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It had been a long day and Jack was in bed

It had been a long day and Jack was in bed. This is not to say that he was tired, oh no. He didn't get tired. But he liked to sleep. It was a way of calming down after a long and hectic day.

He wished Yan was there, calming down with him.

But…he shouldn't wish that because…Yan should just be a casual shag, not a lover. Not ever a lover because he would die and Jack wouldn't.

Dammit! He knew he couldn't love Ianto-so why did he feel as if he did…?

Ah well. He'd have to figure out his emotions some time. But they always got on top of him somehow. Like paperwork. And Ianto.

No! Stop thinking of him!

Does he feel the same way…?

Ask him.


You'll never know.

I don't want to say anything.

But you want to know.

Jack sighed. If Ianto was here he wouldn't be thinking like this.

Just then his phone went.

…The Hub is calling you…


"Jack, thish ish Ianto. I'm calling to shay-"

"What the hell are you doing there at this time of night?"

"I wash in the pub and then I came here becosh I needed to phone you to shay-"

"Are you still in a mood with me?"

"No Jack, I wash in a mood now I'm not but I'm going to quit Torschwood becosh I love you. Why can't I love you?"

"Yan, are you drunk?"

"I had only ooooooone drinky-poo Jack. Drinky-poo. Hehehehe-"

"Well, sleep there, okay? Don't go anyway and drink some water. Owen will be really pissed off at you in the morning."

"I lovesh you Jack." Ianto slurred.

"Me too…I need to speak to you tomorrow okay?"

Jack put the phone down, ignoring a faint tear.

He loves me. Stupid Ianto drowning his sorrows. But he said he loved me…

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He was drunk.

But he said he loved me.

He was drunk.

Oh boy, is he going to have a hangover!