacks and a white blouse, she picked up her carrying case. "No cell phone for at least two hours, so if anything chaotic happens, you're on your own."

"Nothing will happen. Haven't you any trust in me?" Pierre asked, passing all the offices, as they made way towards the elevator.

"Of course I have trust in you," She replied, sincerely. She waved to the ladies she worked with, Pierre being one of the few men in her company. "That is why I'm leaving you in charge."

"I feel stressed already." She laughed at the tone he used. She was a control freak, who had to have everything perfect or she would freak out. "Now have some fun, ay?"

"I will." She blew him a kiss, before the doors closed, and when it did, all her employees relaxed, finally able to breathe. They loved her, but sometimes it was hard living up to her high expectations of how things should be.



Stopping at a red light, Mei Lin frowned listening to what she was being told. "No, no, no," she spoke, firmly. "That will not work," she stated, driving off.

"What would you like me to do?"

"I want you to change it. I wouldn't want to invest if that was all I was being offered, seriously George. Can't you come up with something more catchy?" she asked, pressing slightly on her breaks, before turning the corner in her two door black Bentley.

"Yes ma'am, I'll get the staff on it right away," he sighed, sounding very stressed.

"If we pull this off consider yourself getting a big bonus. Now make me proud, pull out your whip and get everyone working. I will return soon, and I hope to find something simply eye catching, that is all I ask," she explained, glancing at her watch. Today had been a very hectic one, and she was glad for a little escape. "Also, check up on the Morrison deal, see what's happening with that."

"Yes ma'am. And calls?"

"Messages! You know I'm not to be interrupted. I'll call when I leave the restaurant," she spoke, pulling into the restaurant she was meeting her family for lunch.

"Okay ma'am." Pressing end, she looked at the valet hurrying towards her. Leaving her phone, she opened her door and stepped out, placing stilettos against the smooth pavement.

"Good afternoon Kinomoto-san," the young man bowed, politely. Acknowledging him, she walked off knowing her father would be inside. She glanced around, finding everything to be in order, just like she liked it.

A year ago, she found she started to buy her favorite restaurants and this was one of her latest purchases. In all she owned about ten and all was of the highest class. Entering, she was greeted instantly by the manager. "Good afternoon Kinomoto-san, your father is awaiting you in the private area," he spoke, walking beside her. "Would you like an update?" he inquired, politely.

"I just wish to have lunch with my family," she replied, making him nod. Looking at her father seated alone at the table, she smiled heading towards him. "Father," she greeted, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

"Darling," he replied, when the manager pulled out her chair. "Tomoyo and Sakura should arrive shortly." And the moment he said this, they appeared through the doors, and made their way towards them.

"Never on time," Mei Lin teased, when each gave their father a kiss on the cheek, before taking their usual seats.

"Hardly, I was here on time, I simply waited for Sakura, who pulled in after I did," Tomoyo informed, ignoring the look Sakura shot her. "Besides we're careful drivers Mei Lin."

"And you're saying that I'm not?" Mei Lin inquired, not having to look at her menu to decide what she wanted.

"We're saying, we would rather stop at a yellow light than cruise on through," Sakura answered, with a grin.

"Girls," their father started, in a warning voice. All three looked at him, and smiled apologetically. "A calm lunch," he reminded them, with a smile.

"Without the mention of business," Tomoyo continued, gently. Closing their eyes, each of them took a breath and let it out, slowly. Fujitaka chuckled at their attempt to calm down and start to unwind from their already tiring day.

"Which isn't the easiest thing for Mei Lin," Sakura started, when her favorite drink was placed in front of her.

"I'm not." And so the bickering started all over again. Being glad to have them with him, Fujitaka relaxed and listened to the usual banter, with a smile. He chuckled watching the glares that were aimed across the table, wondering if they had grown up at all.

"Father." He looked at Mei Lin, who gave him a worried look. "Are you okay?" she asked, since he hadn't joined in their conversation.

"Can't an old man watch his daughters bicker?" he answered, turning the attention towards him.

"You're hardly old father," Tomoyo spoke, knowing he still had many years left in him. "Come now, Sakura's pretty much a baby." She laughed at the look she received from her baby sister.

