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Reunion & Resolution

Chapter 10: Beyond the Sea (& Epilogue)

Tokyo Harbor City

For the past six days since his departure from Blue Fleet, Hayami had been exercising the same daily routine - waking up before daylight and driving his speedboat to the area where he and Mutio first met, where he would then spend the entire day watching the sea, eating his meals and listening to reports on his radio. Patiently waiting for his beloved sea maiden, until the sun had set. Hayami would have gladly waited this way for a year, if that was what it took to be with Mutio again.

It wasn't mundane, perhaps only inconvenient. But the inconvenience was nothing compared to the sacrifice his beloved hybrid chose to make, without a moment of hesitation, that night in Antarctica - the willingness to leave her people, her home, to stay by his side forever in a foreign world.

"You've changed me Mutio. Me...Tetsu Hayami. Once a bitter, immoral sea hyena. You made me realize I was capable, kindness...not just to you but also the people around me. Kino, Iga, the ones who cared about me. My people did not like my affections for you at first, as I'm sure was the case for you too. But I didn't care. It didn't matter that you were a Zorndyke creation. We could relate to each other, and each other. Come to me soon, beautiful Mutio. Make this lonely human complete again."

Hayami thought hard about all the events he and Mutio had experienced so far. He realized how fragile, how perversely lucky both of them are to even be alive today. What would have happened, if Mutio wasn't among the hybrids who attacked Tokyo Harbour that day? If Kino's aim was a little off during the first battle against her Umigumo? If Mutio didn't choose to swim in the seas the day after the destruction of Blue Dome? If Verg did not give in to Hayami's persuasions to live in peace? If Hayami wasn't assigned to the Grampus, alone, during the peacetalks? In too many ways, their first meeting, and subsequent affections for each other were nothing short of a miracle.

It was a miracle that things have turned out the way they are now. After all they had weathered together and apart, Hayami's confidence in reuniting with Mutio again was unshakable. A mere 5000 miles of ocean and a few weeks of waiting wasn't going to keep them apart.

The Grampus pilot wasted no time in re-organizing his new life, following his resignation. He moved out of his old home at Tokyo Harbor, and using his still well-established connections, bought a new one on the outskirts of the city - isolated from the crowds, and one which was just above sea level. Money wasn't a problem. Demand for skilled salvagers had been sharply rising, following news of the successful peacetalks, which boosted confidence and security. And even should his job fail, Hayami could still depend on a discreet stable flow of income, courtesy of Iga and Wallace's 'arrangements' with Blue Fleet HQ. A lifetime payout to one Blue Fleet ex-sailor was an insignificant investment that the organization was more than willing to provide, considering that the recepient in question was the same person who had been instrumental in ending the war, and bridging relations between the two species.

Hayami allowed himself to immersed in his fantasies for awhile. He was looking forward to Mutio joining him in during his 'day job'. It would certainly make work less lonely and hazardous. Perhaps, when the time was right and relations between their species thawed further, he might even take her to visit little Ran Fang in New Singapore City, and introduce her to Chung Ying. Maybe, he could also...


His heart skipped a beat. The screech. It wasn't in his language, but it was without a doubt the same haunting sound that only a certain creature could emit.

"Mutio?!" His eyes frantically scanning the horizon, praying that it wasn't yet another of his auditory hallucinations. Two glowing red lights in the water suddenly caught his attention. He blinked a few times to make sure.

It was her. Like a whirlwind, Hayami tossed his cigarette aside and sprinted towards the sea, knocking away a tray of unfinished food he had earlier placed beside him. The hybrid emerged out of the water as her special human approached, giving him a clear view of her upper body. Hayami stopped a few meters in front of Mutio. The sea was up to his chest level, and the waves were thankfully calm.

It was then when he noticed 3 other figures hovering in the distance behind her, their heads similarly half-exposed above the waterline. Two pairs of blue eyes, and a pair of black ones that were unmistakably human. It couldn't have been anyone elses'.

"Katsuma!" Hayami gasped before yelling out his friend's name repeatedly. "Katsuma! Wait!" He wanted...he needed to thank his selfless comrade, for all the help he has repeatedly provided. Saving his life twice, teaching Mutio the ways and language of humans, and now, protecting and guiding her back to him. But Katsuma remained in the deep ends of the sea, and merely waved back to Hayami in response. He gave a thumbs-up signal, and then without warning, descended under the greenish waters with the other two Mutios, and disappeared.

