Well this story is about vampires. The great Uchiha clan are vampires, but the only ones who remain are Sasuke and Itachi. Sakura gets lost on a graveyard and enters a house full of tombs, the tombs of the Uchiha clan. There she meets a stranger with red eyes who changes her life forever. Then Itachi shows up.

Warning! Hard LEMON, swearing, supernatural elements, violence, blood, rape, characters death.

Pairings: mainly SasuSaku, strong ItaSaku and slight NaruSaku

And No I'm not a psycho!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto!

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Chapter one: Help!

"Fuck, fuck" she cursed softly under her breath. Left, right, straight! They all looked the same to her. All of the streets all of the tombs. Sakura Haruno

It was already dark. She has been wondering in that cursed graveyard for hours. Her calculating red eyes were watching a map carefully trying to read it. The poor thing was lost in that freaky place in the middle of the night.

"Finally" she murmured when she saw a big house. This was her destination; her mother had sent her to leave flowers in the tomb of her clan. Damn she was so going to kill her mother after this.

Slowly she entered the house. It was dark and…foggy?

"So unusual" she thought. She walked around watching the graves with curious green eyes, filled with life. But she most certainly wasn't aware of the other presence in the room.

Sharingan eyes blazed in the darkness from the corner, where the mysterious person had hidden him self. He watched the girl with a pleased look.

"Pretty" the thought as he watched the pink hair that swung around when the girl moved. The moon light hit her in the perfect angle so that he could see her porcelain skin. He tilted his head to the left in the same strange way an owl would. His red eyes narrowed and an evil smirk crept on his lips.

"Yes, she was perfect for the occasion" his smirk grew wider. Sasuke Uchiha

Sakura walked around the house and explored the graves when she noticed that the symbol which the graves had didn't match the one of her family.

"Oh No! Please don't tell me this is the wrong family tomb house!" she wined looking at the map angrily.

"Stupid map! It's all you're fault!" she was yelling at the map. Sasuke found it amusing.

"How do you hold and read that thing anyway?" she seemed really pissed off.

"Perhaps I can help" Sakura froze, and then slowly turned around only too see a handsome man with unusually red eyes come to her.

"W-who a-are you?" She was scared. This guy was seriously creeping her off.

"Someone" he murmured. His smooth voice sent chills down her spine. She gulped a few times. He was right in front of her now. And he seemed to be practically scanning her from head to toe. She felt as If he could see right trough her.

"Are you lost?" he asked trying to sound affectionate. Well that of course was very hard for a man like him. Oh she just had no idea who was standing in front of her, and the worst part is that he won't let her get away unharmed.

"Yes, I am" She answered trying to sound more confident. He just smirked at her.

"I thought so…" he looked around to see all the graves."It's been quite a long time since I last visited this place" he murmured. Just the sound of his voice made her feel uneasy in the area between her legs. What was he doing to her?

"E-excuse me?' she asked looking at him. He still didn't make eye contact with her, which was good cuz his eyes were seriously freaking her out.

"These are the graves of my family" he started "once we were a big and powerful clan with…well lets just say unnatural powers" he looked her in the eye.

"What do you mean by that" he didn't answer just gestured her to follow him. And so she did.

They both arrived at something that seemed to be a slab stone. But the strange thing was that there were chains. The slab stone's purpose looked like…well to her looked like it had a sacrificial function. The stone was big enough for a person to lay down, their hands and legs to be chained, but the thing that she couldn't quite put her finger on was the small canal that seemed to start from the middle of the table. The canal also had many branches, so Sakura figured that If you let a colorful liquid travel on the canal there would appear to be some kind of a system which continued on the ground. Sakura trembled remembering that this was probably a sacrificial table. Now it all made sense to her.

"Did you figured out what this table's purpose is?" he asked in smooth and sinister voice.

"…" she didn't answer just continued to stare not even hearing him. She also figured what the liquid might be…blood.

"Good, she is scared" he said to himself.

"Do you know what was sacrificed on this table, and with what purpose?" he asked again. This time Sakura turned to him and looked at him with curious eyes.

"So innocent" he licked his lips.

"I'll take that as a yes" he murmured and got behind her. She instantly shivered at the contact he made by putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Well my clan was really powerful. We are ninjas…"she looked at him wide eyed"and our power is held in our eyes…"He switched his eyes in Sharingan mode.

