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Chapter 1

Fear. This scent was far more delicious than anyone could ever imagine. The change of scents between calm to fear was so drastic it could be detected immediately. His paws pushed him along the ground at a fast pace, leaves and branches whipping him as he passed. He felt his muscles burn and lungs beg for air as he picked up the pace in pursuit.

The scent grew stronger and he felt the hairs on his back tingle with anticipation and delight. His eyes narrowed as his prey came into view at last. They were out of breath, sweating, and their heart was beating a mile a minute. He couldn't ask for a better victim. He could hear their gasps and squeals of horror as he got closer and closer. At last he leapt and pinned his victim to the ground.

He dug his claws into their skin, feeling it pierce and hearing the screams of pain that came with it. He smelt blood in the air and his stomach growled impatiently. He smirked to himself and showed off his deadly fangs. He howled proudly as his prey lay helpless beneath him. Then he opened his jaw and went right for the throat. His fangs pierced the delicate skin and hot crimson blood poured onto his tongue…

"No!" Beast Boy cried as he bolted up.

His bedroom was dark and quiet, as it usually was at three in the morning. He felt his body trembling and he was soaked with perspiration. His heart was racing so quickly it nearly caused him pain and he felt fevered. He ran his tongue over his fangs again and again; he could taste the blood. But it wasn't there; it was never there.

He sighed and slumped forward, running his fingers through his moist hair. He then rubbed his tired eyes and threw his damp blankets off. Carefully he crawled down from his top bunk, still a little discombobulated from sleep. Once he was safely standing on the floor he pulled his night shirt and pants off and threw them into his dirty clothes pile that lay in the corner. The air on his wet, fevered skin felt good and he stood there for a moment in only his boxers.

He slid his door aside and poked his head out. As he expected, the hallway was quiet and dark. He stepped out and walked towards the kitchen, so he could drink or eat something to get the taste of blood out of his mouth. He found it quite liberating to be outside of his room in nothing but his underwear and it got his blood pumping, only this time in a good way. It was a welcomed feeling.

The common room doors slid open with a hiss and revealed the large living area on the other side. He turned the lights in the kitchen on and shielded his eyes for a moment. He slowly let them get used to the bright light and then went to the fridge. He looked around and saw Raven's bottle of all natural fruit juice. He grabbed it, threw the cap aside, and downed the entire thing. The cold liquid immediately wrapped around his brain painfully and as it slid down his throat it made his chest ache. When he was finished he took in a deep breath and let out a decent burp.

He wiped his lips and threw the bottle into one of the recycling bins. The sweet juice covered up the false taste of blood very nicely and he felt slightly relieved. Though his stomach was full of liquid he felt quite hungry now and decided to fix him self a snack. He put two slices of bread into the toaster and got out the peanut butter, since it was clear his body was craving protein. He got a glass out and filled it with soy milk. When the bread was transformed into toast he slathered them in peanut butter and combined the two slices together, creating a very nice midnight snack… even though it was three in the morning.

He took a seat on the couch and turned the television on. He took a big bite of his sandwich and began surfing through the channels. He couldn't believe how many channels were infomercials. He found an old movie and decided it was better than nothing, since he just wanted to get his mind off of the nightmare that had awakened him. He took another bite of his sandwich and then a good sip of his soy milk. He licked the excess peanut butter from under his lips and the roof of his mouth absentmindedly.

The time slowly passed and all that was left of his sandwich was the crumbs a few smears of peanut butter on his plate. His glass of soy milk was empty and his stomach was officially full now. But he didn't want to go to bed. He didn't want to risk picking up where the nightmare had left off. He leaned against the couch and let his neck rest. He felt so tired; he always did on nights like this. He swung his legs up onto the couch and reclined on his side, trying to get comfortable. His eyes tried to focus on the large screen but they blurred and crossed with exhaustion. Finally he decided to close his eyes and just listen to the corny film. But it didn't take long for his ears to grow deaf to any sound as he slipped into sleep.

"Beast Boy."

He sprung up, looking around confused. His back felt stiff and he was chilly. He cleared his throat and rubbed his eyes; he could still taste peanut butter.

"You okay?" Robin asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine," he said, moving his legs off of the couch and sitting up fully. He leaned forward and held his face in his hands for a tired moment. "What time is it?"

"It's six," said Robin. "The sun's just coming up."

"Oh," said Beast Boy, stretching his arms and then leaning back against the couch, his eyes closed.

"What're you doing out here?" Robin asked, taking a seat next to him.

"I got up to have a snack," he said, which was partly true. "I must've fallen asleep."

"Well, if you want to keep sleeping, I suggest going to your room," said Robin. "Unless you want everyone to see you in your boxers."

"Good point," Beast Boy said and slowly stood up, placing his hands on his tight back muscles. "Thanks for waking me up."

"No problem," said Robin with a smile.

Beast Boy gave him a small smile and then headed out of the common room. He dragged his feet along the various hallways and nearly stumbled three times. He reached his room and saw his door was still halfway open. He entered and closed it behind him. His room had a slight glow from the dawning sunlight and he quickly closed his shades, plunging everything back into darkness. He crawled up to his beloved top bunk and collapsed onto the mattress, passing out within seconds.