"Certainly, why I just moved out of the house just last year," Sakura agreed, knowing she really hadn't moved out because she spent most of her nights at home with her father. And though Tomoyo and Mei Lin might not want to admit it, they were home just as much as she was.

"I would hardly call it moving out," Mei Lin spoke, picking on her.

"Is this pick on Sakura day?" She humph, puffing up in the face. And instead of finding three grown women, Fujitaka still saw his baby girls. "Don't you miss me father?"

"Sure I do," he answered, warmly. "Even though you slept home last night," he continued, making the older two laugh. "At least one comes home continuously," he spoke, teasing the other two. Sakura childishly stuck her tongue out at her sisters, who quickly returned the gesture.

After placing their orders, they drifted into calm chatter, speaking of simple things. Sometimes they would find it hard to find things to talk about since all they ever did was work. During their meal, there was some talking, but not enough.

And it was this time, he realized they were grown woman, who didn't have the lives they should. All they ever did was work, and he found it wasn't healthy. When he had been their age, he and their mother still enjoyed life.

And sadness found him, knowing just two months ago, Sakura celebrated her twenty-four birthday, and she hadn't dated but once and that was in high school. The last thing he wanted was for his daughters to end up alone. "Father?" snapping from his thoughts, he found them looking worriedly at him.


"Are you tuning us out?"

"No," he smiled, but they saw his sad look. "I was looking at my three beautiful daughters," he explained, watching their smiles appear.

"And?" Sakura asked, fishing for compliments. He chuckled at the tone she used with him.

"Thinking how very proud you've made me," he concluded, wishing they would find themselves husbands, and settle down. He wanted them to have someone they could always depend on, not just each other.

"Which one of us more?" Tomoyo asked, leaning towards him like the others. "Come on father," She urged when he didn't answer.

"That's an impossible thing to answer," he replied, "Because all of you have made me proud in every possible way." Yet each of them knew they had let him down when it came to forming relationships with men.

"Fujitaka, is that you?" A man's voice asked, interrupting their conversation. Looking up, their father smiled, finding himself staring into the face of a dear old friend. "It is!"

"Aden," Fujitaka grinned, standing to shake his friend's hand. "How long has it been?"

"Far too long," Aden replied, blue eyes catching the girls' attention. They'd never seen such a dark blue before, and thought he was handsome with his black hair, sprinkled with gray. "These are your girls?" he asked, looking at the fine young women.

"Yes, girls this is my long time friend, Chan Aden," Fujitaka introduced, making the girls stand to greet the man. "Mei Lin, Tomoyo and Sakura, in age order," he spoke, making each incline their heads politely.

"How beautiful they are," Aden stated, when a young man walked towards him. Catching sight of a younger version of Aden, all found this one to be very attractive. "My son, Jamie," Aden spoke, when the young man stopped beside him. "Jamie, this is Fujitaka."

"Kinomoto-san, I've heard quite a lot about you," Jamie spoke, shaking their father's hand.

"And his daughters." On his way over, Jamie couldn't help but examine each of the sisters carefully, finding them very beautiful.

"Ladies," he greeted, glancing in Mei Lin's direction.

"Hello," they spoke, smiling. Mei Lin looked away from his peering blue eyes, removing her reading glasses.

"We must get together to catch up," Fujitaka told him, not missing the look shared between Mei Lin and Jamie.

"Yes certainly, I shall give you a call. Good day." Jamie looked one last time at Mei Lin, before inclining his head politely to Fujitaka, then he left with his father. Sitting down, Fujitaka held a smile remembering the good times.

"How come we've never met him before?" Sakura asked, taking a sip of her drink.

"He moved to Hong Kong after getting married," he answered, glancing at Mei Lin. "I haven't seen Jamie in the longest time. He's grown into a fine young man," he murmured, thoughtfully…


Hong Kong…


The sky was void of clouds, and the air still from the lack of breeze. And those around enjoyed the beauty bestowed upon them, soaking in the warmth of the sun's rays. This beauty went unnoticed as two men dueled on the top floor of Shoran Corporation. "This is fucking unreasonable!" a young man snapped, glaring coldly at the man in front of him.

