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Summary: Filler scene for 03x12, Baby in the Bough. Just what would B&B's first night with the baby have been like?

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Previously in A Night's Tale:

The baby was out of his element, off his routine, being cared for by two strangers, and his temperament reflected that.

So as the early morning rays of dawn began to seep through the windows, was it really any surprise to find the two caregivers fast asleep in Brennan's bed, with a peacefully slumbering, softly snoring infant between them? There's a lot to be said for co-sleeping… mainly the sleeping part!

Chapter 3: The Morning After


Without opening his eyes, Booth reached over and patted the baby's warm skin. "Shhh… still sleepy time," he mumbled into his pillow.

He buried his head further, sighing deeply and inhaling the sweet, citrusy scent of… Bones? He smiled. This is a good dream. Very realistic. Must.find.way.back.

The baby stirred under his hand and he rubbed soothing circles and began to hum deeply.

He heard a soft sigh, then, "Mmmm… feels good."

A moment passed in which Booth registered that the baby just spoke to him. He smiled and continued to rub and pat.

Then his eyes popped open and he nearly wrenched his neck lifting his head.

His left arm was stretched over the baby and resting on another, very much adult-size arm. The arm of his very much adult-size partner, in fact. The one he was just having very much adult-size dreams about.

He jerked his hand back as if he had just touched a hot stove. Propping himself on his right forearm, he surveyed his surroundings.

The baby lifted his legs and grabbed his sleeper-covered feet, bringing them to his mouth and 'nom-ing' on them. Nom-nom-nom. Giggles.

To the other side of the infant, was the afore-mentioned partner, seemingly still asleep. That was good. Very good.

He took a calming breath and scrubbed his hand over his face. Scruffy. God, it had been a long night.

He looked down at the little boy who seemed so well-rested, ready and eager to meet the day, full of smiles and natural curiosity.

And then his gaze shifted to the woman with whom he had just shared a bed. Granted, there was a baby-barrier between them, but still.

She was laying on her stomach, facing the center of the bed, hair spread in a halo atop her pillow. She looked peaceful - no worry creasing her brow, no tension in the muscles of her jaw, no pursing of her lips. She wasn't knee-deep in human remains, or bent over a table of bleached bones, or discerning a mental puzzle in a race against time, in a search for justice.

She was just Bones. And she was beautiful.

And then he glanced at the bedside clock. Seven-twenty-four. Dammit. She was gonna be pissed. And now the dilemma. Wake her or let her get a bit more sleep?

Not wanting to risk the ass-kicking he knew would follow when she realized he knowingly allowed her to 'sleep-in', he reached over and softly grasped her upper arm, shaking her slightly. "Bones…"

She smacked her lips and her eyes fluttered, but other than that… nothing.

"Bones." He shook again. "Temperance." He allowed his hand to slide to her back. "Wake up, sleepyhead."

Her eyes opened but she did not lift her head or make any other attempt to get up.

He couldn't resist moving the strand of hair off her face, that same one from last night. Persistent little bugger.

Her eyes widened. "Booth, what…? You're in my bed."

"That makes three of us," he replied, motioning with his eyes for her to look down beside her.

The baby turned his head towards Brennan and cooed at her, then erupted into giggles again.

Booth slid off the side of the bed onto his knees, leaned over and scooped up the infant and sat him up in front of him, facing forward. "Say 'Good Morning, Auntie Bones! How 'bout some coffee, huh?'" The impromptu baby-as-puppet show had begun, complete with arm gestures. "Oh and 'Maybe a little breakfast too? It's the best way to start off the day!'"

Brennan couldn't help but laugh. "What time is it?" She rolled to look at the clock. Big mistake. "Oh God, I should have already been at the Lab. Booth!"

"Hey now, you can't blame me! I'm not the one who obviously forgot to set an alarm." He stood and put the baby up on his shoulder. Then to the baby, "I think Auntie Bones woke up a little grumpy, what do you think bud?"

Brennan sprang from the bed and began to open and shut drawers, gathering clothing and items she would need for the day. "I need to be there. We have to start the ID on the victim and Cam will need the…"



"Calm down. Get your shower, get ready. We men will have breakfast and everything else ready to go by the time you get out."