"Katsuma. Thank you...again."

They were alone once again. He could see Mutio's exotic form in all its glory. Her soulful crimson eyes, translucent fins, petite and feminine frame, and an angelic, peaceful face that forever held a place in his memories. It was almost like before - two confused creatures brought together by fate, staring curiously at each other while being basked by the rays of the setting sun in the background. But this time, there was no curiosity, confusion or hate. Only a permanent and unbreakable attraction that blossomed from two years ago, from the very same place they were now standing at.

"Hayami. My..human. I never want to leave you again."

They swam towards each other, wrapped their hands around each other and kissed once again, feeling the electricity of their affections surge through their bodies. It still felt like the first time. Mutio broke the embrace and moved her hands towards Hayami's face, gently resting her fingers on both his cheeks. There were droplets of tears in her eyes. Tears of joy.

"I love you...Mutio." Hayami whispered.

"Ha...yami." She paused momentarily and gave him the same first smile from two years ago. "!" the hybrid chirped at her human lover as she started rubbing one of her thighs against him in a peculiar fashion.

Hayami's cheeks reddened at Mutio's openness. His eyes widened as he averted his gaze in embarrassment. "Umm...err...maybe not here." He kissed her on the forehead. "You're not gonna bite me again are you?" The hybrid merely responded by licking him on the length of his neck, causing the poor human to blush even harder. Hayami sighed and smiled sheepishly; he felt like a teenager again.

"To...Ha...yami...home?" Mutio enquired as she pressed her hands against Hayami's chest.

"No. To home." The Grampus pilot replied, before bringing his lips to hers again.

After a few more minutes of fondling, Mutio wrapped her hands around Hayami's neck and raised one of her legs. It had become her way of telling his human lover to carry him. Complying with her irrefutable request, Hayami lifted his beloved hybrid out of the water, and walked towards his waiting speedboat. They had finally reunited, expressed their love for each other and vowed to live a new life together, despite the inevitable uncertainties and dangers that laid ahead. Indeed, many new challenges and obstacles awaited the couple. But such is the nature of life itself, and Hayami and Mutio both knew that there was nothing to fear, because they had each other.


Tokyo Harbor Mess Hall, 2 weeks later.

"God Damn! What a week!" Yamada heaved a sigh as he placed his food tray on the table, and sat down. "I never knew paperwork could be more life-threatening than fighting Ghost Ships, or peace-hating fanatics! I've written more reports in the past two days than I have in my whole life so far..."

The three mountain climbers were once again consuming their meals. Kino was with them this time.

"Its our responsibility to be thorough and truthful, and they were just making sure. This information will have to be shown to the rest of the world soon ya know?"

"So much trouble we have to go through, just to do something good." Yamada whined.

" have to admit, its been quite an adventure eh? To think a few months ago we were sitting her gossiping about love. Now Hayami's gone, and we actually managed to make some progress with the Chimera. I'm so glad I didn't join the air force. Hee Hee!" Gusuku giggled as she confessed her honest opinion. "Isn't it sweet that he's finally found love?"

Kino didn't share her energetic colleague's joy, and for good reason. She still had lingering feelings for Hayami, and the mentioning of his name dampened her mood slightly. "Its not going to be quite the same without Hayami around. I'll miss him..."

"You're not the only one Kino..." Gusuku was right. For the past year, their anti-social colleague's tender yearnings for a fish girl was often the talking point for the Blue 6 crew, and it had affected their lives and viewpoints in more ways than they would admit. For most, their pragmatic eyes saw the odd relationship as an unpleasant but necessary political tool to better relations between the two species. To others like Moldova and Kino, it became a lesson of tolerance, acceptance and self-forgiveness. To hopeless romantics like Gusuku and Rin, it was a quick and enjoyable outlet to satisfy their own emotional cravings.

"Don't think we've seen the last of those fanatics either. Blue Fleet's going to be on their Christmas list for sure now, thanks to us ruining their plans." said Sidra, his deep voice sounding more solemn than usual. "This time we won't have Hayami around to help us out."

