Chapter Fourteen: A New Destiny

Far above Tokyo, a carnival of birds made a spiraling dive towards a specific destination within the city, one devoid of mortal life.

Toto dropped off Muta and claimed his perch on top of the pedestal; affectionately brushing it with one wing. The fat cat ran to the mailbox, which was now overflowing with newspapers and magazines.

"I've really missed home. It feels like we left here centuries ago."

Lilu shifted back into a salamander, looking at the neat houses inside the Refuge. She smiled wryly, looking at the golden hawk as he shifted into his true form.

"It doesn't take much to see who designed the place."

Baron shrugged as he walked over to Haru, to help her regain her balance as her legs regained their original length.

"When you're bored out of your skull, you don't hesitate about building several houses with your bare hands."

Nefertia humphed, eyeing one yellow house near the entrance to the human world.

"Still, with a few adjustments, this could be home."

Haru smiled happily while shifting to cat height, kissing Baron sweetly.

"I've made my adjustment. This is home."

The orange cat smiled warmly, doubting that he would ever be bored again as he wrapped his arms around the love of his life, thrilled beyond words that their love would now have a chance at working.

Oh, the future they could now have together…


Hiromi groaned as she woke up again, wishing that she could hibernate like a bear. She had taken a job as a waitress after Haru left for Greece, and the light brunette couldn't help but feel sadness.

For a month had passed since Haru walked out of her life. The dark brunette had promised to return by now, and then the young woman saw the blasted story on the T.V.

Having known that Haru's distant relatives were surnamed Thermopolis, Hiromi was horrified to learn that the entire family had been slain, through the most troubling methods. The police still hadn't released the details of how the family had been killed, which only worried her more.

She stumbled down the stairs and to the breakfast table, sinking into a seat.

"Hiromi, could you get the mail, please?" her father asked from behind his newspaper. The young woman groaned, but did as she was told.

With a heavy heart, she slipped some shoes on and went outside, praying that all the hot guys were still asleep, so they wouldn't see her in her bathrobe.

The light brunette flipped the mailbox open, and pulled out the mail to look at it.

"Bill, magazine, advertisement…" her voice trailed off, and her heart sped up. A letter, containing no return address, had her name across the front of it.

And Hiromi knew Haru's handwriting like the back of her hand. Excitedly, she put the other mail under one arm so she could open her letter right there.

Dear Hiromi,

Do you remember what I said, about the man I love being off-limits? Turns out he wasn't. I heard about what happened to my family after I left, and just wanted to let you know that I'm all right, and am happier than I have ever been before. But please understand that there is a good possibility that we may never meet again, face to face. I'll be watching over you, my dear friend.

With love,


Hiromi reached up in order to rub the tears away. The letter didn't make much sense to her, but at least her life-long friend was alive, and well.

Suddenly, the young woman looked to her left, and saw a familiar white fat cat looking at her from the stone wall. Beaming, she walked over and scratched his ear.

"If you see Haru anytime soon, tell her I'm glad she's fine, and the best of luck with her boyfriend."

The large feline purred at her, and hopped off the fence to start walking away. Hiromi watched him leave, wondering if there had even been a point in asking the cat to deliver a message.

Strangely, she got an impulse to follow the large white cat. But before she could decide whether or not to act on the impulse, since she was still in her pajamas, the cat disappeared around the bend.

The light brunette sighed, and headed back into her home. Perhaps another time.


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