She initially wanted to object. She didn't have time for breakfast and technically, the baby was her responsibility. "If you could just watch him Booth, while I…" She jerked a thumb at the doorway to her bathroom.

Booth smiled knowingly. "No problem, Bones. Got it covered." He then left the room and bounced his way up the hall with the giddily squealing bundle.

Brennan smiled and shook her head. Then becoming frantic again, scooped up the dark blue camisole and jeans she had scurried for earlier and headed to the bathroom.

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

She emerged a half-hour later, her black boots clicking across the hardwood floor, black suit jacket in the crook of her arm, and in the process of donning her last dangly earring.

Booth had the baby tucked and strapped safely in his car seat, which was sitting atop the counter next to two to-go mugs of coffee and a toasted seven-grain bagel.

"Bones! You look great! And the little guy here is all changed and ready to go… and we made you breakfast!" he said, motioning towards the counter.

"Smells wonderful!" Brennan shrugged on her jacket and flipped her hair out of the collar. She straightened her sleeves then paused, making full eye-contact with her partner. "Thank you, Booth. Not just for breakfast…"

"Hey, Bones… I told you, we're partners in this, okay? I'm here to help. I wanted to help." He turned to the baby and rocked his seat gently. "Now, we just have to help this little guy. Find his parents. Find out what happened."

Brennan looked at the baby, contentedly sucking his fists, and a smile passed her lips. "We will." Then back to Booth. "We always do."

Booth smiled. "That we do, Bones. That we do." Their eyes connected and wouldn't let go…

A moment passed, then Brennan spoke, "So, are we ready to go?"

"Um… yeah." He raised the carry handle of the car seat and lifted it off the countertop. Then he dug into his jeans pocket and pulled out his keys. "Okay, Bones. This is going to come as a shock to you, but I want you to take my truck."

Brennan was most definitely shocked. She froze mid-reach for the cups of coffee and turned to face him. "What?"

"The car seat base is already in there. Those things are too much trouble to move back and forth. Besides, can you see me installing that thing in the back seat of your little sports car? I don't think so."

Brennan thought about saying that she could install it herself, but this moment had been too long in coming. No, she would take the truck. The one with the souped-up interceptor engine and the pretty, flashing lights. A full-out smile spanned her face as she grabbed the keys from his outstretched hand a little too greedily.

"You look like a kid at Christmas, Bones!" he remarked with a grin, as he shouldered the fully stocked diaper bag and his own duffle.

She couldn't stop smiling and turned back to pick up the cups and her bagel. Tucking the cups between her forearm and chest, she grabbed her purse and keys off the foyer table.

Just as they were getting ready to walk out the door, Brennan's cell phone began to shrill. "Figures…" she mumbled as she sat the cups on the table and dug in her purse for her phone.


"Hey sweetie, you coming in this morning? How'd last night go?" Angela spoke in a rush.

"Hi Ange. Yeah, I'm on my way in right now. And last night was fine." Her eyes flitted up to Booth's. "We made it fine."

"We? As in you and the baby? Or as in you and the baby and one more makes three?"

Brennan could hear the suggestion in her tone and decided to ignore it. "Did you need something Angela?"

Booth stood outside the front door, holding the door open with one hand, the baby seat dangling from the other. He watched his partner's face become all-business.

"Are you sure? No one has filed a missing person's report?"

She looked up to meet the concerned eyes of her partner. "Okay. Thanks for calling. See you in a few minutes."

She ended the call and put the phone in her jacket pocket. Turning to pick up the cups again, she relayed to Booth, "Ange checked the Missing Persons Database and for the past 24-48 hours, no reports matching the baby have been filed."

Booth nodded and allowed her to pass him into the corridor. "I was afraid of that," he said as he pulled the door shut, twisting the knob to make sure it locked.

Arriving at the truck, Brennan, with giddy satisfaction, used the keyless remote to unlock the doors and Booth loaded the baby into the back seat.

He turned to her and held out his hand.

"But Booth, you said I could drive."

"I need your keys Bones."

"Oh, yeah." She smiled, trying to cover the fact that she'd just been on the verge of a major pout.

She pulled her car key fob out of her purse and passed it to him. "Don't drive too fast."

"I could say the same to you." He chuckled. "I'm just gonna head home, shower and change, then drop by the office. They should have the crime scene photos ready for me. Meet you at the Lab later?"