"And the techniques we used are mostly eye techniques and jutsu. But in order to unlock

The strongest faze of the Sharingan you need to fulfill some special requirements." He went silent. But Sakura was too curious to let him stop here.

"Please continue" she asked silently. He smirked but didn't say anything.

"In order to activate Mangekyou Sharingan you need to make a sacrifice on this table to proof your self worthy. The thing you have to sacrifice is a…virgin girl." Sakura's eyes widen in shock.

"A virgin! Oh my god" she thought.

"The one who wishes to sacrifice finds a girl that he likes. It's very important that he likes the girl a lot, or else he won't proof anything. He places the girl on this table on a full moon, and then takes her virginity. The elders of the clan are becoming witnesses of the act. When taking her virginity drops of blood will run down from the girl's…private area. And will fall down in the canal you see. Then the member of the clan makes a few small cuts on the girl and lets the blood drain down until it reaches the canal and mangles with her virginity blood. Than the blood runs down and encircles the table by creating the clans symbol. And that's all." He finished his story and waited for her to react. Sakura was stunned, she felt scared, very scared. Now she had the feeling that something bad was going to happen to her. Oh she was so damn right.

When she snapped out of her trance she noticed that his hands were on her hips and were making their way up. She struggled immediately but he had a tight grip on her. She turned around to yell at him "what do you think y-…" she never finished her sentence as he pressed his cold but soft lips on hers. She tried to pry him off of her but it didn't work.

He grabbed her hands ad held them up in the air above her head.

"So pure…"he licked her bottom lip "so innocent…" he entered her mouth "so sweet..." he explored her sweet mouth "perfect…" He suddenly pulled away and looked at her, a twisted smirk on his face.

"I guess you will understand the sacrificial ceremony better if you take part in it" he smirked.

Before Sakura could react he tore of her shirt and skirt leaving her only on her underwear.

"Wait what are you doing? I'm not a virgin!" She lied. For Kami-sama's sake her life was at hand now.

"Oh? Really? Then tell me this, with what reason did I sense you're blood's taste?" He asked still holding her "for the simple reason that I wanted to be sure that you are indeed a virgin" he finished his sentence by slamming her on the table.

He chained her wrists above her head and chained her ankles to each side of the table, so now she was straddled big time. She tried to scream but he covered her mouth with his hand. She tried again but again failed. Sasuke then took out from somewhere a black piece of cloth and gagged her with it. He than threw his robe aside revealing a well built and muscular chest. She felt tears slide down her cheeks, she was afraid indeed. He climbed atop of her and kissed her on the lips sliding his tongue in her mouth as much as the gag allowed him to. She started struggling and pulling on her restrains, and making noises. Sasuke's eyes narrowed and he grabbed a hold of her neck. She whimpered as she felt she couldn't breathe.

"Listen and listen carefully Sa-ku-ra…"he murmured against her ear. She was shocked; she never told this stranger her name.

"I forgot to mention that if the sacrifice didn't behave during the ceremony, she would be killed. I'm the one who will have you and that's final" he hissed the last few words than released her neck. She relaxed but soon felt him attack her neck. He was kissing and sucking on her soft skin. He left a few smooches (that's a word rightXD) that would mark her as his. She whimpered and tried to hold back a moan. He kissed her collarbone and went down to her still hidden breasts.

She shivered when she felt him ripping of her bra. Sakura moaned when she felt him cup her breasts. He smirked against her neck, finally she was responding to his touch. He sucked on one of her nipples and pinched the other one.

He than noticed that the moon was already out and it was full.

"It's almost time blossom" he nibbled on her ear than trailed wet kisses on her jaw line. He than trailed her cheeks, nose and forehead. Sasuke wanted to mark every part of her with his scent; he wanted to know every part of her. He than went lower kissing her neck, then the valley between her breasts, than he reached her flat stomach and stuck his tongue in her navel. She moaned and arched her back as she felt fingers run down her spine.

Sasuke smirked as he reached the hem of her panties. With his a lot sharper senses he inhaled the sweet scent of the girl's arousal.

