Chap. 20: "Meet me halfway…"



"Not important!" Jamie shouted, following behind Mei Lin, who was making her way up the stairs.

"Yes, get out of my father's house. This instant!" she screamed, pointing behind her. To think he had been in the room, listening in on their conversation the whole time sickened her.

"Do you think I'm going anywhere after finding this out!" Frizzled she threw her room door open, and entered, attempting to close it, but he held it in place. "I think I deserve an explanation!"

"You deserve nothing," she told him, bitterly, spinning around to look at him. "Leave."

"I'm not leaving," he told her, still upset. She looked at him, praying to God, he wouldn't get too worked up. "Why do you find it so hard to forgive me?" he asked, when she sat on the edge of her bed, looking away from him.

"Because I know you're going to leave again," she told him, weakly. "This isn't the time for me to have stress. Don't do this to me," she begged, brokenly.

"Mei Lin, I just want to love you, but you won't allow me," he countered, frustrated.

"I don't want to love you," she cried, not looking at him. "Can't you understand that? You didn't want me when I was sick, and you don't want me now. According to Eriol, my pregnancy is high risk. I don't want to see your pity if it doesn't work out," she explained, sounding as though she had given up already.

"Mei Lin…" he whispered, devastated. He would rather her being wickedly upset with him than this way. It worried him.

"Please Jamie, if you love me as much as you claim, you'll leave," she begged, squeezing her eyes shut, with agony. "I can't even look at you!" She heard him walk forward, praying he would follow her orders. She couldn't be with him right now.

"Fine," he sighed, not wanting to put her in any compromising position. "I'll leave Tokyo so my presence doesn't put you and the baby at harm. Good-bye, Mei Lin." Hearing his retreating steps, she opened her eyes only after she was sure he was gone.

Instantly her eyes locked on the black box in front of her, making her burst into tears, feeling even worse than before…




Entering Fujitaka's home, she removed her coat, looking annoyed. Behind her, Lian followed loyally, taking in the beauty of the house. "Yelen-san, the family is gathered in the family room."

"Thank you." She looked at Lian, when he appeared at her side. "Please be on your best behavior," she asked, with a tired sigh.

"I am always on my best behavior," he replied, knowing she didn't believe a word that left his mouth. She noted that for a man, who claimed to be ill, he was perfectly capable of driving her up the wall. When they entered the room, all eyes turned to her.

"Yelen," Fujitaka managed to smile, getting from his chair. "And I believe this is Shoran Lian?" he asked, holding out his hand to Fujitaka. "It's been a long time."

"It has, Fujitaka," Lian replied, before turning his eyes to Aden. "And you, where's that son of yours?" Lian asked, not knowing it was sensitive subject.

"Jamie is preparing to return to Hong Kong," Aden replied, shaking his hand. "It has been awhile," he agreed, with a nod. When Lian looked at her, Kaho rolled her eyes, folding her arms over her chest. This gesture brought a laugh to Lian's lips, because he knew what the look was for.

"Kaho," he grinned, walking towards her. "Aren't you going to greet me."

"I haven't forgiven you, Lian," she humph, acting like a young woman. "I still owe you a slap."

"You do," he agreed, nodding. Looking at his charming face, she gave a reluctant sigh, getting to her feet. He chuckled, when she hugged him, "Glad you've forgiven me."

"I haven't," she informed, moving from his arms. "I'm afraid if I were to slap you, you might very well drop dead. And I don't believe Fujitaka would appreciate that," she stated, listening to his laughter. "I hadn't meant for it to be funny."

"Doesn't mean it wasn't…"

"My son, Eriol," she introduced. Syaoran watched his father meet everyone, using his charm on them. He couldn't figure out why he was truly here. However, he was going to remain suspicious until the very end.

Seated beside her sister, Mei Lin smiled at Lin, who was entangling her hands in her hair. She giggled when it touched her face. Examining the little girl, she found herself wondering how her baby would look. And if she or he would be as happy as, Lin would.

Reaching for her hand, Sakura gave it a gentle squeeze to make her know she had someone there for her. She prayed her sister would come to her senses. She loved Jamie, and he was here willing to be with her, yet she was pushing him away.

"Dinner is served," One of the helpers announced, getting their attention. Handing Lin to her father, Mei Lin stood, straightening out her dress. Looking up, she found Yelen was walking towards her.

"I need to speak with you in private," she stated, making Mei Lin nod. When everyone left the room, Yelen sat, gesturing for her to sit as well.

"What is it?" she asked, the older woman, gently.

