Before the Big Bang, there was a universe whose life was ending quickly

Before the Big Bang, there was a universe whose life was ending quickly. It was collapsing itself and sucking everything into a black hole. There were only 2 planets left in the universe. One of Miril, the other Gatei. Miril was a beautiful and flourishing world while Gatei was a desert planet. Miril had over 1 million inhabitants and Gatei had only one inhabitant. And that Inhabitant was called, Draco Lijok. Draco's master Kourosto had known the end for a long time and was banished to Gatei where he taught his son, Draco about elemental power. Kourosto died of a heart attack and Draco was left alone. Draco waited until the back hole swallowed him.

Draco thought after the black hole there would be nothing but he travelled faster than light to the centre of the universe. There he was told by his father's ghost and some unknown voice to go to a planet which was being created. The planet name was unknown but it looked like the planet Miril.

This unknown voice filled Draco with elemental power.

Draco travelled to this planet and waited until this world would need his help.

165,000,000 years later

Draco was woken up by a sudden but strong force. He looks outside and sees an asteroid hitting the world. The force is very strong and Draco stands his ground.

The year is unknown and he sees trees and an unknown building in front of him.

He walks to the gates and somehow with no actions becomes a student at this mysterious school