His eyes cracked open and he moaned. What did Robin want now? He knew he was going to sleep.

"What?" he growled.

"Come on, B, time to get up," said Cyborg's voice from the other side of his door.

The changeling felt quite confused and wondered what Cyborg was doing up this early. He looked over at his clock and saw that it was ten. He'd been asleep for four more hours! And he didn't feel any more rested. He sighed and whined into his pillow with distress.

"Let's go, get your green butt up!" said Cyborg, banging on his door again.

"Alright!" Beast Boy yelled. "I'm up! I'm up!"

"If I don't see you in the common room in five minutes I'm coming back," Cyborg warned and then walked away.

Poor Beast Boy lifted himself up from his warm mattress and felt his way down to the floor. He grabbed one of his suits on the floor and began the painstaking task of squeezing his body into the skintight material; even with his thin, sculpted body it was hard. Once he was suited up he dragged himself from his room and headed back to the common room, which he felt like he'd just left.

On the way he stopped at the bathroom and relieved himself of the entire bottle of juice and glass of soy milk that he'd drank hours before. He splashed some water on his face and ran some through his hair, pushing it back with his fingers. He looked at himself in the mirror and concluded that he looked very tired and it'd be a miracle if his friends didn't notice.

He continued his journey to the common room and, upon reaching the doors, took in a deep breath. He released it and stepped forward, allowing the doors to slide open for him. He looked around the large room and saw his four friends scattered about. Cyborg was putting away the now dry breakfast dishes, Starfire was making a list for their trip to the grocery store that day, Robin was polishing a few of his bird-a-rangs, and Raven was sitting on the couch reading.

"There you are!" Cyborg said with a smile. "I was about to go in there with a hose and spray you out of bed."

"That would've sucked," said Beast Boy, stretching his stiff body.

"Beast Boy, what would you like for us to purchase at the store of groceries?" asked Starfire.

"Uh… I don't know," he said with a shrug. "Soy milk, I guess. And tofu, of course. Um… maybe some root beer."

"How about juice?" Raven asked from the couch. "You seemed to enjoy mine."

"Sorry about that," he said. "I got really thirsty last night and it looked like the best thing to quench my thirst."

"I hope it did," said Raven. "That was a brand new bottle and you drank the whole thing."

"It was a real big thirst," he said with a small smile and scratched the back of his head absentmindedly.

Raven sighed and said, "Well, lucky for you, we're going grocery shopping today." And with that she got back to her reading.

Beast Boy walked over to the couch and plopped down. The television wasn't on and he wasn't about to turn it on, out of respect for Raven's reading. He found that when he did small gestures like this it always came back to him in good ways. If he kept the TV off while she read she would turn the lights off when he watched a movie and read elsewhere. If he saw that she was meditating he would keep quiet as to not disturb her and then she would offer to give him some money when he went to the arcade. He liked this far better than always butting heads with her on everything.

He inhaled deeply through his nose and closed his eyes as he relaxed. Her scent was heavy in the air around the couch and he subtly licked his upper lip to taste it a bit more. God, he loved her scent. It was sweet and yet there was a slight spice that made his nose twitch.

But it wasn't just her scent he liked. He'd found that over the years he'd developed a deep feeling of care for her. As he began to slowly mature he began to gain a new respect for her and how hard every day of her life was. He couldn't imagine having to be aware of every emotional fluctuation he felt at all times. So he began to admire her for her self control and that admiration turned to affection. Little things he'd overlooked when he was a few years younger now stood out to him greatly. Like how her oddly cut hair framed her face just right and brought out the violet in her eyes. Or how she wore her hood down until she was in the presence of others and would only take it down again when she was sure no one was paying attention to her. Or even how she held her books very close to her face when she read.

Yes, he'd noticed small things like that about her and found himself falling a bit more for her with every little realization he made. But he knew the feelings weren't mutual. In fact, Raven had been going out with a young man for a few months now. She hadn't even told them what his name was, for fear they'd do a background check on him and embarrass her. She even forbid Robin from sending any form of spy or monitoring system after her when she went out or she'd quit the team. She really was a very private person. All Beast Boy knew was that the nameless guy she liked was the luckiest man alive.

"I am done with our list of groceries," Starfire announced. "Who will accompany me to the store?"

"I'll go," said Robin.

"I'll come along, but I'm going to the bookstore," said Raven, closing her book.

"You need a new book already?" asked Beast Boy.

"No," said Raven.

"Then why are you going to the bookstore?" he queried.

"If you must know, I'm meeting my friend," said Raven, standing up.

"You mean your boyfriend?" Cyborg with a smirk.

Raven sighed and said, "Yes."

"Well, I'll go to the store with you guys, too," said Cyborg. "B, you coming?"

"Naw, that's okay," said Beast Boy. "I'm not really in a food shopping mood."

"You're not going back to bed, are you?" asked Cyborg.

"No, I'll just watch some TV," he said, grabbing the remote.

"You sure?" asked Robin.

"Yeah, I'm sure," he said.

His four friends got ready and were soon gone from the tower. As soon as he was sure they were gone he turned the television off and got comfortable on the couch to take a nap. He knew they'd be gone for hours and he just wanted a catnap. He hoped when he woke up he'd finally feel rested. Those stupid nightmares always seemed to throw off his entire day.