"I was a bit younger than you when Lian and I crossed paths," she started, getting Mei Lin's attention at the story she was about to tell. "It started off just like you and Jamie, then we fell in love," she explained, sounding as though she was still in love with him. "He unlike Jamie was married to another, yet willing to leave his wife for me." Her heart ached for her lost love, but she felt as though this story would help Mei Lin make her decision. "I told him not to, because I felt guilty at the act I had committed. And even though I was carrying his child, I believed his place was with a woman he didn't love…"

"Yelen..." Mei Lin voiced, not wanting her to tell such inner most secrets to her.

"No, listen to me," Yelen replied, cutting her off. "Just like you, I believed I was doing the right thing for he and myself. Soon you'll come to find it was a mistake, because your child like my Xiao Lang will grow without his father, when he was here willing to marry you. For the rest of your life, you'll come to regret this one decision. For now, my heart still longs for Lian, with the same force as it did when I first fell in love. Don't make the same mistake I did, for Jamie doesn't belong to another." She placed her hand upon Mei Lin's cheek to wipe a tear away. "However he will soon, because he's one of the few real men out there. Don't lose him because you're afraid."

"I don't want to hurt him," she voiced, brokenly. "What if I lose his baby?" Tears glistened in her eyes. "I don't believe I could live with it."

"Forget about the what if's…live for now. You need him, and he needs you. Allow him to be there for you, to comfort you." Mei Lin nodded, looking at her clasped hands. "That's a good girl. Now I will tell everyone you won't be attending dinner."

"What if he doesn't want to see me?" she questioned, bringing a smile to Yelen's lips.

"You're the only person he wants to be with, right now." Wiping her eyes, Mei Lin nodded, standing with Yelen…




Still he couldn't believe he'd actually given into her wish. Seated at the table, he stared out the window, finding it impossible for him to concentrate. "What's the matter?" Sherri asked, getting his attention. He looked at her, thoughts still focusing on Mei Lin.

"Nothing," he answered, with a tiny smile. She would be returning with him in the morning. He on the other hand was starting to reconsider giving into Mei Lin's outrageous wish. Lifting his glass to his lips, he took a drink of his wine. "Thinking about tomorrow." He didn't want to leave her and his child behind.

"It'll be great to return to familiar surroundings," she smiled, reaching to touch his hand. "And you can take James to your favorite park."

"Yeah," he nodded, thinking of the child he was leaving behind. She could sense that he hadn't been with her all night. When his card was returned, she stood from her chair.

"We should go home, we've got an early day," she said, making him follow. Putting his card away, he found her picture staring back at him. Closing it, he placed it away, before leading Sherri out of the restaurant…


Mei Lin…


When she arrived at his building to find someone had parked in her spot, she got quickly irritated. Using her key, she pressed for his floor, pushing down her desire to call security for the car to be removed. Stepping off, she headed down the hall.

Using the key, she opened the door and entered, placing her keys upon the table. Closing the door behind her, she knew he'd probably be in his room. When Marie appeared in the hall, she gave a surprised look as did the helper. "Miss Mei Lin," she greeted, surprised.

"Hello Marie, where is Jamie?" she asked, looking at James, when he appeared behind Marie, rubbing his eye.

"He went to dinner with Miss Sherri," Marie answered, though she didn't want to. Mei Lin was hurt that he didn't even have the decency to spend the night home after the conversation they had.

"Oh, I see," she stated, trying to mask her anger and sadness. "Well I just dropped by for a file I'll need for the office," she lied, not wanting to appear stupid and just leave empty handed.

"Oh…okay," Marie nodded, appearing deflated at her words. She had been hoping she came to make amends with Jamie so she wouldn't be out of a job. "I'll rest James down, while you help yourself."

"Thank you," Mei Lin smiled, wearily, heading down the hall with her. Coming to his office, she glanced at his room door, wondering if he'd brought her in there. Turning her head away, she opened the door, but found she was unable to enter due to the memories it held.

She closed her eyes. "Damn it all to hell," she whispered, starting down the hall. Hearing the front door open, she paused in the hall, taking steps backwards. Spinning around, she headed back to his office, and closed the door behind her.

Resting against it, she listened to their voices get louder. Hearing that woman's laugh made Mei Lin clench her fists with anger. Standing in the door, Jamie watched Marie stand from James's side. Sherri entered the room, to check on her son. "Master Chan," Marie beamed, ignoring the odd look he gave her. She walked towards him, "Miss Mei Lin is here," she informed, surprising Sherri and Jamie.

"Where?" he asked, with confusion.

