He groaned loudly in pain as his body quivered from the sudden shock as he dropped to the floor with a thud

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Summary: Who's to blame for the murder of...? What happens when his distant 'friends' are brought in to solve his murder? Will they find who-among them-killed...or will they turn up missing at each turn.

Follow the clues!

He groaned loudly in pain as his body quivered from the sudden shock as he dropped to the floor with a thud. He was gasping for air as he tried to crawl away, but the pain he felt was unbearable and he could no longer drag himself across the floor. His hands trembled as he grasped at every and anything for support--trying to lift his fragile body from the floor so he could better escape.

He grasped onto the first thing that his hands came in contact with and used what little strength he had left to pull himself off the floor. He stumbled a few times before he was able to haul himself to a crouching position. He leaned heavily on it trying to regain his balance and breathing, but with each breath he took and every move he made, the pain was becoming more and more unmistakably agonizing. He didn't know how he was going to make it, but he knew he had to try. His life depended on it, but he could feel his strength draining quickly.

He reached one of his hands out--trembling so bad that he thought they were close to vibrating, if not already--to seek out the damage. When he brought his hand back, it was covered in a dark pool of crimson blood. It was his blood--he was bleeding at an unthinkable rate. Dying. He stared at his hand for a long moment trying to figure out what had happened. What had gone wrong.

Slowly and shakily, he struggled to muster enough strength to turn and look at his attacker. Once he was turned around--most of his body still pointing the opposite direction--he took a good look at his attacker not believing his eyes. He stood there a moment longer trying to work out the recent events in his head--working diligently to figure out what had actually happened. The more and more he thought, the more his mind swirled in confusion.

Jacob's eyes blinked several times as his vision began to blur and he stared unknowingly at the assailant before him. Not once did he ever think he could be betrayed this way and he blinked once more trying to wake up from this horrific dream he found himself in. As the throbbing intensified, Jacob truly began to realize that he was not in a dream, but this was his life and he was going to die if he didn't act fast.

He turned around as fast as he could, now with a new vigor--wanting to survive more than ever--and headed for the door. But his drive to escape with his life was short lived. He could hear his blood dripping to the floor and pooling around him as he hobbled to the exit. His foot caught some of his blood and he tripped, sliding to the floor in one fluid motion--crashing with a thunderous thud for the second time--letting out an earsplitting cry from the pain.

He tried lifting himself up once more, except he couldn't. His head began to swirl with dizziness, because of the massive loss of blood, prohibiting such movements. He looked up at his attacker--now standing over him--and realized that he was too late.



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