She nodded. Then impulsively, she moved towards him and threw her arms around his neck in a tight hug.

Booth startled, then settled into the embrace, his arms moving to circle her waist. "What's this for?"

"Thank you, Booth. I really don't think I would have made it through last night without you." Her voice was right next to his ear, he could feel her warm breath tickle his neck. He closed his eyes and quietly inhaled the scent he awoke to less than an hour earlier.

"You're welcome, Bones."

And then she was pulling away and he had to let her go.

She turned and hopped into the front seat, flashing a bright smile to him as she shut the door and started the ignition. The engine roared to life and she turned to wave as she pulled away.

Booth waved, scrubbed his hand down his still scruffy face, and shook his head as he moved towards her car.

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

As Dr. Temperance Brennan entered the front doors of the Jeffersonian Medico-Legal Lab, all eyes were unmistakably on her. She was a beautiful woman, and even though (or maybe because) she didn't flaunt it, she was on the receiving end of many glances throughout the day.

But today, it wasn't because her hair was styled differently, or that her make-up remarkably accentuated her expressive eyes, or even that her blouse was low-cut.

No, today, all eyes were on 'Dr. Brennan' because of what she carried.

An infant seat and a diaper bag.

She said a hurried hello to the guards at the door, same as every morning, and rushed through the gleaming Lab to her office. Depositing her purse and the diaper bag in her office chair, she moved some files around on her desk to make room for the baby seat.

The infant had been alert and attentive during the first part of the drive over, she could hear him cooing and gurgling in the seat behind her. But the last ten minutes of the trip had been remarkably quiet, and when she retrieved him from the back seat he had been sound asleep. Also remarkably, he had remained asleep as she carried him in the building.

She moved her purse to her desk drawer and the diaper bag to a chair in front of her desk, then booted her computer to quickly check her e-mail.

Before she could even click open the program, a light knock at her door-frame broke the silence.

"Hey Bren, you're here. Finally." A raised eyebrow. "You know, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to sleep in. Probably had a little less room in your bed last night, huh?!"

Brennan rolled her eyes and turned back to her computer. "I told you we made it fine, Ange."

Angela moved further into the room and crossed her arms over her chest. "You're gonna make me ask, aren't you?" Pause. "You are. Okay. Did Booth stay the night?"

Brennan really didn't want to answer that question. But maybe if she treated this conversation with her best friend like a Band-Aid. Get it over with fast. Still going to hurt like hell. But at least it's over.

"It wasn't like that, Ange. But yes, he stayed and helped me with the baby." More like I helped him, but that's just semantics.

"Oh, the visual I get of that man and a baby. He is one hot baby daddy." Angela smiled and stared into the middle distance, obviously daydreaming of something Brennan knew she didn't want to know. I've got enough daydream fodder of my own to worry about. Baby daddy?

Ange continued. "Okay, so he stayed the night. Did he share your bed? With the precious little guy in the middle?" She approached Brennan's desk and cooed over the sleeping baby. "He is just gorgeous. You know, when you called me last night and told me you had a baby as evidence, I really thought you were joking."

Brennan just gave her a serious look.

"But then, I knew it was you and I had to accept that it was the truth."

"Ange, I really have to get to work." Brennan rose and shrugged off her suit jacket. She picked up her lab coat from the back of the chair and donning it, began to verbally list her mental to-do list. "I need to speak to Zack about the examination of the victim. And I think we need to verify that the baby did indeed swallow the key. We've seen no evidence of it as of yet."

"Well, while you take care of those things, why don't you let me watch over him."

Brennan looked back down at the sleeping baby for several moments, then back to her friend. "Okay. I have to find an intern, because I just realized I need an errand run."

"I don't mean to pry, but does it have anything to do with the baby?"


"Well, I only ask because I know that Cynthia has a baby boy herself, almost a year old… and would probably be the best person for any baby-oriented task."

"Cynthia, right. And… which one is she?"

"Blonde, about my height, glasses."

"Oh, yes, the girl with Clinodactyly."


"Her fifth finger presents a slight curvature towards her fourth, known as Clinodactyly. It is a fairly common genetic anomaly. I noticed it when she was helping to present bones from modular skeletal storage."

