Author's note: This narrative picks up after Twilight Princess and centers around Link. Numerous other Super Smash Bros. Brawl characters will play important roles. I chose to omit the Pokemon. Sorry.

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A Shattered Peace

Link sat by his house with Epona and meditated. Spring had come to Ordon. The flowers were blooming, the birds were returning, and he could hear the laughter of the village children from his house. He loved spring.

It had been a year and a half since Ganondorf's defeat and Hyrule was delivered from Twilight. Since then, Link had returned to his life in Ordon as a goat herder. He had not let anyone know, save for his uncle, Rusl, that he was the Hero who defeated Zant and Ganondorf. He liked being left alone.

The Blade of Evil's Bane, the Hylian shield, and the Hero's garb had all been placed in a chest in the far corner of his basement. Once the weather settled down, he planned to return to the Sacred Grotto and place the Sword back into its stand. He had no use for it anymore.

Link watched the shadows longingly. He missed Midna. He missed her smart comments, her way of complementing you and insulting you at the same time. And, his thoughts drifted back to Zelda. He missed her, too, but a different kind of missing. Whenever he thought of her, his heart pounded and he started sweating.

He shook away those thoughts and concentrated on the here and now. Life here with his uncle, Rusl, and the Ordon children was peaceful, perfect…

But on this day in Ordon, that peace would be broken. Rusl rode up quickly on his horse. Link's eyes opened and Epona became suddenly alert.

"What's wrong?" Link asked, seeing the worried expression on Rusl's face.

"Soldiers. From the Castle." He replied hastily.

Soldiers, here? Link thought to himself angrily. "What do they want?"

"You." Link stood up angrily. "They rode into town and announced to everyone rather loudly that you had been summoned to Castle Town by Princess Zelda, herself."

As those words passed his lips, several Hylian soldiers appeared around the corner. They halted before them and the Hylian emissary strode to the front and unrolled a large scroll.

"Master Link, by royal decree, you have been—."

"I know, I know." Link cut him off bitterly. The emissary scowled and then glanced at Rusl, who only smiled.

"Well, then you are to come to Castle Town at once."

"I don't suppose I might travel without your escorting me?" Link inquired agitated, though he already knew the answer.

"No. We received explicit orders from Her Royal Highness to accompany you the entire way." Link looked for aid from his uncle, but found none.

Rusl placed his hand on Link's shoulder. "Go," he said, "I'll gather the troops."

Link had no choice to go with them. Knowing he would only have been summoned if his services as the Hero of Time were needed, he gathered the Hero's garb, the Hylian shield, and the Blade of Evil's Bane, but did not wear them. Instead, he packed them onto Epona. He did not want any more attention than he was already receiving.

As he left Ordon with the royal escort, the villagers all gathered to see where he was going. Link only told them that he was going to Castle Town and that he would return shortly.

Only Rusl was not there to see him off. He was already on his was to Castle Town.

Much to Link's chagrin, the escort moved at a snail's pace, turning a day-and-a-half journey into almost four days. None of them spoke. The journey was smooth and without incident though, a far cry from Link's earlier travels when Bokoblins terrorized travelers. He almost missed the danger.

They reached Castle Town at night on the third day. All the residents were asleep, but upon hearing the sound of horses, some awoke and glance out at them. Link was glad it was dark they were unable to see who it was. He still felt their prying eyes, though.

Link was immediately taken to the castle. Epona was placed in a comfortable stable while Link was led to the throne room. Link remembered when the castle was ruled by Ganondorf and he had to sneak in and unlock everything. He still felt his presence here.

Maybe it's just my imagination…

The doors to the throne room opened and the emissary announced Link's arrival and left them. Immediately Zelda rushed up to him and threw her arms around him.

"Link, It's so nice to see you again!" Zelda exclaimed sweetly. Link made no reply, but deep down he was happy to see her again.

"Why did you bring me here?" he asked sternly as soon as she released him. Instantly her mood darkened.

"No, not now." She stated firmly. "I will tell you when my other guest arrives." Link questioned no further. He did not care all that much anyway.

Zelda stood back and took a good look at him. Noticing that the Blade of Evil's Bane was not with him nor was he wearing the Hero's garb.