"Unreasonable?" the other echoed, "You're lucky I'm giving you anything!" he hissed, glaring at his half brother with hatred. "You don't deserve anything," he clarified, showing his distaste for the man in front of him.

"I was the one who kept this company going for the past five years, why the hell should you get it?"

"Because unlike you Xiao Lang, I'm legitimate," He spoke, cruelly, lavishing in the hardened look he received. "Now you can take the Tokyo offer or leave it. Do you really want to leave your mother out on the streets?"

"Leave my mother out of this ass hole," he bit out, tightly, clenching his fists.

"Why? She's apart of this."

"Zao," he spoke, in a warning tone. Amber bore into endless black eyes, hardening with every passing second.

"If you don't leave my office right now, I will withdraw my offer," Zao threatened, rising slowly from his chair. "The only reason you're getting this is because father made it clear you had to get something. Now get out of my sight!"

"You're going to regret this," he promised, removing his hands from his half brother's desk.

"I regret nothing, you're a Li, not a Shoran, you don't deserve anything!" Zao spat, with contempt coating his words. "Nothing." Turning away from Zao, he walked briskly towards the door, and exited slamming it shut.

Heading down the hall, people made sure to move out of his way knowing the mood he was in. Entering the elevator, he pressed the button, and rested against the wall. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

This company made hundreds of millions because of his hard work, and for Zao to reap the benefits infuriated him. Now he was being shipped to Tokyo to the failing company. Without millions behind him, and his clients obligated to honor their contracts with Zao, he had to find new ones to get his company running.

Stepping off the elevator, he walked lifelessly towards his sports car. Getting in, he rested his head against the wheel and closed his eyes, feeling completely helpless. He didn't want to tear his mother from what little friends and family, who still spoke to her.

He knew once she heard his news, she would be packed and ready to leave with him. Driving into the light, he winced putting on his shades. And without looking back, he sped off leaving the large building behind him.

Once again, he had to start all over, an ironic laugh left his lips. And tightening his hold on his steering wheel, he promised himself he would turn this around and gloat in Zao's face. He was going to climb back to the top, and prove to his mother and father's family, that he was worth it. "That's right," he promised, with sheer determination.

Turning his car off, he got out and walked towards the elevator. Pressing his apartment floor, he waited impatiently trying not to frown. Stepping off, he entered his apartment, and wasn't surprised when his mother appeared. "What did he have to say?" Yelen asked, her only son, gently.

"He's shipping me to Tokyo, signed over the failing company to me," he answered, waiting for a reaction, but received none.

"Did he sign it over to you completely?" she asked, clasping her hands in front of her.

"Yes mother," he answered, showing her respect.

"Then we shall make it work," she said, showing the same confidence and determination he held.

"I don't want you to leave everything you have here. I can do it alone," he explained, going to walk off but her look stopped him dead in his tracks.

"I have nothing here, wherever you go I shall be right behind you," she explained, showing her stubborn streak. And without complaints, he nodded, watching her beautiful smile appear. They were all each other had, and the bond they shared couldn't be matched.

He was here because his mother had been willing to give up her life. She risked losing everything when she brought him into this world. And sometimes he didn't understand why, when his father hadn't been worth it. "Then we leave as soon as possible," he explained, handing her his briefcase filled with all the legalities when she reached for it.

"I will have the movers here tomorrow, and an apartment will be booked for us. Let's review these shall we?" she spoke, since she was also his legal advisor, knowing what he did from her.

"Yes." When one didn't have many to fall back on, it was always a blessing to have someone who would be there for you no matter what. And from since he could remember his mother had been playing the role of father and mentor. Everything she had went into making sure he had the best education so he could succeed.

And this was why he was determined to show her that her efforts hadn't been in vain.

Sitting beside her baby boy, Yelen slipped on her reading glasses. As long as there was life in her body, she would make sure no one hurt her son, even though he was capable of taking care of himself.

He was all she had, and she wanted to move on to the next world knowing he wasn't alone. This was where she faced her biggest predicament. Many girlfriends he had but had been unable to keep a hold of any of them.