"I just know that Cynthia would be more than happy to help you out with whatever you need for the baby. And she has plenty of experience in that department."

"Thanks Ange. Are you sure you're okay with staying with him? I won't be long."

"I'll be fine, sweetie. He's sleeping. I'll just go grab my sketch pad. I would love to sketch his beautiful little face."

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

Brennan found Cynthia in the bone storage room, attending to the daily cataloguing.

The sound of her boots clicking on the floor announced her arrival before she could, and Cynthia spoke first. "Good morning, Dr. Brennan." She seemed excited, yet perplexed at a personal visit from the Head Forensic Anthropologist.

"Good morning, Cynthia."

"Is there something I can help you with, ma'am?"

Brennan chuckled. "First of all, you can call me Temperance, or Dr. Brennan, if you are more comfortable with that. But yes, actually, I need a favor."

"Sure, Dr. Brennan. I'll do my best." She grabbed her notepad and stood poised, ready to take notes if needed.

"Well, Angela informed me that you have a son."

The notepad lowered a bit and Cynthia offered a tentative, "Yes. Brian. Is there something wrong?" Worry flooded her face.

"No, no. I'm sorry to alarm you," Brennan quickly replied, laying a calming hand on Cynthia's arm. "It's a personal… well, not really personal. He's actually evidence in our latest murder case." Brennan rambled.

"Yes?" A raised eyebrow from Cynthia.

"I have a baby," Brennan blurted.


"Well, not just me. Booth and I, we both take responsibility…"

"Really?!" The gleam in Cynthia's eyes vaguely reminded Brennan of Angela.

Brennan took a deep breath.

"Let me try again. In our latest case, we have come into possession of an infant. He swallowed a key which is, we believe, going to prove crucial to our investigation. Therefore, we are responsible for him, according to the chain of evidence, until we are able to obtain the key through his fecal production."

Cynthia wrinkled her nose a bit, but smiled. "And that may take a day or two. So what do you need from me, exactly? Help caring for him?"

"No, Booth and I are doing fine with that aspect," Brennan replied, totally missing Cynthia's smile. "But I realized today that we don't have any extra clothes for him. We stopped and got the basic necessities last night, but obviously forgot the extra clothing."

"Oh sure, Dr. Brennan. I can take care of that." She almost clapped her hands together, the excitement of a shopping spree looming. "What size does the munchkin wear?"

"Oh. Um, well he's approximately 63 centimeters in height," Brennan replied, holding her hands the approximate distance apart to represent the length of the baby.

Cynthia chuckled. "Well, is there any way I can actually see him, maybe check the tag of his current outfit to verify his size?"

"Sure, he's in my office right now with Angela."

They proceeded to Brennan's office where Angela was sitting in her desk chair, watching (and sketching) the still-sleeping infant.

"Hi Cynthia!" the artist whispered.

Cynthia greeted Angela and moved to better see the baby. "He is adorable. I just hope I don't wake him." The baby's head was tilted to one side, allowing the collar of his outfit to pull away a bit. So it didn't take much for Cynthia to flip it back a bit further and see that the baby wore a 3-6 months size.

"And you know, the size of clothing a baby wears is actually pretty close to their age. In case you need that for your investigation," Cynthia relayed to the two women.

Brennan nodded, "Thank you Cynthia, that may indeed prove useful." She moved around Angela to get her purse from her desk drawer. "So, if you wouldn't mind doing this for me. Here's some money. And anything else you can think of that we might need for him, please feel free to pick up."

That excited gleam reappeared in Cynthia's eyes as she took the money from Brennan's outstretched hand.

"Cynthia!" Angela delighted. "That's a beautiful ring you are wearing."

"Oh, thanks Angela!" she replied, holding her hand out so the artist could look more closely. "My husband gave it to me for our last anniversary."

Angela took Cynthia's fingertips in her palm and looked at the 'ring'. "Just gorgeous!" she said releasing her hand.

Cynthia smiled and turned to leave.

"Oh and Cynthia?"

"Yes, Dr. Brennan."

Brennan moved closer to her and said softly, "If you could pick him up a few toys as well. And he seems to like elephants. But the one he has is purple… and that's just… wrong."

Cynthia smiled knowingly. "I'll take care of it, Dr. Brennan." And she was off on her task.