"In your office, sir," she informed, making him nod turning towards the door. His heartbeats went faster as he thought about her reason in coming to his apartment after their argument. Placing his hand on the door, he tried to move it forward, but found it was stuck.

"Mei Lin, move from the door," he instructed, knowing she was pressing against it. He tried to open it again, finding it wouldn't budge. "Mei Lin?" When he attempted again it opened. Entering, he closed the door behind him.

"I merely came for a file," she informed, searching through the wrong cabinet.

"If that's so then you might want to look through yours not mine," he informed, making her stop short, feeling retarded. Closing it, she turned to him, "Mei Lin?"

"I'll be gone shortly, I don't want to interrupt your evening," she stated, not looking at him. He latched the door behind him, having a feeling she was here for more than a file.

"You're interrupting nothing," he replied, walking towards her. "Why are you really here?" he questioned, reaching out to touch her. When his hand rested on hers, she stood still, staring at the wall.

"That's no longer important. It's clear tonight didn't affect your ability to spend the night out," she stated, telling him she was jealous and upset.

"I had dinner with a friend. It wasn't enjoyable, because I couldn't get you off my mind. Sherri isn't a threat to you," he informed, turning her to him. "Because I love you, and I know you're here because you love me as well."

"I never said I didn't love you, I merely claimed I didn't want to," she told him, brokenly. "I'm scared, and I don't want to be alone." When he slid his fingers through hers, a smile touched his lips, feeling the cool metal against his flesh.

"Do you want to now?" he asked, drawing her to him.

"I don't believe I had a choice," she whispered, when his hand caressed her cheek. "Don't leave me." For her to ask him to stay was what he'd been waiting for her. Dipping, he captured her lips in a tantalizing kiss.

Wrapping her arms about his neck, she held unto him, her tongue slipping into his mouth. A moan left her, when he moved her to sit on his desk. Parting, he smiled, giving her another kiss. "I love you, and I'm glad you came to me, because a while ago I decided to ignore you plea for me to leave," he explained, bringing a laugh to her lips.

"Good, idiot, because I would have hated your sorry ass if you left me," she snapped, though with a beautiful smile. "Since as you have a guest, how about you spend the night at my father's, with me?" she whispered, wrapping her legs around his.

"Anything you desire," he whispered, before they shared another kiss.


"Aaahhh!" Lin squealed, running away from Lian, who growled, following behind her. Laughing amusedly, Sakura watched the sight before her, seated beside Syaoran. "Gran pa pa, no!"

"It's easy to say she warmed up to him rather quickly," Kaho smiled, watching the two.

"Of course she did, I'm her grandfather," Lian voiced, mightily, making her roll her eyes.

"Whatever," Kaho smiled, turning away. She went to continue, when two figures appeared in the door. Aden beamed a smile at Fujitaka, who returned it seeing his daughter and Jamie. "You missed dinner," she informed, happily.

"Martha is preparing something for me now, Jamie had dinner out," Mei Lin informed, making him sigh, knowing she wasn't going to drop it. "Can you believe it?"

"Mei Lin," he whispered, only to have her kiss his chin, before sitting down.

"Don't complain," she warned, making it clear to Jamie, she was going to make him suck up. He sat beside her, knowing them being together was the next stage. Their parents wouldn't be satisfied until they said 'I do' and children appeared.

"Mei Lin has graciously…" He grunted in pain, causing laughter. Looking at her, he sighed, turning his attention to his family. "Since Tomoyo and Eriol have stolen December, her words, we decided upon the first week of November," he explained, making all gasp in surprise.

"That's only a month away," Tomoyo said, looking at her sister. "How can we possibly put a wedding together in a month?"

"We're the Kinomoto's, we can do anything," Mei Lin informed, sounding as though she was seated at a conference table. "I'm not getting married with a belly." Hearing her only complaint brought laughter to the group.

"November is perfect," Aden cried, happily. "And we're going to have a wonderful wedding," he continued, knowing his son and daughter in law deserved the best. Getting out of her chair, Sakura walked slowly towards Lin.

"Darling, don't go too close towards the pool," she called, getting Lin's attention.

"Kero!" she squealed, pointing at her pet. "Come!" Barking wildly, he ran towards them, slipping through Sakura's legs. Screaming she turned, falling into the pool. Everyone stood, watching the sight, and trying not to laugh.

Getting splashed, Lin giggled, clapping her hands, happily together. Pushing out of the water, Sakura looked at her family, "Go ahead, I don't care!" she humph, swimming to the edge. Laughing, Syaoran walked towards her and Lin, who was now soaked.