And she was worried that he would end up alone, unless she could do something about it. She wanted him to be happy, because she knew he really wasn't. Whenever asked why he broke it off with them, he merely answered that none was like her…


A week Later…Tokyo


A woman dressed in a nice peach suit, and large sun hat, walked down the hospital hall, heading for her son's office. Smiling at those she passed, she opened his door. Entering, she found him seated behind his desk as usual. "Mother," He greeted, without having to look up. She was the only person who entered without knocking.

"Darling," she greeted, beautifully, removing the dead flowers from the vase, and filling it was fresh ones. "Have you forgotten about tonight?" she inquired, making him finally look up from his work.

"I haven't," he answered, removing his glasses to rub his eyes. "I will be out of here on time, believe me," he promised, watching her relax.

"Good. You know I heard that Vanessa is back in town," she spoke, speaking of a girl, who was very interested in her son. "Why not invite her for lunch?"

"Mother, please," he sighed, wishing she would stop trying to play matchmaker.

"Darling, I'm only looking out for your well being," she spoke, ignoring his plea for her to stop. Whenever she visited she would always do this, "You won't be young forever."

"I know."

"And I still want my grandchildren," she informed, sounding very impatient. "Eriol, darling, I'm only worried about you." Light blues stared at her lovely face, pleading with her silently. "You have a line to keep up."

"Yes, I know this. And you shall have your heir to the Hirragizawa line, but only when I find the right woman," he explained, standing from his chair.

"Well if you don't leave this hospital every other day, all the right ones will be snatched up," she complained, when he removed his white jacket, and hung it up.

"Ready to have lunch?"

"Of course," she smiled, exiting when he opened the door for her. She didn't mean to bother him every day, but she was getting old. It was only natural to want grandchildren while she still had a bit of life left in her bones.

"Then let's go, promise no talk of finding a wife for me?"

"Of course." She gave a soft laugh, knowing she would still think about it. She was on a mission, and Hirragizawa Kaho, never gave up until she accomplished her goal. She knew her son was very attractive in various ways, and any woman would want to marry him in a heartbeat. She just had to figure out a way to get one attached to him without the dating process.

And tonight she promised herself she would throw Vanessa right into his path. Too bad, she didn't know, she wasn't the only one facing such a problem.


Kinomoto Mansion…


Standing in front of the large window, Fujitaka stared at his daughters who were exercising in the yard. Thinking about their futures, he felt a chill run through him when he pictured them in their eighties hanging out in the yard alone.

Frowning, he knew something had to be done about their current situation. "I cannot allow them to throw their lives away unintentionally," he told himself, firmly. "Nadeshiko, I promise you I shall find our daughters husbands!" Now he had the most impossible task of finding men either brave enough or stupid enough to seek their hand.

"I'm going to have to go out of the country, somewhere far from Japan," he murmured, with a groan, wondering how much he would have to pay the three unlucky men to marry his daughters. And staring at them, he knew he would give anything just to make sure they were happy.

They waved to him, and he waved back knowing they had no idea what he was considering…




Looking at the crowd of people in front of them, Syaoran stood beside his mother, knowing all the ones he had to get familiar with. Walking off, he knew she would charm them, before he got comfortable enough to talk business.

With her arm resting on his, Yelen smiled at those they passed searching for familiar faces. They were on a mission, and were the perfect team, who got just about everything they wanted. New to Tokyo, she knew there were a lot of enemies to be made, but prayed there would be twice as many allies…


Walking about the crowd, Tomoyo smiled at the few she was familiar with, which meant only her father's friends. She hated coming to such functions, because she didn't fit into them. She hadn't a clique of ladies to hang out with, like every other female her age.

Sighing, she stopped abruptly and turned, only to bump into a man. Looking up, she moved back, staring into his unfamiliar light blue eyes. "I beg your pardon," he said, moving back quickly.

"I'm sorry," she replied, placing her hand against her chest. "I hadn't meant to turn so quickly." She wondered if he was new to Tokyo, because he wasn't running away from her, or maybe he just didn't go out much. "Please excuse me."

Watching her walk away, he continued to the group of men he'd been heading towards. "You're lucky she didn't bite your head off," his friend, grinned.

"Why?" he asked, not finding her to be scary.

"She's a Kay sister," another answered, and seeing the lost look, he sighed. "Fresh out of London," he sighed, getting Jamie and Syaoran's attention as well. "Three beautiful, and very wealthy sisters, who are so unapproachable no man in Tokyo will go near them. They're called the Spinster Sisters because of their aggression towards men."