Brennan turned back to her friend with a smirk. "I know what you were doing."

"What? I was curious, okay? Never heard of the dactilly thing."



-- -- -- -- -- -- --

When Cynthia returned, Angela was sitting on the floor in front of Brennan's couch with the baby propped on her outstretched knees.

Ride a little pony into town,
Watch out! Watch out!
Don't fall down!

Each time Angela reached the end of the rhyme, she dropped her knees gently so the baby would 'fall down' and each time he erupted into a fit of giggles.

"Oh, look who's awake now." Cynthia smiled as she entered the room carrying several bags from a baby superstore.

"We are having a blast! Aren't we cutie?!" Angela laughed, standing with the baby and moving over to Brennan's desk where Cynthia was unloading the bags.

"We have all new clothes, toys, a baby monitor… all the goodies this little guy should need for a few days." Cynthia showed the items to Angela. "And I just love teddy bears so I couldn't pass up this ensemble!" She laid out a cream and brown footed-sleeper with a coordinating jacket, hat and blanket.

"That is adorable! I just changed his diaper when he woke up, so let's go ahead and change him into this," Angela excitedly suggested. Then to the baby, "You are going to be the most handsome guy in this Lab. But don't tell Hodgins I said that!"

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

The morning proceeded according to plan, with the team verifying that the baby did indeed swallow the key, the preliminary exam of the victim revealing occupational markers that should aid in an identification, as well as an in-process isotope analysis that hopefully would reveal where the victim hailed from. When Angela brought in a soiled diaper revealing a 'pink present', Brennan left to sit with her 'charge' while Cam investigated further.

After caring for the baby all night, examining what could potentially turn out to be the boy's mother for most of the morning, and now hearing that the infant himself could have a medical issue, Brennan just needed to see him.

She couldn't explain it, couldn't rationalize it. But she rushed to her office, peeling off the latex gloves of one job and mentally shifting into the role of caregiver once again.

Upon seeing the beautiful child, fast asleep in his car seat, breathing normally, eyelids fluttering with what she hoped were peaceful dreams, she let out a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. She didn't know what she expected to see. Some physical sign of abnormality? What did she really know about this child? This beautiful child who had already seemingly imprinted her with an indelible mark.

Brennan sat in her chair, clenching the now inside-out latex in her fist, breathing slowly, watching the baby's chest rhythmically rise and fall. She noted with amazement how the infant sucked on his pacifier in his sleep, how his breathing seemed deep and regular, though much quicker than her own. She knew the scientific reasoning behind these actions, but just taking the time to watch and experience them first-hand… she felt a shift.

This was resolve. This was the point where she dedicated herself to finding what happened to this little boy and how to best go about setting it right. And if that was impossible, then doing the best she could to find someone who would love him and give him the kind of life he deserved.

She swiped a tear that had formed out of the corner of her eye, then turned in her chair to find her partner leaning against her door.

"Is this all you've done today, watch the baby sleep?" he teased her lightly.

"No, actually we've made some headway in the case."

He nodded. "How's Little Big Man holding up? He make us a key yet?"

"Not yet. He did give us a little cause for concern with his last diaper, however."

"Oh yeah?"

"His stool was tinged pink."

"Pink? That can't be good?" Booth moved to stand beside the baby, unable to stop himself from reaching out to gently rock the seat.

"Cam is testing it to try to determine a potential cause."

Booth met her eyes, seeing now the concern and determination emblazoned there. "He'll be okay, Bones. And we're on our way to finding out what happened to him. Whatever it is, we're going to make it right."

He had spent his morning sifting through crime scene photos and officer's reports, learning this case and imprinting every known detail in his mind. It's what he did, his job. But in his gut he knew that the victim was this baby's mother and he was dedicated to serving her and her innocent child some justice.

She returned his gaze steadily and it passed then, unspoken between them. This is why they made an incredible team. They came about it their own way, but every damn time they met in the middle and shared that common goal.

"Ready to do this Bones?"

She nodded, lowering her head, and then moved to toss the gloves in the trashcan under her desk. Standing, she removed her lab coat, laying it over her chair and replacing it with her suit jacket.

She grabbed the baby monitor from her desk and they left her office - ready to face the next challenge, the next obstacle, the next diaper… together.


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