"It couldn't be that hot out," he teased, helping her out.

"It's not, you know me, always eager to take a swim." Mary appeared in the door, carrying a tray of champagne.

"I'll fetch a towel for Miss Sakura and Miss Lin," she voiced, with amusement. "A toast I believe is in store?" she questioned, allowing Syaoran to reach for two glasses.

"Yes, a toast," Mei Lin smiled, reaching for a glass. Everyone stood, Syaoran holding unto Sakura's glass, because she lifted Lin into her arms.

"To Mei Lin and Jamie for finally making up their minds," Tomoyo called, giggling at the look she received. "To Mei Lin and Jamie!" Everyone said, when Syaoran handed Sakura her glass. Placing it to her lips, she took a drink, feeling when something hit her lip.

Moving the glass back, she watched a ring swirl to the bottom, in horror. Lifting her eyes to Syaoran, she jumped into him. "Yes!" she cried, scaring the others, who stared at her in confusion. Laughing he held unto her.

"You didn't even give me a chance!" he claimed, making her move back, sheepishly. "Sakura, really now," he teased, caressing her cheek. Yelen and Lian stared neither knowing he had planned on proposing tonight.

"Sorry," she whispered, before they shared another kiss. "Mei Lin isn't the only impatient sister," she voiced, making the group laugh. "But go ahead, I'm ready now." Fujitaka chuckled, shaking his head at his youngest daughter.

"It takes all the fun out of asking now, I already know your answer," he sighed, only to have her slap him on the arm. Angrily, she shoved him, making him fall over the edge, with a yelp. Lin squealed, getting splashed for a second time.

Mei Lin moved so the water wouldn't hit her. "You think he would have learned ages ago," Eriol muttered, making his fiancée laugh, resting in his arms. "I learnt."

"You sure did," she agreed, before they shared a tender kiss. Surfacing, Syaoran glared at Sakura, who stuck her tongue out at him.

"You asked for it, all you had to do was ask me again, you ogre!" she called, not sounding angry, but both shared the same annoyance. "Maybe I would have surprised you!"

"How? By saying I'll think about it?" he cried, hauling himself out of the water. "Damn it, Sakura," He removed his jacket.

"Xiao Lang," Lian said, firmly, getting his son's attention.

"What?" he asked, not in the mood for his lecturing.

"Ask your future wife to marry you, just like she wants," he stated, earning a glare at him. "You're the one who is going to have to live with it for the rest of your life. Do you want to hear in twenty years from her lips that you ruined her proposal?"

"I didn't, she did by answering before I could even ask!" he defended, shouting in pain, when she kicked him in the leg. Spinning around, he reached for his daughter, and handed her to Mei Lin. Moving back, Sakura attempted to run, but yelped when he grabbed a hold of her.

Lifting her into his arms, he threw her screaming form into the pool, spinning around with a satisfied look on his face. Lin watched the splash, with sadness because it didn't reach her. Jamie and Eriol laughed only to recieve slaps from their significant others.

Instead of coming out of the water, Sakura remained seated in the bottom, arms folded over her chest. Standing at the edge, Syaoran watched her, wondering how long she planned to remain in the bottom. Fujitaka sighed, "Xiao Lang, you'd better get her from the bottom," he voiced, getting his attention.

"Why?" he questioned, not feeling the need to get into the pool for a second time.

"Because, if she comes up on her own she won't say a word to you for God knows how long," He answered, wearily, knowing she'd done it to him plenty.

"Father's correct," Tomoyo started, with concern. "She didn't speak to him for a month, when he failed to retrieve her and get her the plane she wanted."

"You can't be serious, she's a grown woman. She has to be out of that stage," he replied, adamant about standing his ground. No one said anything else, because Sakura moved swimming towards the stairs. Climbing out, she wrung her hair out, not appearing upset.

Her family on the other hand had seen such a look before. It was on. Lifting her eyes to him, she showed no anger towards him, as she walked in his direction. Without a word, she walked pass him, and retrieved Lin from her sister. "Water!" Lin cried, wanting to go into it.

"Tomorrow, baby," she told Lin, tenderly.

"Here you are ma'am," Mary said, making Sakura take the towels. Resting one on her shoulder, she wrapped the child in the other.

"Sakura," Syaoran said, walking towards her. She ignored him not even acknowledging his presence. He frowned. "Sakura?"

