"Tsubasa, time for school,"

I turned onto my side and pushed the alarm clock back into silence. I struggled to sit up and rubbed the sand out of my eyes. I gave a great yawn as the sound of the cicadas dusted off my brain.

"Uwah...! It's already this late?!"

I had the same dream again. I was in a small country house with a girl with my face. Oddly, I wasn't scared. It was more like a normal thing. I got my uniform out of my closet, and practically ripped it. As I fastened the last button, I got out a small black clip and slipped into my hair, gently pulling a small portion of my hair back.

"Tsubasa, your breakfast's getting cold!"


A couple years ago, dad and I were alomst penniless, but recently he had found a job that fit his resume and we've been living comfortably for the past few months. To tell you the truth, it scared me when we were almost in poverty.

I put my stockings on along with my shoes and headed out with a piece of an orange in my mouth.

"Ah, Tsubasa!"


Kei was my friend from a little after I came back from Hokkaido. At first we were just strangers that heard about each other from our parents since both of our parents had recently entered their new job. His life was the opposite of mine; he came from a wealthy family and was outgoing.

"Wah, it's already our sophmore year of high school, isn't it?" he said recalling the past.

"M-Mmm," I nodded.

He gave a chuckle and gave me a smile.

"Time goes way too fast,"

My face felt hot and I began to stutter. He looked as if I was crazy and just began to laugh.

When we actually got to school, we were scolded for being late. I dragged myself into my class and apologized for being late.

"Hey, Tsubasa, did you hear about the new student?" Fumiya whispered.

"U-Uh, no,"

She gave a sly look and smirked. "I hear she's like your twin!"


The teacher suddenly stopped his lesson as another teacher interrupted came scurrying in. They talk amonst themselves for a bit and Takeshi-sensei gave a sigh.

"This maybe a little blunt, but as you all have heard, a new student will be joining us today," He said, less than enthusiastic. Well, I guess it was bad enough for him to teach a bunch of Yankees and gangsters, but having another one was like adding another weight to his huge load of burdens.

The other teacher gave a little hand signal outside and all the guys huddled next to the door while the girls stayed in their seats, including me.

Takeshi-sensei didn't even try to stop them because he already knew they wouldn't listen either way.

Suddenly, I heard everyone gasp. There was a sudden silence as they looked back at me, even the teacher seemed shocked. The only thing that could be heard was the tapping of shoes.

Takeshi-sensei was speechless and scrambled to get up to introduce the new student.

"...U-Uh, th-this is M-Minato H-H-H-Hikaru..."