Intro: Sorry its so short. This is the Prologue. The story is called into the Skye, becuase of Skye. It takes place in the time of HM:DS and CUTE, so no Tim... sorry!

It has been about a year and a half since I moved to forget -me-not- valley, and about a year and half since I've met him.

With his beautiful silver hair and shining green eyes, it was no wonder why girls naturally like him, and fall in love with him. But me, I thought I was stronger, stronger then the others to fall in love with him. I try to convince myself, but to no avail.

I was just a simple farm girl, I had it set. I inherited my deceased late fathers farm. And I had a plan. A plan to marry a hot country man, have 2 children, ensure the success of my farm . He was definitely not part of my plan.

But what can I say. I cant control who I love. My heart decides it; Not me. Even if I ,Jill Harvest, could choose one of the local men, my heart would still beat for him.

But is it okay? A farmer marrying a Thief? Not just a Thief, The Thief. Phantom Thief Skye? Why does my heart beat so fast, how did I fall in love with him, a thief? Only the past can tell, the secrets of my heart.

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