"Congratulations Mei Lin," she said to her sister, completely ignoring him. "Father, everyone, I bid you good night," she chirped, turning on her heels to find Syaoran standing in front of her. When he raised a brow, she raised hers. "Say goodnight, Lin," she said, tenderly.

"Sakura…" She swore she could hear a threatening growl from him.

"Goodnight to you too, and if you know what's good for you, you won't come to the penthouse," she stated, bitingly, walking pass him.

"Did you forget that's my house?" he cried, spinning around to look at her.

"I don't care!" she shouted, back. He turned to face Fujitaka, not believing that little mongrel was actually doing this to him, when he'd merely intended on asking her to marry him.

"Your daughter needs a good beating," he said, before he left to stop her.

"He'll be back…" Tomoyo assured, with a sigh…

Exiting the house, Syaoran jumped when Sakura's car drove pass him. Scowling, he reached into his pocket, realizing he'd forgotten his keys. He hurriedly entered the house, bent on beating her to the apartment…




She giggled, when Sakura tickled her. Laughing, she lifted her from the dressing table, and started for the bedroom. She glanced at the phone that was off the hook, not losing her smile. The noise on the front door had ended a while back.

Pulling the sheets back, she rested Lin in the middle. "Let's see what I'm going to read to you tonight," she said, resting beside her daughter. "Oh 'The Jungle Book', see," she showed, Lin the cover, drawing her into her arms.

"Snake!" she pointed, at the picture, not missing her father, who'd given up pounding on the door.

"Yeah, scary snake," she agreed, before she started to read the words…


Seated on the bed, Tomoyo bit unto the tip of her pencil, giving a thoughtful face. With her sister's wedding a month before hers, she was going to make it her priority to create the most beautiful wedding dress. "Can you believe it, she's getting married and having a baby. It's amazing," she told Eriol, who was in the bathroom. "Her wedding announcement is going to be a shocker!"

He glanced at her, knowing she was very happy for her sister. "What do you think about Syaoran and Sakura?" he asked, softly, turning out the bathroom light.

"I think he has some groveling to do," she replied, amusedly. "We all told him, but he's too hardheaded to listen." He sat behind her, hands moving to her tense shoulders. "Mhmm," she whispered, closing her eyes. "Tomorrow, I'm going to spend most of the day with Mei Lin, Jamie, father and Aden to plan their wedding. Then after I'll meet you and Kaho to plan our wedding," she informed, telling him of her busy schedule.

"And at approximately eleven p.m. I'll finally have you all to myself," he joked, making her laugh, then sigh.

"You'll have me sooner than that," she replied, placing the sheets onto the nightstand. Moving back, she turned to face him, "Like right now," she flirted, resting him on his back. Removing his glasses, she placed them at a safe distance. "Doctor."

Leaning forward, she teased him with a kiss, moving back…




Resting in bed, hands behind his head, he found he should have listened to Fujitaka's words. If he had, he wouldn't find himself alone tonight. "Damn," he whispered, with regret. Now he had to think of ways to make her forgive him.

He didn't want to hear about his awful proposal in twenty years…


Next Day…


This morning Sakura had tried her best to evade Syaoran. First, she dropped Lin off to her grandparents' right after he left the property. Then she hightailed it to her office, diving headfirst into her meetings, without delay.

She knew he'd been calling all morning, but she hadn't taken any of his calls. "Yes, yes," she nodded, reading the papers in front of her. "We can do that."

"Then we have a deal?" She laughed, lifting her eyes to look at the man. This laugh got stuck in her throat, seeing the words the window cleaner had written down. Slowly rising from her chair, she eyed him wearily, almost gasping when she noticed it was Syaoran.

"I wouldn't get ahead of myself," she told him, not noticing the people standing outside the conference room. Glancing at the marker in her hand, she grinned evilly. Syaoran watched her walk towards him, wondering what she was going to do.

Beside him stood the window washer, who he'd graciously bribed into this. A frown touched his lips, when she wrote a big 'X' over no, then scribbled 'get lost'. She gave a dazzling grin, before turning abruptly away from him. "Yes, I'll have the contracts drawn up for you to sign, I'm afraid I must go," she told the man, knowing she had to get out of the building.

"Let's go down," Syaoran instructed the man, knowing she was going to try to bolt. "Quickly."


Getting into the elevator, Sakura looked at her running shoes. She gave a soft laugh, knowing this was absolutely ridiculous. Watching the numbers change a sigh left her lips. When the doors opened on the first floor, she lifted her eyes, and pressed herself against the wall.

There were two elevators and it just had to be hers that stopped for him. Syaoran stepped on without a word, and stood beside her. When the doors slowly started to close, Sakura prayed someone else would come on.

