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Seattle Tribute Reports:


Late Sunday evening, Police Commissioner Swan was rushed to Meyer Estate after receiving an anonymous emergency phone call reporting the murder of Mr. Jacob Black, grandson to Mr. Ephraim Black--one of the city's riches families.

Sources say that Black was found outside of his estate laying face down in the garden; however, there are other indicators that imply that the body may have been moved from inside the house, though police have yet to figure out where exactly.

The mansion was searched, room by room, and no evidence was found suggesting that there wasn't any foul play, nor any sign of break-in. Commissioner Swan has released a statement regarding Mr. Black's supposed murder, though he has not confirmed whether or not there has been a weapon recovered.

There were three guest and several house staff members in the mansion at the time of the murder. All guest and staff have been questioned and, so far, there have been no suspects reported and no leads as to who may have killed Jacob Black.

There is rumored to be a special team of 'experts' to investigate the murder, however, Commissioner Swan will not elaborate on who this special investigation team is.


You are cordially invited to
Meyer Estates

A competition, of sorts, has been arranged and the grand prize is 100,000
Details will be presented upon arrival

If you should choose to play, a town car will pick you up at 5p.m. sharp outside your home Sunday evening



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