"Oh," Eriol spoke, wondering what kind of men he was talking to. He was from England, only residing in Tokyo for a little over a month. Glancing at Jamie and Syaoran, he saw they held the same expressions on their faces…


Looking around for Tomoyo, Sakura held back a yawn ignoring everyone around her. She could careless for people, who didn't have enough courtesy to be nice. Turning, she flung her dress about her, and went to walk off when someone stepped unto it.

Pulling it loose, she spun around angrily, and had to look straight up in order to see the man's face. "Have a bit of manners, and watch where you're stepping," she spoke, making him stare down at her.

"If you hadn't thrown your dress like that, I wouldn't have stepped unto it," he replied, matching her tone.

"A gentlemen watches where he's going," she informed, stepping back.

"And a lady knows not to raise her voice," was his curt response. Glowering at him, she turned and walked off without another word. Watching her form disappear, he frowned wondering if he'd just encountered a Kay Sister. Not caring, Syaoran walked in search of his mother…


Fujitaka was standing off to the side, talking to Aden about his planned move to Tokyo. So engrossed in their conversation, they failed to see when a woman stared at them with recognition in her eyes. He was unconsciously waiting for a line of men to make way to the exit from their unfortunate encounter with his daughters. "Fujitaka, Aden?" Yelen gasp, looking at her college friends.

"Yelen?" They asked together, smiles appearing on their lips. "What a surprise," Aden grinned, looking at the beauty.

"Yes, what a surprise," Fujitaka agreed, sharing the smile.

"A small world, isn't it?" Yelen said, glad to have come across Fujitaka and Aden.

"Oh my lord!" a woman gasp, getting their attention. "Yelen, Aden and Fujitaka!" Kaho spoke, in shock, staring at her old college buddies.

"Kaho!" Yelen spoke, giving her friend a hug. "Oh it has been too long," she spoke, wondering if the Lord was looking out for her.

"Far too long, what a small world," Kaho murmured, giving Aden and Fujitaka a warm greeting just like Yelen. "Who would have thought I would bump into you. How long have you been here?" she asked Yelen and Aden.

"A week," Yelen answered, standing beside Fujitaka.

"Just about two weeks," Aden filled in, handing both ladies champagne. "I thought you lived in London," he said to Kaho, who nodded.

"My son and I did, but found it was a wise move to return here since the company is here. We've been back for a month," She explained, smiling warmly. "And speaking of son, here he is right now," she said, making them look at Eriol.

Not far behind him Jamie and Syaoran headed their way as well. And Fujitaka was surprised to find three young men coming towards him, remembering that he had three daughters. "Mother," Eriol greeted, reaching first.

"Darling, I want to introduce my long time friends Yelen, Aden and Fujitaka," she introduced, happily, glowing. "My son Eriol."

"Hello," He greeted, politely to the older people. Syaoran and Jamie arrived a few minutes after he did, and the introductions started again. Fujitaka eyed each young man noticing they lacked wedding bans, and were fresh meat.

And as he thought about this, his daughters appeared through the crowd, walking towards him locked in conversation. "My girls," he said, when they were near. Looking at their father, each noticed a very familiar face in the group. "Girls," Fujitaka grinned, when they reached his side. "I want you to meet Li Yelen and her son Syaoran." Sakura looked at him, only to have him match her firm expression. "And Hirragizawa Kaho and her son Eriol." He and Tomoyo looked at each other in surprise. "My daughters Mei Lin, Tomoyo and Sakura."

"We've already met," Sakura and Syaoran spoke, not sounding fond of each other. Fujitaka sweat drop wondering if she would give him a chance to cook up a scheme.

"Good," he grinned, wondering what the future held at this very eventful meeting. Kaho was also examining the merchandise, as was Yelen, sadly enough. And Aden had already picked out his son's future bride. Mei Lin was already claimed in his eyes…




And so all hell breaks loose…right?



Author's note: I've been sitting on this story for the longest time. I hope you enjoyed the chapter, n' depending on your response, I'll consider continuing. Hope you enjoyed it…until next time….I hate how the first chapter usually drags…