She wasn't that lucky, because the people standing there had been paid to stay off. "You're making this more difficult than it has to be," Syaoran voiced, sounding placid.

"You're the one who has made this difficult," Sakura replied, not looking at him. "You should have been pleased I was so eager to say yes, right now I'm not so sure."

"Then why are you wearing my ring?" He questioned, bringing a frown to her lips. "Don't you dare take it off," he snapped, when she started to move it down her slender finger. "If you don't want to marry me, keep the damned thing because I have no obvious use for it."

When the doors opened, Sakura felt it happening all over again. Instead of her walking out it was him. She stood there feeling completely numb, watching him walk towards the limo waiting. The man she loved was nothing like Jamie and Eriol. They were willing to try constantly, but Syaoran she found hadn't the patience.

When the doors closed, she opened them, and stepped off. She couldn't return to work, because she was in an awful mood…




Walking down the sidewalk, she stared ahead, trying to ignore the impossible man walking beside her. Lian on the other hand was enjoying this moment, without Syaoran's presence. When his hand appeared on hers, she glanced in his direction. "I'm not playing matchmaker for myself, but my son," she informed, but her tone did nothing to make him remove his hand. "Lian?"

"Didn't you miss me?" he asked, softly. "Yelen?" She focused on pushing the stroller along, not wanting to answer his question. "This is hardly the time to be modest."

"You're a married man, I am too old to be dealing with scandals," she informed, voice firm with authority. His face grew a pained expression, and his hand fell from hers. "What are you doing here, Lian?" She asked, when they walked through the gates. "Can't you see Xiao Lang and I have built a life here?"

"Is it a crime for me wanting to be apart of it?" he questioned, when they reached the front door. She paused, looking intently at his face. "Haven't we lived apart long enough."

"You belong to another…"

"Only because you wouldn't allow me to break it off," he almost snapped, sounding much like his son. He took a breath, "I gave you what you wanted even though it would make us miserable for the rest of our lives."

"It was the right thing," she told him, when the door opened. "And you belong with her." Their conversation ended, when the helper appeared. "Jackie, prepare a bottle for Lin."

"Hai ma'am." Before entering the house, they turned when Syaoran's truck drove through the gates. They waited for him to get out, both noticing the look he had on his face.

"Things didn't go well," Yelen said, with sadness. "Xiao Lang," she smiled, when he was close enough.

"Mother, father," he greeted, when Lin turned at his voice. "Hey, imp," he smiled, bending down to her.

"Where's Sakura?" Lian asked, softly, pushing one hand into his pocket.

"I don't know," he lied, since he left her at her office building. He lifted his daughter from the stroller, and looked at them.

"I take it you didn't work things out with her?" Yelen said, with a slight raise of her brow. She knew the guilty expression he dawned. "Really Xiao Lang, can't you learn to control this one?" Lian looked at her, knowing he still hadn't figured out to control her. "Don't be so cocky, be romantic."

"Come boy, we were just about to have lunch. And it appears as though you haven't anywhere better to be," Lian said, knowing he and Yelen combined had produced this overly stubborn man. He was going to have to have the talk with him…


Mei Lin…


It had taken a lot for her to convince her father working wouldn't put her in any danger. He agreed, but only after she promised, she wouldn't over do it. Bending down, she rolled her chair back, and slipped off her shoes.

Entering her office, Jamie knew he'd been told she was in here. "Mei Lin?" A smile appeared on his face, when her face appeared. "What are you doing?" he asked, walking towards her desk.

"Getting comfortable, I thought you'd be in court today," she said, standing slowly. Without her heels, she was several inches shorter.

"I was," he answered, sitting down in her chair. With a coy smile, she slipped unto his lap, making him turn the chair back towards the door. "How are you?" he whispered, tenderly.

"Wonderful now," she told him, reaching up for a kiss. They had lunch with Tomoyo to start their plans, and tomorrow she was due for her first fitting. The invitations were already being printed, since their parents were in charge of that. "How long can you linger?"

"As long as you want." He hadn't anywhere else to be. He hoped she would leave with him, since it was a little after five.

"Good," she sighed, comfortably. "I made my first appointment," she informed, bringing a smile she couldn't see to his lips. "I would like for you to go with me."

"Of course," he answered, caressing her arm.

"Good, because I wouldn't have given you any other option," she stated, making him laugh. "I'm serious, Chan."

"Are you, darling?" he whispered, flirting with his fiancée. Looking deeply into his eyes, she grinned, raising herself up to give him a kiss.