Sakura whimpered when she felt him run his finger on the outside of her panties. A deep blush appeared on her cheeks as she felt the huge amount of moisture she had released on her panties. Sasuke wasted no time as he ripped them off of her. Sakura blushed and instinctively tried to close her legs but the chains wouldn't allow her to.

"Ah, ah, ah" He swing a finger at her. Sasuke than ran a finger trough her wet folds. She moaned in pleasure. Than she felt something wet slid up and down. It was Sasuke's tongue. He started stroking her with his muscle. She went rigid. Than moaned over and over again. Sasuke grabbed a hold of her clit with his mouth as he started sucking it. Than slowly a finger crawled up to her entrance. Sakura's breath stopped when she felt him slip a finger in her. He started trusting in and out of her, and after a few minutes added a second one and a third.

Sakura felt she was so close to release, but he seemed to have felt it too for he pulled out of her. She gave a muffled cry.

"Not yet blossom" he ran his hands trough her stomach and up to her breasts only to cup them, his hands continued their journey until he got back to her hips. By this time he was already on top of her and was pulling his pants down. Sakura started crying again when she felt him rub his member on her entrance. Sasuke bended over her and kissed her roughly.

Then a muffled scream echoed in the room. He had taken her virginity in a quit painful way. She continued crying and pleading him to stop even if her words could hardly reach the surface. Sasuke started trusting in and out of her without giving he any time to adjust. He rocked his hips and made her rise her own to meet his. He groaned, she continued to cry and scream in both pain and ecstasy. A small trail of blood trailed down her tights and fell into the canal.

"Let me have the ultimate weapon of my clan, blossom" he ran a hand trough her hair only to pull it roughly, so she would expose her neck to him. He smirked revealing his now long fangs. He continued to pump in and out when he felt her walt tighten around him.

"Almost there" he moaned. Sakura closed her eyes just hopping that this was just a nightmare.

"Cum for me baby" he ordered. Sakura felt something built up and release in her as she gave another few muffled screams as her first orgasm hit. He moaned loudly as well. He released inside of her. She was ready to fall asleep when he pulled her hair again.

"Not so fast blossom" He nuzzled in her neck and licked a vein.

"Here's a reward for being a good girl" He trailed the vein with his fangs and removed the gag.

"w-what are y-you doing" she asked her voice low and her body shaking.

"I'm going to turn you into my mortal slave, my dear Sakura" he purred against her ear.

"What are you" she yelled shaking and crying from fear.

"Me?" he asked mockingly " I'm just a part of my vampire clan. The Uchiha clan." He said and he dug his fangs into her neck reaching for the sweet blood he had longed to taste for quite a while. He drank, not too much but enough to satisfy his hunger. He pulled away and took a look at her tummy. There on her tummy now had appeared the Uchiha symbol and disappeared after a few seconds.

He smirked. A sick and twisted smile indeed. Oh Orochimaru what have you done to him?

"W-what d-did you do to m- me?" Sasuke's attention turned to the girl beneath him.

"I have marked you for life. I have turned you into my mortal slave. From now on you belong to me! If another boy touches you I'll find out for sure and also I can get in you're mind and read you're thoughts, I can command you're body. I can do whatever I want and there is nothing you can do about it." He placed his hand on her cheek and kissed her deeply. She felt more tears stream down her eyes.

"Ow and by the way I almost forgot. Other vampires will now also be interested in you, and If you let any of them even touch you…you'll regret it! Just tell them who do you belong to and they'll leave you alone." He smiled at her. She trembled underneath him.

"Good night Sakura" She slowly closed her eyes giving up to sleep.

Sasuke got up and dressed himself. He then threw another glance at her and smirked. Oh he was going to have fun with this one.

In the morning

Sakura woke up in her bed. She quickly looked at herself.

She was clothed. Her shirt and skirt were in perfect condition as if no one ever touched them. She relaxed, but when she got up she felt horrible pain between her legs. Her face went pale. She quickly ran to the bathroom and took a look at her neck. It had two small holes on it. She shivered in pleasure when she touched it.

She stripped her clothes off to take a shower only to see blood on her panties. It was than clear to her, the thing really had happened last night. She let out a deep sigh and felt tears collect at the corners of her eyes. Then she looked at herself in the mirror and saw it. It was there on her tummy…the Uchiha symbol.

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