Kino smiled as she chewed her food. "I wouldn't worry about that Sid. Hayami's a different person now, even if he doesn't like to admit it. He'll come back...when we need him." It was an unconditional promise Hayami made to Kino before his departure, one that made her very proud of her maturing friend. "And I know where to find him!"

"I think he's gonna need some help and advice." Yamada suddenly commented.

"What kind of help? How to live with a fish girl? He should be teaching us!" Kino asked bewilderingly.

"Not Hayami. I'm talking about him! Look!"

Gusuku pointed at Cekeros, who was sitting across the mess hall alone. The navigator was resting his head on one hand, tracing circles around his plate with a finger and staring dreamily at the wall. He was definitely thinking about something...or someone.

"Man...whats gotten into Alex!?"

(For now...?)

Beyond the Sea
By: Bobby Darin (1960)

Somewhere...beyond the sea,
Somewhere waiting for me,
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships...that go sailing.

Somewhere...beyond the sea
She's there watching for me.
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms...I'd go sailing

It's far beyond the star,
It's near beyond the moon.
I know...beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon

We'll meet...beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
And happy we'll be beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailing

No more sailing
So long..sailing

And that concludes my first ever multi-chaptered fanfic, and first fanfic on Blue Submarine No.6. If you've actually read all 10 chapters, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments (ahem, reviews. it might just get you something from me...:P). Taking a line from Yamada, it has been quite an adventure and a great learning experience for me. I do hope the story has been an enjoyable read for most of you (even for diehard Kino/Hayami shippers), as I have painstakenly tried my best to be consistent with the BS6 canon material. Before I sign off, please allow me to annoy you with some well-meant take home words of 'wisdom':
(1) - War sucks, because you have to make peace after that, and there are always sore losers.
(2) - Judge people by their character, and not by their skin color. A union between 2 people of different races is a union between two human beings. Wish them well.
(3) - Do your part to save the environment, or we'll really be living on the roofs of our buildings in a few decades (and fighting off sea creatures).

How did my idea for this story come about? Sources of inspiration?
Song inspirations - Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin); Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship); How Deep is Your Love (BeeGees). Cheesy and corny yes. But the lyrics were fitting :P

Movie/Film inspirations - Robotech & Macross (My favorite anime ever; The whole inter-species romance in a time of war concept); Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Overcoming personal prejudice; striving for peace after decades of conflict; saboteurs & warmongers)

What future fanfic-related plans do I currently have for Blue Submarine No.6?
I'll be finishing up a long one-shot fic on Zorndyke that I have been writing along the side since Chapter 4, and the story will be both a sequel and prequel to Reunion & Resolution. It won't have romance (duh!), but I'd like to believe that its possible to write a good and well-received story without having that theme. (Please prove me right! :sniff:) As for the plot, I'd prefer to keep that under wraps, but rest assured it won't be wacky or out of character.

I might also post the stuff I omitted from Chapter 8 and 9 of R&R (about 3000 words of additional scenes of human-hybrid interactions at Stream Base; some of it having romance), if I can motivate myself enough. Other than that, I don't see myself writing anymore stories on this wonderful anime for the foreseeable future, since I'm out of good ideas i.e. something that stays true to the canon material and isn't AU/OC/Crossover (I hate those stories). With that said however, I'm always open to ideas.

Why Hayami/Mutio? What about Hayami/Kino, or (gasp!) Mutio/Verg?
A Hayami/Kino pairing is certainly easier to write about, since both characters are human, can speak, and Kino's pretty one-dimensional. But I decided on Hayami/Mutio mostly because I found the pairing to be a lot more challenging and fun, them being from different species that were once at war with each other. The OVA also left the romance aspect rather open and ambiguous, which made things easier for pro Hayami/Mutio writers to stay within canon. I like every character in the BS6 universe (honest!), so I don't really have a preferred romance pairing. All the women have nice bodies anyway :P

Verg is cool, but a Mutio/Verg pairing just makes me uncomfortable for some reason. Its almost like endorsing wife-beating and the objectification of women, and he'll probably snap the poor girl in two. Most of the official artwork and Japanese fan-arts seem to like pairing Verg with Mutio and Hayami with Kino in a slightly suggestive manner however. Hmm...

Completed: 20th July, 2008. Ticktank