"Yes," she sighed, in the kiss. When she first laid eyes on this man, she never believed she would find herself lounging in his arms, basking in the pleasure of his lips upon hers. More shockingly, she never thought she'd carry a child within her, especially his. "Mhmm, I love you."

"And I you more," he replied, pressing a kiss to her forehead. 'Thank you father…'




Entering the apartment, she closed the door tiredly behind her. She hadn't gone to pick up Lin, because Yelen told her she was with her father. As usual, she found she was the only one without her fiancé once again. "Hey Kero," she smiled, warmly, when he came racing down the hall.

She placed her briefcase in the office, before making her way to the bedroom. Finding there wasn't any messages on the answering machine, she started to undress, knowing it was going to be just her tonight. She left the bathroom door open, and started a shower trying to relax.

Sighing in pleasure, she closed her eyes, resting against the wall to allow the spewing hot water to beat against her body, washing away the soap. Apart of her wanted to call him to apologize, but her stubborn nature held her strongly in place.

He ruined the proposal, not her! She sighed miserably, feeling his ring on her finger. Turning the water off, she got her towel, and dried off. Pulling on her robe, she let her hair down, and ran her hand through it, pausing when her eyes focus on the bedroom.

Finding the light had been turned out; she frowned walking forward. Reaching for the switch, she flicked it, finding only one lamp turned on. Scattered across the room were red rose petals, she looked at the stereo when it turned on, a soothing, romantic tune reaching her. "Syaoran?" she whispered, stepping into the room.

The wind blew against the curtains, making them flutter. Believing he was outside, she walked to the door, but found the balcony was empty. She froze, feeling his arm slide across her belly, slipping beneath her robe. "What are you doing?" she asked, going to look at him, but he held her in place.

A gasp escaped, when her eyes were blinded folded. "Speak to me, I'm scared," she said, wishing she knew it was he. She was turned around, her hand moving slowly across his bare chest. "Is it you?" she questioned, frightened.

Instead of answering, she shivered feeling his lips move across hers. And when he kissed her, she knew it was definitely he. He moved back, finding a familiar smile that spread across her features, as her hand moved to his face. "Let me see you," she asked, tenderly, but instead she was led towards the bed, where she was rested down.

Her robe parted down the middle, filling her with nerves at the bold exposure. Her complaint died, when his hand moved from her neck, down the middle of her body. "Syaoran," she gasped in pleasure, feeling his lips on her body.

A warm liquid dripped on her chest, moving slowly across her breasts. Her body shivered, feeling the warmth of the alien substance. When something sweet touched her lips, she parted them, taking a bite of the strawberry, covered with fudge.

She felt his lips upon her, getting a gasp from her lips. Arching into him, Sakura's blood boiled with rapture and sighs of pleasure left her lips. Biting her bottom lip, she tasted the sweet, creamy chocolate, moaning in pleasure.

The bed shifted, when he moved over her. Her hands moved up his arms, before he held them above her head, lips taking hers in a tantalizing kiss. With each breath, his cologne bombarded her senses, driving her wild. Then he was gone, "Syaoran…"

She found herself wondering if this was going to be the night they finally made love. Anticipation filled her, and her belly tied into knots. When she reached up to remove the blindfold, his hand stopped hers.

Her cute pout faded, when he appeared next to her. Her brows furrowed, feeling his tongue move against her, traveling down her midsection, behind the chocolate trail. "Syao…oh god," she moaned, her mind going blank.

His tongue circled her navel, but his hand drove her wild with pleasure. With feather light movements, her legs rested upon his shoulder, moans escaping her parted lips. Her body arched, and toes curled, gasps sounding from deeper within her soul, as he tortured in a new and most invigorating manner.

To her, it felt as though every muscle in her body locked in pain, as her back arched with unimaginable gratification, a pleasurable moan filling the room. "Syaoran," she breathed, deeply, legs resting upon the bed.

When she felt him leave the bed, she thought he would start his sweet torture again. With control of her body returning, she slowly reached up to remove the blindfold, knowing he always stopped her. This time however, she removed it.

Her cooling body shivered from the night air, seeping through the curtains. Slightly raising herself up on her arms, she lifted her eyes, only to have it lock with his. Frozen by the look in his eyes, she wondered what went through his thoughts.

He was seated upon her love seat, a glass of red wine at his lips. Silence filled the room as they examined each other. A powerful presence surrounded him, making her shiver with great desire. Her eyes roamed his body, moving from his face down his chiseled frame, stopping when she reached his belt and black trousers.

