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It hurt.

His really hurt.

Blearily, Ianto sat up, looking around.

When he was sure he could get up without vomiting, he did so.

He even managed a few wobbly steps before he had to sit down.


What had happened…?

He remembered being sad, realising he loved Jack, who could never love him.

He remembered deciding to escape Torchwood.

So…did the retcon not work?

Actually…he remembered alcohol.

Lots of alcohol.

And a phone…or a letter…but that might have been a dream.

"Shit…" he swore as he tried to work out what had happened.

He then realised someone was watching him.


"Um…" he mumbled, towards Jack.

"Here, Owen knocked this up. Should help…but nothing gets rid of a killer hangover and trust me…I'm the expert…"

Shouldn't Jack be laughing?

Ianto knocked back the drink, grimacing as he did so-it was disgusting.


"What do you remember?"

"Not much." Ianto admitted.

"This doesn't ring any bells…?" Jack showed Ianto his letter (which now looked very worn.)


Jack paused. He could, if he choose, turn away now…never tell Ianto…

Don't be stupid. He's the best thing in your life.

"Ianto…I know you were planning on leaving us…and I can't stop you. But I can damn well try. I know you love me…"

Crap, thought Ianto, what the hell did I do when I was pissed?

"And I know how unfair that is. Yan, you'll die…but I never will, ever. I'll watch people I love wither and die while I stay healthy…Yan, can you even imagine that? I can't-and it's happening to me!"

He shook himself but Ianto wasn't paying attention. He knew what this meant- Jack couldn't love him because he was nothing in his life and would just wither and die away…he was nothing to Jack but a body…

"Yan, I promised myself the best thing to do was never love again. Then people I cared about wouldn't be harmed…and I wouldn't have to lose again and again…"

"Yeah, right. I love you Jack-you said it yourself. That's why I'm leaving-because its so unfair…don't put me through a lecture as well!" he joked, but inside, his last shred of hope was gone…

"No, Ianto. You can't share my life…but I can share yours…"Jack edged towards him slowly. "I took a while to realise-in fact, it's thanks to you and your alcohol that I did realise but…Ianto Jones…"

Don't say it…You can't mean it, so don't say it…Ianto begged him silently.

"…I love you…"

Jack's words burst through a cloud as his lips met Ianto's passionately. In that moment, both men knew that this wasn't a joke…this was real…

Jack broke away from the kiss first.

"I want to be there, in your life, Ianto Jones. I want you…I want to always remember you as my lover…"

"I…want you too…I think."

"You think…?"

"I know. But if you ever don't want to…because it will hurt you…you just have to say…"

"That'll never happen." Jack reassured him.

Then Ianto found himself being kissed…it was full of love…

How could I not know that I loved him…?

Jack strode into the Hub.

"Okay…Ianto…ready for your surprise?"

"You bet…"

"Okay…Tosh…flick the switch…"

The lights went dark and the room filled with light and song…a wonderful song that filled Ianto's heart with joy.

He turned to Jack who, he was glad to see, had tears in his eyes as well.

"It's beautiful Jack-what is it…?"

"It's the sound of an alien Ianto…this is the wonder of the universe. It's not all weevils you know…I want to make your life worthwhile. I want you to know that…in all the universe…there are as many songs as weevils. You never hear them all but they're all so…beautiful…"

He drew the younger man into a hug and kissed him as they danced with the wonder of the universe.

"I never get tired of them, Yan. I want you to know this…because Torchwood doesn't realise it. The universe is happy and joyful and…full of love. Owen, Tosh, Gwen…come and listen."

"I love you…" Ianto whispered. "You really did this for me?"

"I want you to be happy."

"I will always be happy, with you."

"Me too."

The alien smiled through its song. Love inspired the song and here, in this dingy little city, it could let itself sing freely, in the presence of true love.

True love is eternal…I will remember you, always.

Jack tried to make Ianto realise this and perhaps he did because he gripped Jack harder then before as the swayed in time to the love.

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