"The Sword, where –?" she started, but quickly caught herself.

"With Epona." Link did not want to discuss this.

"And the Hero's garb why aren't you wearing them? You are Hyrule's hero after all. You should proudly show the world who you are!"

"But I don't want the world to know who I am!" He yelled. Zelda was slightly hurt, but pushed further.

"Most people would always wear the Hero's Garb and show off the Sword all the time. Others would worship the Hero of Time. He would effectively have more power than me." Zelda paused. "You could rule Hyrule." Link turned away from, her.

"What do you want Link? Any other man would kill to have the kind of power you have. I know you think that you can rule better than I."

"No I don't!" Link yelled. He ran both hands over his face and through his hair. "I don't know, I just… I don't want to be famous or powerful." He paced towards a window. Zelda followed him. "I just want to return to Ordon and be a goat herder for the rest of my life. And just keep it simple." He stopped at the window and stared absently into the night. He felt her hand on his shoulder.

"But you could be so much more than that." Zelda told him. She cared for him, and wanted to see him do great things.

"What about you? What do you want?" Link asked her, pulling the attention away from himself.

"Me?" Link wheeled around to face her.

"That's right. You, what do you want?" Zelda was unsure how to answer. "I know you don't like being stuck in the palace. I see it in your eyes. You long to be able to roam the world, to go anywhere you want, whenever you want." Zelda was silent. "And I also see that you are disappointed in me for not taking advantage of my freedom."

"You're right," Zelda stroked the side of his face, "But I see greatness in you." He touched her hand with his and together their hands lowered.

Link reached up to stroke her face. "You just want me to stay here in the castle with you…" The two of them drew closer together…

The large doors were throne open and the emissary stepped inside.

"Master Ike has arrived."

Zelda reluctantly pulled away from Link to greet her new guest.

"Send him in." The emissary vanished and Ike appeared at once. Link leaned against one of the many columns and crossed his arms to observe this blue-haired stranger.

Ike fell to his knee and bowed before Zelda, as was the customary greeting towards nobility. Zelda extended her hand and Ike received in his and kissed the top of it, thus completing the ritual. Zelda blushed.

Already Link did not like him.

Zelda Turned to introduce Ike to Link, but seeing his demeanor, decided against it, creating an uncomfortable silence. When she tried to speak, her words got caught in her throat. Link raised one eyebrow: Ike said nothing.

"Why don't you tell us why we were brought here." Link said finally

"Oh, um, oh, yes…" Zelda stumbled over her words. "As you may or may not know, Ike hails from the nation of Crimea of the continent of Tellius, to our southwest." Link did not know that, but pretended that he cared. Zelda was not fooled. When she went to give Link and look, she began stumbling over her words again. "Why, why don't you tell us what has happened so far, Ike."

"Very well." Ike accepted, confused as Zelda turned to regain her composure. "Bowser's army has made several advances on Crimean islands. Daein and Gallia have also reported similar strikes." Link was confused.

"Why did you come to Hyrule then? We are a small kingdom and have a very small military, if at all. We cannot offer any aid to Tellius, if that is what you're after." Zelda and Ike remained silent and Link knew there was something that Zelda had not told him.

"No one in Hyrule knows this, but – you know of the Mushroom Kingdom to our north?" Zelda asked solemnly. Link nodded. "Well it – it's been…burned, destroyed." Link was horrified. Ike only hung his head. "Many of its citizens were killed; those that weren't were taken prisoner, including Princess Peach. I planned on sending a search party to look for survivors. Ike volunteered after seeing Bowser's threats to his nation. I ask that you accompany him to the Mushroom Kingdom."

"Of course I will go." Link readily agreed.

Dong. Dong. A bell rang out two 'o clock. A sudden sleepiness fell over each of them.

"Is it really that late? I think it would be best if we retired for the evening." Zelda suggested, stifling a yawn. Ike and Link agreed.

"I bid you good night milady, I will see you on the morrow." Ike bowed and left. Link watched him until he left. He irritated Link.

"You don't need me." Link stated once Ike was gone. Zelda made no reply. "Why are you having me go? What are you trying to accomplish?"

"We will discuss further maters tomorrow." Link pressed no further and left her, leaving them both pained in their hearts.