Locking with his bright ambers, Sakura felt herself rise from the bed. With her first step, the silk robe floated from her shoulders. Reaching for his glass, she took a drink, savoring in the rich dry taste that lingered in her mouth.

She placed it upon the table, before straddling him. He didn't move. She pressed her lips to his neck, her tongue teasing him. Her hands moved up his strong arms, to rest at his neck, when she lovingly kissed his chin.

Raising herself up, she stared his eyes, wondering what kind of game he was playing. Timidly she kissed his lips, parting it with her tongue. Still his hands remained at his side, and his leg still rested on the other.

She initiated a kiss, but paused when he failed to return it. Moving back, she stared worriedly into his eyes. He reached for his glass, and took a drink, holding a blank expression. She didn't allow him to place it down.

With his hand still holding it, she drank the rest, some running down the sides of her mouth, dripping to her breasts. He placed the glass down. She didn't understand how he could easily turn her on, and it was proving so hard for her to get a rise out of him.

Moving, she tried to kiss him again, only to receive the same response. Wrapping her arms around him, she drew closer, "What's wrong?" she asked, desperately. "Xiao Lang?" Only when he saw the tears in her eyes, did she get some emotion from him.

"This is what it took for you to accept my proposal?" he questioned, staring into her eyes. "For you to want me?" At his words, she flinched, drawing back.

"No," she whispered, terrified.

"So you still don't want to marry me?" he asked, sounding bored of her.

"I do," she told him, firmly. "I missed you today, I did," she explained, ceasing to caress his face, when his hand prevented it. "I've always wanted to marry you."

"Then why the games?"

"No more games," she promised, resting her forehead against his. She stared into his eyes, hers glistening with tears. "I know you aren't like Eriol and Jamie," she explained, brokenly. "You won't come running back to me, you have too much pride." He listened to her words, showing no change. After the conversation he had with his father, he knew to make her bend to him, not the other way around. "Then you came," she continued, hand slipping from his. "And I thought just maybe, you loved me enough to come running like they…" He felt her move away from him, a different emotion flickering in her eyes.

He watched her stand, slowly, "But I was wrong," she concluded, turning from him. "Li Xiao Lang, the man who doesn't need anyone," her voice drifted to him as she reached for her robe on the floor. He watched her movements closely knowing this hadn't gone exactly how he planned. "Including my love…"

"Yet you want to marry me," he spoke, rising finally from the chair. "Does that make any sense to you?" he questioned, waiting for her to look at him, but she didn't.

"Love doesn't make sense," she told him, starting for the bathroom. "And if you expect me to come all the way, you're sadly mistaken, Xiao Lang," she informed, bringing a smile to his lips. "I'm nothing like the other women you dated, I will stand for nothing but what I deserve."

"And what exactly do you think you deserve?" he questioned, hands clasped behind him. A smile touched his lips, because he knew the advise his father gave him was based on his experience with his mother, a woman he still had yet to capture.

"Your love," she answered, plan and simple. "And respect." He turned from her, pouring himself another glass of wine. Not hearing a response, she turned slightly, to find he was standing in front of the balcony, drinking.

Feeling as though he wasn't taking her words to heart hurt terribly. Pushing down her emotions, she turned abruptly away. "You're right…" he started, when she lifted her foot to walk away from him, permanently.

"What?" she questioned, making him turn to look at her.

"My mother would always ask why I never settled down with any of my previous girlfriends," he explained, looking into her eyes. "And I would always answer, 'because none of them was like you," he told her, gently. "I came here intending on having you bend to me, but I find myself losing. How ironic." Sakura took two steps towards him, and paused, raising her brow slightly. "Leave it up to her to affiance me with someone just like her."

"And that's bad?" she questioned, tenderly. Instead of saying something, he also took two steps, bringing a smile to her lips.

"No, it's perfect," he told her, a smile forming. "Because I've just realized why my father never got my mother," he informed, reaching out for her hand. Taking his, they took another step towards each other as though they were dancing.

"Why?" she asked, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"He never met her half way," he whispered, before they shared a sweet kiss. When they parted, he smiled, gently, "I love you." She melted, giving him a gentle peck.

"And I love my arrogant brute," she replied, happily, laughing when he lifted her into his arms. "So how about a shower?" she questioned, since she was still sticky. "Or something more enjoyable…"

"A shower, that's all you're getting tonight," he informed, laughing at her irritated look. "Save some for another night."

"Preferably tomorrow night?" He didn't answer, instead he closed the bathroom door, with his foot…



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