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"Skye… I love you so much", I said, sitting on Skye's lap, as we watched the stars from my yard. I looked up to see him looking at me, a small smile on his lips.

"Jill, I'm so glad. I do too… please love me for ever", he said nuzzling his face into my neck. I sigh as I lean my head on top of his. This was a moment I was going to love for my whole live.

"Yes, I will Skye. I will", it was after this line that I started hearing 'Beep Beep Beep'.

I turn over to glare at my alarm clock. Such a hateful thing right now to me.

"Urgh", I say peeling my self off of the bed. I look around and spot a boy reading a newspaper in the corner. "Big brother?" It was all I could manage to say at the moment. The person turned to me and smiled.

Its been 2 ½ weeks since Spring thanks giving. It is now summer. My big brother Jack is here staying at my ranch. He said that he was going to stay for 2 season. He also told me he had something to say about father. I still don't know what that is.

"So… Jilly. Who is this Skye person you where talking about in your sleep?", he asked suspicious.

"N-no one…", I stuttered. He shouldn't know who Skye is, at least not yet.

"Really. 'Skye, I love you so much!' or 'Yes I will Skye. I will'", he quoted laughing. I pouted.

"Its none of your business!", I said turning around and acting childish. The truth of the matter is, I haven't seen Skye since Spring thanks giving. And… I still remember that kiss… Kiss…. I could fell myself heating up even at the mention of it. Kyaa!

Jack, I could tell, was looking at me strangely. "Jill, I need to talk to you at dinner tonight." I could tell this was serious. He was not calling me by my nickname, something I loved ever since I was a child. I nodded my head, then headed out to work for the day.

Silence. A very eerie silence. We where now well into dinner. Jack put down his cup and stared at me.

"Jill, your should know this. And I want you to hear this from me and not the villagers", he said his eyes darting downwards. "Your not my full blooded sister." At that moment I felt everything I ever thought go down wards. I felt it hit the bottom and shatter into a million pieces.

"W-what are you saying big brother. Of course you my full blooded brother. I mean, how could it ever be that I am not that", what was he saying. This had to be wrong it has too. If its not wrong and…. I gasp. That time on the beach. I had always wondered why Mama had not saved me. She was right behind me. She was always right behind me. She… she pushed me. It wasn't even really that windy out. Could it have been my own mother was trying to kill me?

"Jack, are you sure this is true. How can it be?", I asked, hot tears streaming down my face. Now, I could not trust anyone. The reasons why the villagers acted so strangely to me. The reason was who my mother was.

"Our father and your mother had an affair. It was a one night affair but you resulted from it", he sighed.

"Lies. Everything in my life is lies. I can trust no one. Except Skye. He was there for me. Your not. How could Papa do that. And mama. Do you know what happened to Mama?", I screamed, probably a little too loud. But at the moment I did not care.

"Suicide", Jack stated quietly. I could feel the tears pouring out now.

"Jack, I hate you! How could you keep this from me!", I screamed rushing out of the house. I cried so much that I didn't even realize where my feet had taken me. The goddess Pond. I stepped on a twig, and I noticed the presence of another being.

"S-skye", I sobbed into the quite night. The person turned around and I immediately remembered those emerald eyes. "Skye!" I ran up to him and threw my self onto his. He seemed shocked at me.

"Jill, why are you crying. What happened?!", he said.

"M-my brother told me that I wasn't his full blooded sister and that my mother commited suicide. I am just an unwanted child. No one wants me. No one needs me. No one loves me!", I was now sobbing harder than ever. Skye looked at me then brought me up to look at his face.

"No one never has no one that loves them. You just have to look far enough and you will find them", he smiled. I looked at him.

"That's not true. No one loves me.", I frowned.

"As I said, that's not true. I love you", he replied, still smiling. I stopped crying then looked at him, my eyes wide.

"W-what did you just say", I asked, now blushing.

"I said l love you", he looked down, blush evident on his face. I smile. Skye… he loves me.

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